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  1. Hello Pulicat 

    I just started looking into CV play and I thought you would be a good resource to follow thank you for your time and efforts it is greatly appreciated.





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  3. Happy Birthday ObiphanKenobi

  4. Happy Birthday!
    1. ObiphanKenobi


      thank you Ralph, now I wanted to be spoil, I want every premium ships available ........ :)

  5. I am a new player to the game.... I love World Of Warships ….However, I constantly keep getting deleted out the game with the first few strikes from the enemy.... before I was able to learn anything...That became discouraging and I became frustrated and wanted to give up..... so as a new player what can I do change my situation....... Well I found a group of gamers who were willing to help me learn and show me how to play the fundamentals of the game without berating me in the process. We all need a little help sometimes......So if you are in the same problem as me I urge you to explore Tactical Strike Group 4........


    Tactical Strike Group 4 is a great place to start and learn the game from experienced people within a cohesive family environment.


    Try http://www.tsg4.org/

  6. Firestall1

    I wanna get excellent

    very wise and concise commentary from all the experienced captains here I look forward to the next read of information Thanks, ObiphanKenobi for the privilege
  7. Great post very concise as a new player I thank u very much