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  1. New to the game

    Let's see historical boats? IJN BBs, USN BBs, RN BBs have a few. If you want specific ships that have a nice history: North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico, Fuso, Yamato, Gniesneau, Bismarck, King George V, Queen Elizabeth for BBs. Cruisers: Mogami, Myoko, New Orleans, Cleveland, Baltimore, Des Moines, Hipper, Nurnberg, DDs: A LOT OF THEM. Just examples.
  2. Credits in co-ups

    Run the scenarios. Even with the 50k cost to get a ship back you can make over double that per match if you do well. But it comes down to risk vs rewards. OP just focus on the basics. iChase, Notser, Jingles and a few others have a lot of YouTube vids on basic tactics and strategy. And they do work.
  3. Oy Vey. I didn't know they removed Segall and frankly I don't care.
  4. Forgot Somers/Porter class DDs.
  5. So whats the word on Abruzzi?

    We can hope. But I can foresee(and this is just my 2 cents) that Italian cruisers are probably going to have the weakest HE of them all and that's going to be a serious problem. And Italians as a whole I can foresee a lot of Overpens because of velocity and ammo.
  6. Sad but true. But I'd say more like 75%.
  7. Cause it got corrupted then it corrupted all 3 downloaded games. Unacceptable. Especially if you plan to make us all use it. I mean if that's the case I use steam. Least it works! Get it together!
  8. How did you start playing WoWs?

    Found out it was coming out from playing tanks. Then @MajorRenegade got me a Beta weekend invite(well pointed the way) been playing since Dec 2014 with a few month hiccup till CBT started.
  9. Guess who's baaaack

    No. He's been long since banned. No just someone(and I can't even remember who) had a REALLY long post and didn't know what the enter key was. I asked the OP to edit it so I could read and comprehend it better. Got a month ban for non constructive posting. Not arguing it mind you. Just explaining the circumstances.
  10. Guys, to redo carrier mechanics to get them to flow better with the other classes, some of the base mechanics of the game itself have to be completely redone. This won't just change carriers. It will change the whole game itself.
  11. Buff the Atlanta

    Explain Flint?
  12. Wow...just wow... Suddenly reducing splash is a death knell to DDs. If I had a buck for each thread I saw like this I could of bought WG by now.