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  1. i got it and i dont know how.....the previous battle i had done 81K damage.
  2. Logros especiales Aniversario Wows

    Si, pero solo lo puedes usar en ese barco cuando lo tengas ;-)
  3. Logros especiales Aniversario Wows

    Confirmado Hacer 50.000 de daño con los cañones principales en una batalla aleatoria usando crucero britanico T5-T10
  4. Logros especiales Aniversario Wows

    Confirmado con tirpitz y los otros barcos ganaron "ho-ho-ho" ahora bien, de que son la tercera y cuarta, gane gran calibre y creo que una es por eso y desbolquea la mision 12, aunque dice bismark, parece que con tirpitz tambien funciona.
  5. But yet again, if its so important it should be ingame built, and not have ppl try and figure it out. But anyways, thats not the reason of the post.
  6. If they are so interested they should have replays enabled ingame, and not have us install a mod. for them to later tell us...."oooh you have mods we cant help you"
  7. for me its not the tier of the ships, its most of maps they are on.
  8. Hello everyone: We have been experiencing something really wierd wich is multiple client crashes, 2 or even the 3 members of the division crash at the same time, but we think we have found what it is: One of my division mates uses a BELFAST, and when his smoke runs out i try to re smoke him in my sims or mahan, and thats when the crash happens, we BOTH crash, so its not client related It has even happened to the 3 of us, again, BELFAST a USDD, and a that time was a schors (we are 3 man div), we were all in the smoke and it crashed for all of us.Yesterday the first to crash was the Belfast, he was still in his smoke, but it was going to run out soon, so i went there to resmoke him so he didnt get killed, 10 seconds later after i smoked him up, i crashed. So we are think it must be the belfast smoke (because it hasnt happened with any other ship), you only need to touch the smoke, not even stay there and 10 seconds later the client crashes, havent been able to copy the error message, hope someone can tell me how. I tried custumer support but its the classic auto response that blames the player saying that i have connection issues wich i dont, and still even if it was true, how can 3 clients not even in the same country crash at the exact same time? Hope someone will send this to devs. cheers and see you in battle.
  9. for the guys that are still getting SCs are you guys doing the "try your luck"?
  10. lol good to know im not the first whinner, thanks.
  11. Hi all: Last time i got a SC was waaay before the xmas containers, during that time i noticed that i didnt get any SC, so i started saving my containers to see how long before i got the next SC, my count atm is 90 with no end in sight. My cuestions are if ppl are still getting them or they got turned off during the xmas container event and someone forgot to click the swich back on. P.S. i would like to add a pic but i cant it says Used 381.84K of your 500K global upload quota how do i reset it? thanks Cheers and see you in battle.
  12. Holy metric-crap-ton of xp!

    Well done! lets take her out for a spin.
  13. Welcome to the NA server, were english is NOT the ofical language, why dont you stop beeing a lazy couch potato and learn a new language instead of blaming others for your failures.
  14. Este es un foro y concurso para un vídeo juego de barcos, o es uno foro para escribir cuentos o hacer diseños? enserio, esta bien que hagan concursos, pero que sea del juego, no que parezcan tareas escolares por dios! has un cuento has un dibujito.
  15. i aprove this service or product. tbh there shouldnt be anymore "special treatment" to new players, we were all new players once and we had to learn in order to do better.