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  1. Indeed. Well off to survey jae ne!
  2. Just don't freak if you come by and well she looks even worse. Cause she probably will.
  3. No worries. You're talking to a guy who took an Atlanta class that was just a gutted hull and in 3 weeks had her brand new. I can get her back to sea again. Don't you worry.
  4. *lets out a low whistle* I can do it. But it's going to take A LOT of time. Better part of a month or two. But first lets get her into a dock and ill do a preliminary hull sounding. Probably a lot of wiring and other essentials that are gutted.
  5. Working for a living senpai.
  6. *lets out a low whistle* what ship class and do you have a list of damages?
  7. *hops off Kako's head and changes into a normal form of a wolf-boy in navy coveralls* hoy! I'm Talon. I run the port for Nyagato. If you need a ship fixed just ask me.
  8. *nuzzles* Hai senpai! *waves paw* I prefer tea to coffee.
  9. *nuzzles then looks over to bus* Ugh...yeah I got a stack of paperwork Hawaii was supposed to do while I was on patrol that o have to dive through.
  10. *tilts head* whatcha reason? *plops on head going limp* chu spoil me Kako-Chan.
  11. *tongue hangs out* lawlll... *smells coffee* *waves paw from Kako's head* hai hai
  12. Silence! I keel you!
  13. *nuzzles* nya
  14. *leans down and licks nose* how are chu?