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  1. Firestall1

    Fire button bug

    If you Hold control and click on to mini-map to fix that problem
  2. After the recent patch 12.4 Ships are not showing in the tab section of the Commonwealth line. However, they are displayed in port view
  3. Firestall1

    12.2: Error trying to enter Dockyard

    There was a version update check your windows and video card It looks like it is still updating ....updates as needed you can also open game in safe mode may show better results as far as exiting out try task manger to stop game
  4. Firestall1

    Server down 6:35 EDT

    The game server usually updates around that time for a small hotfix a times
  5. Firestall1

    Clan Wars Rewards

    Thank you Sir
  6. Firestall1

    Clan Wars Rewards

    I was asked this question.... but I am not sure of the answer "Are clan rewards for clan battles season finish add up or do you just get the rewards at the level you complete? Do you get rewards for levels below you?
  7. Thank you so much for the information..... I can always count on the community
  8. Do we know how many ships in the game show sailors on the deck in port I am only aware of the ZF-6 and the Anchorage, Are there others?
  9. Firestall1

    Goodbye, and Thanks for the Games

    Good Luck in your future endeavors
  10. Do we know how many ships are in the game at this time?
  11. Firestall1


    Capt_of_Satisfaction nice post. Sir.... That shows positive advice.... excellently put Sir.... Good Luck in your future endeavors " May the force be with you"
  12. Firestall1

    Modstation useless....again

    Aslains just released an update, Sometimes we have to be patient.......
  13. Firestall1

    Game crash

    As stated by Brushwolf there are too many variables that may cause a disconnect in-game In addition to what he stated I find I need to check my windows and Video card for updates before and after a game version update and since it is wifi it is even more difficult to find the cause.
  14. Firestall1

    About that meaningless Karma...

    Well stated and how true@SeaQuest_ and a hearty Congrads to you Sir TheTrickpony we do luv CV's