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  1. Dogface_GI

    Seven Year Patch

    Did anyone get a seven year patch? I was in beta so I should have gotten it by now. They did make a seventh anniversary flag.
  2. Dogface_GI

    Early Access to Japanese Light Cruisers

    You can earn 1,500 Japanese tokens. But you need 2,100 JT to unlock the tier 8 cruiser. This is the second time you have to spend to get the tier 8. This is a bad trend for gamers.
  3. Dogface_GI

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    Aside from all the other problems with subs, it occurred to me that a major problem is that subs are only worth 9000 points. Which is about half of what a Destroyer is worth. So subs reduce the total available points per game, and they are hard to find and annoying.
  4. Dogface_GI

    PTS 0.10.7

    The ASW Airstrike in BBs is cool, but it takes you out of the game. You are no longer playing the surface game, you have your head in the airstrike window. You are no longer watching where your ship is going, no longer watching enemy ships advancing on you, no longer watching for openings in the enemy line, no longer watching your team. And the ASW Airstrike is not that effective to warrant not playing the surface game. The ASW Airstrike in BBs is cool, but I would rather play the surface game. Maybe have subs as a separate game mode (subs vs DDs + merchant convoy?).
  5. Dogface_GI

    Annoying music after battles

    It gets pretty annoying.
  6. I have reached the point where I am getting "Duplicate" Patch Symbols and Backgrounds. These duplicates should be used for something. When I receive a duplicate Collection item I can save them up and buy a collection item I don't have. A similar system should exist for Patches. Players should be able to exchange a set number of duplicate symbols and backgrounds for something, ideally rare symbols and backgrounds. Or possibly Flags.
  7. Dogface_GI

    WG. Please return flag rewards

    Yeah, it is just greed. There is no player positive reason. If all the players who are dissatisfied with WG stopped giving them money today, they would go out of business tomorrow.
  8. I have all the music turned off in the game settings (Music in the Port; Music in Battle), but I still hear music at the end of a battle, when the results are displayed. VICTORY Is there a way to turn this off? If not, please add a feature to turn this music off. Thanks.
  9. Dogface_GI

    PTS 0.10.6

    Community Tokens. Good idea, but rewards are less than before. Either cost of Rewards should lowered or tokens earned should be raised. And those Random token missions are a grind. Choice of rewards. Good idea, but the choices on the PTS are between two very small items. I agree with @WanderingGhost this feature only becomes interesting if WG offers real choices between real rewards.
  10. A News article without anything new, thanks for wasting my time.
  11. Dogface_GI

    Combat Missions in Update 0.10.3

  12. Dogface_GI

    Armory. Italian Battleships

    Did you get a Lepanto? Has anyone gotten a Lepanto out of a Random Bundle Container?
  13. Dogface_GI

    Marathon with Gifts: Real Naval Stories

    No, that is the reward listed for each of the four of the missions, including this one. Not totals Marathon with Gifts: Real Naval Stories | World of Warships
  14. Dogface_GI

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    Do we get to keep the tier 10, 21-skill commanders? It says skills are turned off and the tier 9 commanders have zero skill points, so why 21 for the tier 10 commanders?