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  1. Already have it on my Blys. This is just a net gain in potential damage since for smaller caliber guns tier 7 is the big cutoff.
  2. Oh really? Explain the 1% for DDs then? I mean this is a gift to the Blyskawica and RU DDs.
  3. I see Quixote showed up. Say detonations and he is:
  4. For my Mogami I'm on the fence. I mean raw HE can still rack up a lot of damage so still might be worth it, have to see. For my Cleveland skipper IDK. Duca, no question. I don't set a lot of fires to begin with and that HE needs all the help it can get so I might also ditch DE on the Duca as well for SE or some other tier 3 skill. Kutuzov, on the fence, but will likely do it since again the raw damage done is way higher that DOT spreading. Likely one though that loses it is Mogami, just for the fact of 15 guns and what 10-15% fire chance with DE? And the french, likely won't take it since they also have a good fire chance like De Grasse.
  5. That was simply a bull**** move by WG.
  6. Though I do miss the days AFT worked on 6 inch guns. BUT. That nerf was needed. 8 inch gunned ships were just being capped upon by 6 inch gunned cruisers. Though the days of 17.5km Clevelands and 19km Mogamis, some fun days.
  7. The reason why?
  8. AFT does nothing for 6 inch guns. Now if you're trying to bring up AA sure. Unless you're talking about an RU DD, then yeah AFT is always the way to go.
  9. I mean yeah you can do way more in raw damage with IEHE on 6 inch guns, but those fires do account for some damage. It's still going to be a net loss in age should this come about for cruisers. And it's not like said cruisers are running away with damage scores lately. Atleast for my Blyskawica it's a nice net increase since I took IEHE on that ship and my damage did nothing but jump. For other mid tier and Akzuki it's a nice increase in damage potential. But as far as light cruisers, probably keep it on my Duca, Cleveland(doubles as my Atlanta skipper where this is also a buff), and maybe for my Kiev/Kutzov skipper. I might keep it for Mogami too, I'll have to see. Cause that's a BIG hit in damage potential right there with the 155s.
  10. Umm as someone who is always trying to improve, there's only so much you can do when the rest of your team eats an extra bowl of stupid before a match starts. In the situation the OP described, you can only do so much on your own if your team refuses to do anything. So nice words, but utterly wasted.
  11. In the patch notes for this in black and white, and not even on the forums? Or are you just that lazy?
  12. Hell look at Cleveland, St Louis(1939) and Brooklyn. They have as much side armor as a New Orleans.
  13. I'd do it on my Duca. The fire chance was garbage to begin with. Least the HE could do something.