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  1. Grrr. The cage has been opened and the wolf is on the loose. Back from a month vacation courtesy of WG. 

  2. Well, got another week vacation courtesy of WG. But I am back. And I just got Roma.

  3. IronWolfV

    Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Mouse as always love the reviews. And yeah gonna pass on this one. Already have Kii.
  4. IronWolfV

    Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    I know. But it's plainly evident. She doesn't have the HP, firepower of a tier 6. Only change they should make is putting her at tier 5 and I'd buy in a heartbeat. I adore the Leander and have been chomping at the bit for an Areuthsea to show up. Now...hell no.
  5. IronWolfV

    Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    Yuck pass. She should of been a tier 5 max.
  6. IronWolfV

    Premium Ship Review - USS Indianapolis

    I swear if I could make 1 buff to the ship I'd make her citadel about as big as the Cleveland's.
  7. IronWolfV

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    Who says you brawl with her. For me, torps are last resort weapons. Got amazing AA good 16s and decent speed. Gudboat.
  8. IronWolfV

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    I find her quite fun. And with the camo, big money maker
  9. IronWolfV

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    Honestly Kii represents what premiums should be. Being a good ship without being OP. And ya know what? That's totally OK.
  10. IronWolfV

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    I think she did just fine in her first go around. 10 point skipper.
  11. IronWolfV

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    Hell I'm a cruiser main(though second is BBs) and I couldn't pass this up. Now I have to finish Nagato so I have the sisters.
  12. IronWolfV

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    Good review as always Mouse. Already got it, and got the camo. She's quite fun and IMHO almost at beastly level. The guns. Well last match they were accurate enough for me! I agree with mouse gudboat.
  13. IronWolfV

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    As always mouse, nice review.
  14. Just and FYI, TalonV is being retired. Since I like to be a wolf on the forums, now I am the wolf. V should be a big indicator.

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    2. pmgaudio


      I was going to think about changing my name to  MEMEMASTER... not sure though....

    3. Khafni


      Congrats IronWolfV! Good for you.

      I've been giving some thought to changing my name as well. I used to have a CB radio back in the late 70's. My friends gave me a handle - "Ty-D-Bol Man". He's somewhat nautical. He floats around in a row boat (in the toilet flush tank). Since I haven't really 'earned' Khafni (arabic for 'Fear ME') maybe I should...

      In all seriousness, whadya think?

    4. pmgaudio


      I was also thinking "Little-man-in-the-boat"  :Smile_teethhappy: