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  1. Camos are almost useless now in the game, as almost all interesting ships have permanent camo options that require no maintenance once acquired. However, many of these can be quite distasteful to looking for many players. As a way of addressing these problems, consider adding a mechanic to convert temporary camos into permanent for a ship, i.e. creating a perma camo from a temp. You can make it expensive enough to require accumulating a sufficient quantity of a temp camo and/or requiring doubloons for the conversion. This would make temp camos much more interesting as they can provide a way of uniquely and permanently upgrading the look of a ship.
  2. Kasmir

    Update 0.11.9: Submarines

    Hopefully an Egress combat mode will be added for those who hate subs, CV's, superships, 21 point captains, RPF, radar, HE etc.
  3. Kasmir

    World of Warships Anniversary

    Maybe I'm just being dense, but I'm not sure what these extra "gifts" are for. Do they simply allow you to not have to play the ship you apply them to to get it's corresponding reward? So all it's for is helping players with lots of ships (like me) get all the rewards they can without having to actually play every ship?
  4. Lesta is now unaffiliated with WG but they are clearly still the development studio for WoWS. And Lesta is also running and profiting from live ops in the CIS .
  5. Kasmir

    Server is up...

    Buggiest update ever. No armory, can't buy anything.
  6. Only positive karma is meaningful. Both positive and negative should be displayed along with the sum.
  7. Kasmir

    Update 0.11.3: Italian Destroyers. Part 2

    Or her corpse is anyway. She looks terrible and doesn't seem happy.
  8. So we still get Dasha but with little or no make up. She doesn't look happy at all. Bizarre.
  9. We will find out within a few days when 0.11.3 is announced. Update downloads have already been pushed.
  10. Lots of folks here were misled by the word "affiliation", thinking it a synonym for "association". In corporate usage, two companies are affiliated if they have ownership in common. Wargaming announced they were divesting their ownership interest in Lesta, i.e. ending their affiliation. They said nothing about any ongoing relationship other than that Lesta would add responsibilities for WoT liveops in the CIS (they were already responsible for WoWS liveops there). Wargaming has also been silent about ongoing development of WoWS. Given that the development calendar is apparently so far unaffected, it is clear that Lesta is at least for now continuing to be the development studio for WoWS. It is less clear what is happening with WoT development, although I would not be at all surprised to find out that Lesta is picking that up as well and will be establishing a satellite studio in Minsk and hiring ex-Wargaming staff. And Lesta of course is being paid for this work. Wargaming is no longer receiving revenue from Russia/Belarus, but they are certainly spending for services from there. That is not to say that things are stable; it is possible that there may be a transition to some other relationship. But for now Lesta is an independent development studio for WoWS and possibly WoT, and is also making money by running both games in the CIS. One notable change is that the English language devblog announcements of the past few days have a totally new tone. I suspect that means Lesta is no longer running liveops in EU/NA, even though Wargaming never said that there would be that change. It'll be really interesting to see how next week's update is rolled out. As a dedicated WoWS player, I for one am happy with Lesta's continued development of WoWs, and I couldn't care less that Russia might get miniscule tax revenues from that arrangement.
  11. First, they gained lots of good PR in the West by this announcement. Second, they can no longer be accused of being a Belarus or Russian company that might be sanctioned. Lesta provided a nice wrapper for their corporate divestiture wrt WoWS. What is less clear is the fate of the Belarus folks who were direct and OG Wargaming employees. Kislyi is Belarussian and I'm sure he has found a way to protect those employees. And I doubt he would accept betraying the 150+ Lesta employees by taking away their primary livelihood, i.e. development of WoWS. As I said, we'll learn a lot shortly. If this month's update goes through as planned that means Lesta is still involved. But I actually I expect it to be delayed or cancelled because Lesta has been so involved in "live gaming" rollouts in EU/USA/ASIAPAC
  12. Wrong. Lesta was a wholly owned subsidiary of Wargaming. Now they are unaffiliated, which means Wargaming doesn't own any part of them. That doesn't mean they don't continue to have an ongoing business relationship. Wargaming's statement is unclear about development. Your interpretation is possible but unlikely. We'll see.
  13. "Affiliation" doesn't mean what you think it does in a corporate context. It means Wargaming no longer has an ownership stake in Lesta. It doesn't preclude the two companies having a commercial business relationship.
  14. Not clear at all other than that Wargaming doesn't own Lesta anymore. Lesta is likely now the studio that develops WoWS and Wargaming the publisher.
  15. But what's not clear is whether or not the newly independent Lesta will continue to be the development studio for WoWS with Wargaming being only the publisher outside of the new USSR.