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  1. Seabear

    Best Tier for Filthy Casuals Like Myself

    V - VIII Great variety, dynamic gameplay, economics don't matter much at the lower end. I play VII - VIII mostly. Cheers
  2. Seabear

    CV ranked

    Playing CV, in my last ranked match, we had a single DD on our side, he insisted that I would provide air cover for him throughout the match, or he would not leave the spawn, or cap! This is crazy, I only have 3 airdrops per flight, plus cooling period between drops! anyway he started to abuse me in chat, I blocked him, just to be able to carry on with scouting, and hitting enemy. If I see I have a responsive alert team, I will then settle for low bottom score and highlight enemy DD's for our cruisers, they dispatch them usually quick, win comes easy. If however my team daydreams, I will stop burning up my planes for highlighting, and work on my score. So before blaming the CV for poor game outcome, consider this, team work, takes more then one willing player. The CV is only as power full, as the support he gets from the team, not all CV players are stupid, or selfish I might add. In ranked match, overall win comes long before own score. Cheers
  3. Seabear

    Odin..should I just save the $14

    Its a long grind, you get a nice battlecruiser, with lots of goodies to play with, my thoughts. I didn't have Graf Spee, so I got 2 premiums, for little money. I like mine.
  4. Seabear

    UPDATE 0.9.6 German CVs

    The Bean counters, once they get involved, its all downhill. The new normal. Cheers
  5. Seabear

    UPDATE 0.9.6 German CVs

    I am in favour of a single big red " auto update " button, smack in the middle of the screen, its easy to find that way, all these menu complications are detrimental to the enjoyment of the game. We could also streamline the captain perks, some suggestions, give us a universal DD captain, same for CL and BB's, or better yet, give player the option of a " all in one Captain " now we are down to 1 choice, it will bring in many Nintendo and PlayStation enthusiasts. Cheers
  6. Seabear

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    I am about to give up CV's, here is why, the ever decreasing damage capability of the aircraft, and the ever increased late war ship AA DMP, on top of that, tier 8 CV's often end in tier 10 matches, what is the point, when your entire squad gets wiped out by a single late war DD , CL ,BB in a matter of seconds without even reaching the target! Why not completely disarm the planes, and use them as spotters only, spot a ship get XP, spot a big ship, get big XP, that should keep a lot of skippers happy! Right. Cheers Now retired CV Skipper
  7. Seabear

    New US BBs..

    They will look at past sales, and built what brings in money, my guess. Cheers
  8. Seabear

    IJN Tier 8 CV

    I have been playing IJN CV's tier 8 lately, I reach the conclusion they are not worth playing anymore, AA shreds your planes like never before! 1. Often you end up in tier 10 games, that's a death sentence for all your planes, Halland for example wipes out, a complete squad of planes, in a matter of seconds. 2. Attacking most of the late war DD's, Cl's or BB's nets the same outcome, you are left to do far of spotting at best. 3. And now the worst, team mates scorn you for poor performance! Do I need all this, don't think so, its to bad WG ruined CV play this bad. Cheers
  9. Seabear

    4 CVs in random low tier battles

    To be clear I played tier 4 BB in each of the games, I got swamped with torpedos, so did the other BBs, in each game the CVs sunk 80% of the BBs, You have no defence at all.
  10. Seabear

    4 CVs in random low tier battles

    This is sad, ppl who bought lower tier ships are forced to play in an uneven environment! Am I gone buy anymore ships from them? I doub't it!
  11. Seabear

    4 CVs in random low tier battles

    Its badly unbalanced the way it is now, the lowest BB I play now is the tier 5 Texas, it has decent aa, this mess will turn off a lot of new players.
  12. I just had 2 matches where 2 enemy cvs working together sunk 4 out of 5 BBs simply by ganging up on one BB at the time, this completely destroys all incentive for me, to play lower tiers, there should be a 1 cv limit per side, in lower tier matches, ww1 ships have hardly any air defence, its so easy to pick off BBs with torps.