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  1. So this just happened. It dropped from the non premium German BB containers from the missions. TBH I wasn't planning on buying this because I already have the Odin as well as the Pommern and all German secondary ships begin to feel similar after a while. Think I just used up all my luck for this year
  2. diain

    new Pan-Asian cruiser line.

    Tier 10 has 20 torps and a torp reload booster. Look at me, I'm the Kitakami now.
  3. diain

    FDR got nerfed again in 0.10.8

    Missed my point. His numbers are very good, but based on his arguments as to how all powerful CVs are they should be astronomically better. After all he's claiming, in this thread itself, that AA does absolutely nothing, and planes can outmaneuver everything. So he should be getting in damage from every attacking flight of every squadron launched.
  4. diain

    FDR got nerfed again in 0.10.8

    Talking about FDR torpedo planes and switching to GIF of bombers to make a point about agility of planes. Sure. Very convincing how agile and maneuverable those torp planes are against DDs and how they're definitely more dangerous than a Shima. Also I still want to know why you have just 142k avg damage in FDR though given it's so easy to capitalize on its damage dealing potential and so easy to get all the strikes through. Right because all ships take 25 second to move their rudder just 90 degrees. Oh wait, that was just BBs, and not even all BBs.
  5. diain

    FDR got nerfed again in 0.10.8

    No. Simple science says you're wrong. Assuming the aircraft maneuvering around a ship, that is maneuvering around a central point, which is what all these scenarios basically are, the aircraft will always have a larger route to cover and the difference in speed of the ship and the aircraft aren't enough for the aircraft to outmaneuver anything EXCEPT a stationary BB. Which brings us back to my earlier point, that's the BB players problem. Do a Google search if you don't understand the science behind this. So? Surface ships can shoot ad infinitum. Or to avoid repeating your hyperbole, for 20 minutes, except when they're reloading. Same as the CV, which can attack repeatedly except when the planes are regenerating, which is a lot longer than a surface ship takes to reload. And in case of FDR even longer, and even the attack runs have 25 second breaks. Don't make absurd arguments. I assume you mean on this shill account of yours with 52 battles. Might want to post with your original. Edit: Actually post with your real account when you want me to take you seriously OK?
  6. diain

    CVs are Overnerfed

    IIRC there's a Navajo proverb that goes something like you can't wake up a dude pretending to be asleep.
  7. diain

    FDR got nerfed again in 0.10.8

    You contradict yourself with this edit. Is the enemy CV being punished for poor play according to you or not? You seem confused.
  8. diain

    FDR got nerfed again in 0.10.8

    Lol, if it's time to target for torps, then 35 knts speed and spread does indeed matter specially when dropped from planes that have a 10 km detection. If you're unable to avoid them despite all of that, then again, that's a 'you' problem. In fact it does. That's why dodging flak is a thing. Great. Now work on using priority sector and trying to use the WASD keys when being attacked by planes. Depending on the type of ship you might find a marked improvement in the quality of your game when playing against CVs.
  9. diain

    FDR got nerfed again in 0.10.8

    If you are unable to avoid 35 knts torpedoes in anything other than a stationary BB you're either bad or have bad situational awareness. Both are 'you' problems. Mmmhmm, I understand it's utility might be hard to grasp. That is exactly what I wrote earlier.
  10. diain

    FDR got nerfed again in 0.10.8

    Let's be honest regardless of whether you think FDR needed nerfing or not, this nerf is fairly minor. There's barely any noticeable increase in torp spread or decrease in overall bomb damage. Of course that doesn't make the hyperbole of anti-cv crowd any less pathetic. I'm SURE people comparing FDR torp planes to Shimakaze would prefer to face a 15 torp ambush by the DD rather than face a squadron of FDR planes, because of course it isn't as if those planes would need over 3 minutes and 0 plane losses, with a really dumb or AFK player, to deliver their full alpha potential while weaving in and out of flak. I guess Flak and AA is a hard concept to grasp, specially since most of it is automatic and the maximum skill expected out of the player is to figure when to press O.
  11. diain

    Super ship nonsense

    The super cruisers and super dds sound interesting. The BBs were XP piñatas but imagine a USS Des Moines based Super Cruiser that gets a reload boost as a special mechanic, or a IJN Super DD torpedo boat that gets some sort of temporary homing for torps. There is a lot of potential in this and I for one look forward to it as long as they keep them limited to special game modes.
  12. diain

    Restless Fire~ Comm Store

    Went and dug up the code, see if it still works - https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=WOWSDISCORD2021 Edit: NVM seems to be expired, sorry mate
  13. diain

    Restless Fire~ Comm Store

    It was given out for free with a code right around when they did the community tokens rework. While on the subject of Restless Fire, I wish they would put back descriptions for special camouflages when you mouse over them. I remember the restless fire camo used to have 'Ignis Aurum Probat' in its description which was pretty cool.
  14. So what sequence will everyone pick the teams in? Will it be left to right like Battle of the Beasts? Week 1 - Polikarpov Bureau Team Week 2 - Chyetverikov Bureau Team and Week 3 - Kocherygin Bureau Team And repeat?
  15. diain

    Question to the people who play CV

    I do depending on the CV I'm playing and the situation. For instance today in randoms I helped Harugamos in two separate matches by keeping a Halland and a Daring lit up using my FDR rocket attack planes. Both times the Harugamo players were good enough that they killed the other DD and it contributed a good deal to the overall match. But such occasions are rarer than I would like.