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    Border hugging: Why?

    What I know burder hugging gives is: Planes aim get screwed, specially DBs Planes can't make 2 attack runs so easily since they'll bounce off the imaginary wall Makes it harder to aim at border huggers since it'll screw with your Aim (a ship sliding horizontally towards you...yeah...) Needs testing but I believe secondaries will fire as if the ship was moving normally instead of sliding horizontally You can make some turns without exposing too much for torpedoes Torpedo aim is screwed And the only problem is the annoying sound and the engine cut down to half...the engine maybe is another hidden buff for some players that don't know how to change their speed to screw with other ppl aim.

    0.8.6 Balance changes

    With IFHE you're now able to penetrate 32mm plating though... And to be honest, everything buffing the "useless" Bismarck is a given, low caliber + penetrations everywhere sucks for this ship.
  3. I return after 1 month to see that CVs are almost useless besides spotting and getting that DD... And now this? Well, another month of wait...
  4. Your thoughts are "if you use less you do less" but it isn't true for most of your points. Attacking is done with only 3 planes, so it doesn't matter if you have 12 or 3, it'll be the same 3 attacking, if you increase the attacking run for 12 then we'll have another problem. Spotting is the same no matter the amount of planes,, actually only 1 plane would be able to spot ships at over 20km distances but right here we use this arcade spotting, in fact, 4 planes would have a batter spotting range and communication than 12 buzzling planes since the planes in the middle of the flight have limited view range. If we lose 50% of our planes, we are still sending 50% fully operational planes, why should they be "nerfed"? It's not like if a ship fires ammo the other ammos should be nerfed. CVs as it is are in a tough spot, specially with the soon to come changes to AA as it will now start killing planes much easier and will ruin the play of launching 12 planes to do a single attack run risking 12 planes to do so (but usually saving most of them), now if you do the same thing 4~6 planes will always be lost, and this is not fine.
  5. Because some ships could upgrade their firing range by 25~30% and have a hell of a big are where he can safely fire without suffering. I don't know DDs firing range, but my Yõgumo without firing range upgrades fire at 12km, and that's a lot.

    0.8.5 AA, CVs, and a DD

    @Gunga_Dinner Not trying to be "that guy" but some of your remarks can't be said as good feedback mostly because it was a 7v7 with 2 CVs per side. For example: The CVs will suffer and the bottom tier CV will be unplayable until enemy ship's spread out, because in a 12v12 1CV match, there are 11 other "targets" that will mostly sail in groups and shred your planes. Tier 8 CV will be hell. Again, there were only 5 targets that didn't stick together and had crap AA (T7 ship's AA is very weak compared to 8) Almost 33% of the match were CVs, on 12v12 the CV is actually the support of your team. Try not to hit the deck armour, specially on the T8 Implacable.
  7. I saw this topic on reddit: And thought, hey, others might have similar stories (maybe even screenshots/replays), so, why not hear them all? Starting here: Last patch I had a match with my Izumo, I went A cap with a DD and a cruiser and went right towards 4 BBs, 1 DD and a cruiser (one of those crazy matches of 6 BBs and 4 DDs), so, my options were to either reverse and bow tank the hell out of it to last the longest or show broadside and turn tails...my friendlies decided to turn tails (after getting the DD) and I was left there...REVERSING...ON AN IZUMO! Started taking tons of shells, luckly only the cruiser was firing HE, suddenly, turret 1 gets knocked out...okay, I just have to wait 15 seconds to re...2 salvos hit the turrets, now turret 2 is knocked out and turret 1 is destroyed. Well...OK THEN! Immediately press repair so as to not lose my only source of DPS (without having to show broadside), 30 seconds later...turret 2 gets destroyed... So, I'm there, with my Izumo reversing begging for my life with the 2 turrets that can shoot to the front destroyed. Lesson of the match, secondary module survivability might be good to protect that AA and secondaries, but if you carry few guns or if you're a bow tank machine, get the main battery survivability module.

    Because it's fun, right?

    Also the nerfs to CV made it unplayable for low skilled players, which in my opinion, compromised most of the CV players. I've seen an Enterprise going straight into heavy AA with full squads all the time...it hurts to see stuff like that.

    Because it's fun, right?

    You can see CVs planes from distance and maneuver accordingly. A general location isn't the location of the DD, also having to use 4 points to try and counter a DD, that can predict torp you at 8km range and get you while you're turning to "follow the DD", with that logic you can also get a general location of where the enemy CV is and for free. You just said that RPF is a counter to DD even though it adds nothing to damage them, just help dodge torpedoes and avoid certain locations...and yeah, if you kill some planes you're coutering the CV, every plane shot down is a timer that adds up to the CV resupply the lost planes, it would be a counter to other ships if you could increase the reload time of their armaments by dodging it. Indeed, their attack damage is so mediocre that their survivability is greater, what's wrong here? A BB sniping at the back line has just a little less damage than a CV camping at the back line and both survive until the end of the match, if not more than the CV. And CVs can attack each other, it's a high risk situation though and deppends on certain situations such as coordinating attacks with BBs on range or using durable/long range TBs. Using the same example I could say that long range DD torp boats also survive until the end of the match, as long as they remain outside of detection range...and guess what happens on matches with no CVs? You can take a look at my recently acquired Yügumo since CVs are becoming rarer and rarer. The CV counter isn't apparent and defined by class, it's defined by skill, a skilled player will mitigate all damage a CV does while also killing the CVs planes. DDs worry about: Other DDs, radar and CVs when they don't have AA or cover. Cruisers worry about: BBs and CVs when they don't have AA. BBs worry about: DDs, Island campers and CVs. CVs worry about: Anything with good AA, this includes DDs, cruisers and BBs, CVs also worry about sneaky DDs and any sort of detection while on the LOS of BBs. And they face when spotted. I'll gladly accept the same risk of spotting and destruction if you give me enough armour to tank those hits, consumables to repair my ship and most importantly, enough damage to also pose as a threat to others, right now the maximum amount of damage a CV can do is 28.500 with 3 citadels with IJN AP DB, which are the most vulnerable type of planes and requires the target to be sailing straight and a pinch of RNG.

    Lucky Torps

    It happened twice today with me. First time I aimed at a Yamato at 8km range and suddenly a smokescreen pops up when my torps were 4 km away, last thing I know, "Devastating strike" The second I aimed at another Yamato, sent the torpedoes away and almost at the same time a shimakaze pops up, I fire some shells and get her engine and so I watch her slow down right to eat my torps.

    Bonus code

    Worked for me but I feel dirty for not doing the reddit quiz to get this code

    Did you hear German DDs got a gun buff?

    Better nerf CV

    NO CV Counter Play By Design

    Actually less planes than pre-rework T10 CV True, but also no need to worry too much into dogfights which rendered the game boring for the normal CV player. It's not the repair, it's the 1 minute DCP, 5 second fire isn't that big of a deal when CV burns for more and have no space for survivability slots. It didn't get rid of the skill gap but made it so CVs aren't game definers anymore, you don't automatically win a match because your CV is better than the enemy. AA rework is actually great, some ships had far too much AA power for what they could also offer, take DM for example, while it still retains good AA, it's capabilities have been reduced from a "no fly zone" to a "high risk zone", but also have 5.5s reload time for 203mm with special auto-bounce formula. Also, the concept of alt + clicking into a squad to set is as "priority target" but still fire at anything on your screen was bad, right now the prioritize SECTOR greates a bigger difference between a good player and a bad one. I didn't get this last one, but I'll take a guess: CV now has fewer scouting and striking capability, it's presence has been greatly reduced from the pre-rework days.

    What is the best Musashi build?

    If you're going for AA, focus on the skills and modules that increase FLAK DAMAGE, not constant damage since musashi is useless in this but flak is universally good. But to be honest, I believe you should focus on the main points of the ship, and that would be survivability and the main battery.