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  1. Unless you get a taco for aiming well? I'm down for that feature. :D
  2. Tango555

    German CV Missions

    Got the Rhien tier 4 from my 2nd container. The free ones, since then nothing but flags.
  3. Tango555


    Been having fun in submarine mode, granted haven't unlocked subs yet, so cannot comment on them. They are fun to shoot though!
  4. Tango555

    T-9 And T-10 Ops PLEASE!!!

    If anything make the current OPS scalable, adjust the bots and ships, be a start at least.:)
  5. Tango555

    The best way to farm reports

  6. Would love it myself, Or if I make a Steam account, can I gift it to this account? (Assuming accounts from steam can't be linked) Pretty sure they can't but love to be wrong!
  7. Tango555

    Pacific Rim question, The battleship option

    Or this one.. @Estimated_Prophet at least by your avatar :D
  8. Tango555

    CV's in Co-op

    Sweet! Bring on the bot CV's
  9. Tango555

    Suggestion: Why Not open a community workshop?

    LOL had to +1 you for that....
  10. Tango555

    Suggestion: Why Not open a community workshop?

    I like it :) WG loses nothing, players that make the cosemtic items etc, can at least say "I made that!" Hell make a contest like the design a badge or the like, throw a few coal, etc on it, Bam easy items to add to the NTC.
  11. Tango555

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    I personally like it... but that's just me :) For the OP, maybe a check box to say you don't want this mode at a tradeoff of longer queue times? (I'm all for options to help people enjoy the game, as long as it doesn't break balance etc)
  12. Tango555

    New Player

    Welcome aboard! Personally I started with USN, toward the BB line. Found I enjoyed it so been mostly a BB main since, of the battleship lines I love the KM and French lines, they cater to my playstyle... too aggressive
  13. Tango555

    Happy 4th!

    Love it!
  14. Tango555

    So Savage!!

    LOL Thanks for sharing that was funny! Poor guy on the island. .. Lol just showed this to my roomates, got one that wants to try it now....