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  1. 60 big boxes, Huanghe, Dunkerque, Graf Spee, Anshan, Duca D'Aosta, Molotov, De Grasse, Mutsu, Gallant, Okhotnik, Leningrad, Alabama, Kii, and Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. 9000 doubloons, 135 ouroboros signals, 60 wyvern signals, 250 frosty fir camo, 75 hydra signals, 30 red dragon signals, 90 dragon signals, pretty good deals if you ask me....
  2. New Years Crate Contents

    20*Santas Big Gifts ($47) Kii Alabama Leningrad 4000 Doubloons 150 frosty fir camo bunch of other signals
  3. Just Got A Super Container

    Gives you a tiny bit more incentive to grind up to it then!
  4. WOWS Weekend BETA

    That was interesting, this morning I could see the Alpha section, now I cant. Pretty sure I havent violated NDA, especially not that quickly LOL
  5. WOWS Weekend BETA

    Shiny new forum group title!
  6. Thursday Invite Wait Club

    Its not Alpha, but I will take it!! Woot shiny new forum title!! On second glance at the email it says I will be added to the Alpha pool after this weekend yay!! Wonder how long that will take.....
  7. Time and the eternal wait....

    Well, its not Alpha yet but I will take it! Been dying to test this out!! LOL woot!
  8. Time and the eternal wait....

    I swear, checking my phone everytime the email notification sound goes off is starting to make me jumpy.....LOL Is it the one is it the one? Stupid junk emails, no I dont want to buy 3 books over 6 months for 20 bucks. No I dont want a spiced pumpkin latte from billy bobs kaf house. Ohh I kinda do want the back scratcher shaped like a monkey throwing torpedoes!
  9. Time and the eternal wait....

    Yay! Circles within circles within circles!! Oh and popcorn too! nom nom nom good popcorn nom nom
  10. Time and the eternal wait....

    Just look what happened to the Kursk and that will show you what torpedoes can do to your own fleet. Granted, that was due to poor maintenance and was on a submarine, but I think the point still serves.
  11. I went back to my application and added the dxdiag from my laptop as well as my desktop. Desktop is setup as my gaming rig, my laptop is my deployment pc and has substantially less strength. I am hoping that might help tilt things in my favor but only time will tell!
  12. Time and the eternal wait....

    I initially was going to respond with something to address your comments, but decided to take the high road planesman22. With that dispensed of, I truly hope that the MM algorithms for WS do not suffer the same fate as those in WP. Without disclosing any sensitive data, what are your thoughts?
  13. I just think of all the time I could be devoting to testing WoWS instead of waiting in queue in WoWP.....LOL
  14. Done, thanks for the help!
  15. Also, do you all think I should edit my original app or do a new one for the pastebin link for my laptop?