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  1. AuroraDragoon

    In co-op, do tier 9 & 10 tech tree ships lose credits?

    Generally 9 and 10 do lose money unless you use flags and have a perma camo in CO OP or you have an amazing game.
  2. AuroraDragoon

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    I was kinda excited when I saw these on the stream. Then I saw the devblog and no just no. Then I remembered the Paolo changes and I thing WG is trying to kill this game.
  3. AuroraDragoon

    Question Regarding Twitch Charity Stream and Hayate

    I'm hoping for coal personally if they make it. Last I looked they were a little above 25k.
  4. AuroraDragoon

    Question Regarding Twitch Charity Stream and Hayate

    I believe they said if they receive 35k there will be a vote for which currency it will be released for.
  5. You can only get the rewards for each star one time. After you 5 star it you've gotten all the rewards. There have been some calls to reset the rewards or give new ones since most people have 5 starred everything by now but WG really doesn't care about us in PVE.