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  1. I'll miss you.

    1. yamato6945


      Rest in Peace 

  2. Same thing just happened to me -- completed today's mission which should have moved me to 15/15, but it's still showing 14/15. And I'm going to be travelling until the 9th :(
  3. Right now, when you press and hold the control key when in battle, the selection cursor appears where it last was in that mode. It is hard to recall where to look, and on a large screen it can take precious seconds trying to locate the cursor so you can select the plane or ship you're trying to target. Please make the Control cursor appear in a predictable place, like the center of the screen, or at least make this an option.
  4. You've only played 9 games in the GK. You've just had a run of bad luck. Put your Bismarck captain in, be patient and it will play very similarly to the Bsimarck.
  5. Condolences...

    ...for the horrific attack today on St Petersburg, a city that I love., Hope everyone at Lesta (and your families) is OK.
  6. That's funny, I was wondering whether the complainers here might be working for War Thunder!
  7. WoT may have been "destroyed" for you, but don't generalize. Peak online base hasn't declined -- it was 31K in NA yesterday, not that far off from the all time high of 42K in 2015. That compares to an all-time NA record of 19K for WoWS. And in Russia, the all time high for WoT was set at 835K on January 8th of this year. WoT is doing better than ever it looks like. XVM clearly hasn't ruined WoT. I'd love to see XVM proper implemented for WoWS. It's the one thing I miss from WoT. I fund it useful to know who the better players on both teams are. https://stats.wotapi.ru/stats/wows/na/total
  8. Somers class also had 8 5"/38's. Would have to be high tier...
  9. New upgrade

    So you're saying your win rate at high tiers might dip below 95%?
  10. I can understand why the port might be GPU intensive -- it has animated water, moving objects, flags, etc. But what's really inexplicable is that even static screens like the profile max out my GTX 1080 -- even when the game window is closed! Someone needs to make an optimization pass...
  11. German Destroyers are horribly bad!

    You've played 2 games is a T-22 and 1 in a V-25. You know all this how?
  12. iEarlGrey is worth checking out as well.
  13. From what I've encountered, you'll get more and more Ishizuchi's + 10pt IJN Captains. The Ishizuchi's are cashed in for 1500 doubloons. The captains sits in your reserve.
  14. I was a decent WoT player -- 30K games and 57% WR before I pretty much abandoned it to focus on WoWS I actually enjoyed going valley just to show up the superficial strategists advising against it. Depending on the map mode, when there was no arty, and when I was in a tank with a troll turret and decent gun depression, I would often go valley. Won many games in that circumstance, picking of the carrots and potatoes and showing that with the right tank, it can be an easy win given the meta. Dangerous to generalize. As for potatoes, need to understand that there are many reasons for poor performance. Some folks are old (I'm 63). Some are handicapped. Some have crappy computers or crappy connections. I was in Mongolia this week and tried to play at 300+ msec (real) ping on my son's laptop. Played 2 games I think and won them both, but it was clear to me that I couldn't play to my standards. It was hard not playing. If I were *living* in Mongolia I might have struggled on, and started a decline towards potato-hood. Fortunately, I knew all I had to do was wait -- I'll be home tonight (Monday). Some people have no choice, can't become good, but enjoy playing the game. Careful how you judge them.