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  1. Roma

    I aim to please....and misbehave
  2. Phone. Fat fingers. It happens.
  3. I have mine. Just haven't patched yet.
  4. On phone, can't see Sigs. And maybe we will. I still hope for tier 7 BB. Also completely negates the "no dual 127/38 secondaries" below tier 8 crap for USN BBs. Opens the way for Marylabd or WV to be the final hull on CO.
  5. Not an issue with Roma Vs Cleveland. Overmatch her bow and drop her shells right into the citadel. Or just aim at the waterline at the back 1/3 if broadside. Watch Cleveland go boom.
  6. Again. If she could even turn like the NC I'd dance the jig. Historically the Alaska class was one of the worst turning ships in the fleet. Iowa's and some carriers could out turn her.
  7. More players I'd say. That and IIRC 15 inch guns can overmatch the Cleveland. I think. I'd have to double check. But Roma is one SNEAKY BB. I haven't played mine yet but I saw the stats. She has cruiser level detection. Meaning she can bushwack almost any cruiser she wants.
  8. Exactly and she'd pair off against Scharnhorst decently. Bigger guns, more speed and far nastier AA vs Better armor, Torps and better secondaries. And anyone who says the armor isn't enough, Kongo, Guilio Cesear, Dunkerque all would like a word.
  9. Skypster, I'm more in favor of skills that give differing builds depending on what you want out of a ship. No one should have to pick a specific set of skills. Look at Akizuki. She HAS to have CE and IEHE to be any kind of effective. Also last stand is MANDATORY on DDs. Just like any cruiser with 15x guns(except Germans) need IEHE to be any kind of threat to a BB these days. Skills should enrich a game, not be a mandatory thing or you're fighting 1 hand tied behind your back.
  10. No worries Lert cat. We have differing opinions but we kept it civil. We can agree to disagree even though we agree she'd be much better off as a tier 7 BB. And yes I will say it. Much as she's billed as a "Large" cruiser. To me she's a battlecruiser through and through. Almost the ideal that Jackie Fisher was looking for.
  11. Des Moines and MINOTAR who has more raw AA DPS than Des Moines. Only time Des Moines win is when DFAA is activated. But the point remains. This ship would fair WAY better as a tier 7 BB than a tier 10 cruiser. I mean if you're going to put this as a cruiser, yeah she'd at a minimum have to go to tier 10. But I don't think she would do all that well. I personally believe Alaska would get HAMMERED by everyone. That's just my personal belief unless for her maneuvering they go WAY a historical and let her dart around. Which they won't. Hell I'd be happy if she turned like an NC. But lert cat. Even with the improved angles for USN, it's not as useful. Same angles to keep out 8 inch fire is going to be PLENTY enough, even for Des Moines who has some of the worst armor for a tier 10 is going to do the same thing, bound the 12 inch shells, then it becomes an HE DPM war which ALASKA WILL LOSE. Hands down.
  12. Only if you charge in at the wrong time. I'm in the FDG and I can force brawling situations, long as I pick and chose the right place to do it. Don't get me wrong. The 127/38s as a secondary are in a BAD place. I'd much rather have say a max range of 7km, but them be akin to a gatling gun affect. You get into close range and the USN 127s should be making the German secondaries cry. My 2 cents.
  13. Lets take this step by step. 1. Sure has a lot of HP. Also longer than an NC with 1 RUDDER. Meaning she'll likely turn WORSE than an Iowa. 2. She has less AA than an NC. Go compare the stats. I'll wait here. And you said more AA than anything afloat. Now if she got an a historical refit with 3"/50s, you'd have a point. But she has the same amount of 127/38s as Baltimore and less 20s and 40s than the NC and some more than the actual Baltimore herself. Des Moines and Minotaur laugh at Alaska. 3. Speed on par with other cruisers. Maybe on par with Baltimore and Des Moines. 4. Yes Moskova is her size but Moskova has 2 things Alaska WILL NOT HAVE. More than 1 rudder and a far better turn radius. 5. 30% thicker armor. Guess what that means. LESS OVERPENS. You're going to have the same problem Indianapolis has at tier 9. Both enough armor to really bounce anything, but plenty enough armor to get 30% pen hits all day long. 10. Reasons Graf Spee does so well with the 11s, she actually has a pretty damn big alpha strike against a lot of targets that can't stand up to 11s very well. At tier 9, most of the other cruisers unless caught flat broadside are going to hysterically LAUGH at those 12 inch guns. Sure any cruiser she catches broadside is going to have a bad day, other than that, those 12s are a joke. May as well go to the CA-D designs and use the 12 8 inch gun designs. Least they would have the DPM to knock Moskova around. Oh wait, that's the incoming Buffalo. Alaska for all her strengths as you claim, has a lot more glaring weaknesses. She does NOT belong at tier 9 by a long shot. Stick her as a tier 7 BB where those 12 inch guns would have the same affect as Scharnhorst's and Spee's 11s.
  14. So people hate static long range fights, but want to promote that by sealing off close range fights. Great idea. Cause you won't get people to close in if a BB can just trundle up to 01km qnd just rip everyone apart.
  15. If they did this, piss on DDs and it would create an even worse static long range fight because noone would want to close into close range. IMHO it was idiotic to give 10km secondaries to the Germans and Yamato.