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  1. Tango555

    What did the Black Friday fairy bring you thread...

    Got the Saipan B, not much for CV's but hey it's something :) And I believe my first loot box ship ever lol.
  2. Tango555

    Superships everywhere!

    Nevermind...... battle im in now.
  3. Tango555

    Superships everywhere!

    To be fair this was the very next game, pretty sure I got a queue dump or low coop players or something weird. Either way lost credits on both but I love the brawling BB's :D
  4. Tango555

    Camos Survey: Waste of Time

    Why not let us use any "unlocked" camos forever? Since no combat value, not having them cost credits to use. I used to be in the same boat stockpiling camos for a special mission chain, or during Halloween, now... I dunno, I wanna use em, but here most people saying to sell them off. Just seems odd to waste the art departments years of work. Granted Im probably missing some important point here. But I like my pretty ships! :P
  5. Tango555

    what do you think??

    Personally enjoy it myself, I still have a lot to learn with the operation of subs. Used to love the old RTS carriers so probably not in the main interest of the "target" group. Mostly a BB main, love the big guns and brawling style (German BB's) so being restrained and choosing my engagements its pretty challenging and fun. Played about 15 Operation Wolfpack tonight, id say about a 60% win rate, trust me I helped that 40% fail by acting like a BB. Id say the key, kill the DD's and if possible the CV, after that a turkey shoot. :D I only have the tier 6 German sub from the armory at this point, but I'm enjoying the ship, but damn the bots ASW is on point! One of my better games posted below. Its worth a try if you have a sub, but I do miss the standard operations.
  6. Tango555

    Superships everywhere!

    Had this interesting Co-op game sadly had company so wasn't at my best, but had to share :D
  7. Got my 20k FXP, to be honest wanted a sub. Either way a win-win for me.
  8. Unless you get a taco for aiming well? I'm down for that feature. :D
  9. Tango555

    German CV Missions

    Got the Rhien tier 4 from my 2nd container. The free ones, since then nothing but flags.
  10. Tango555

    So what's going on with operation xp

    First 2 are from tonight, 3rd one is the most similar game I can find recently. Used all econ flags and special flags, as well as "recommended" combat flags for both these games. But just going by the damage and xp. Seems fairly close. *Edit, these where both first battle bonus, and premium time.
  11. Tango555

    Less Is More? Operation 4 Star.

    Well from my previous post decided to run again, but with every flag on, save a few combat ones. Here are my results for a 5 star win, granted I didn't do very well. Dunno if that helps the OP with figuring out how xp, credits go etc. :) Personally I was happy with the earnings, but YMMV.
  12. Tango555

    Less Is More? Operation 4 Star.

    Here is mine tonight with 4 stars, didn't take any other pics sadly. Believe I was just running credits, freexp, and commandxp flags. Someone spawned the extra BB's so the 3rd mission required BB didn't die before mission end.
  13. Tango555

    Dockyard 2.0 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    600k of 1mil damage on DD's, 2nd directive.... its been so painful, I suck at DD's lol. Then 2nd Directive is done, other then 181k xp, but I'll get that as the event goes on. Overall very happy they added Co-Op objectives, enjoying the event so far and getting me to play ships I don't play much. On a side note have enough almost for my first tier 10 coal ship, thinking of going Thunderer (mostly a BB main)
  14. Tango555


    Been having fun in submarine mode, granted haven't unlocked subs yet, so cannot comment on them. They are fun to shoot though!
  15. Tango555

    T-9 And T-10 Ops PLEASE!!!

    If anything make the current OPS scalable, adjust the bots and ships, be a start at least.:)