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  1. Beanlord

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    I logged in and got a 3 pt captain, a slot, and 12200 doubs. My guess is it was the Alabama. Doesn't quite match the price in the premium shop, but it is the closest. Maybe they deducted the price of the captain and the slot. I already owned the Atlanta and Alabama.
  2. Beanlord

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Azur Lane Intro Pack

    I agree. I spent time looking for the missions, only to realize I already had them.
  3. Beanlord

    PTS 0.11.2 pt.3

    The website clearly stated that we'd receive a seasoned recruiting station containter/super crate on the live server. But when I completed the mission, I got a recruiting container on the test server. Doesn't show up under PTS rewards. Will we get our container on the live server?
  4. Beanlord

    I wanted Grimlock, you are very bady WeeGee

    I completed all the transformer missions. I only got 22 pieces of the collection and 8 duplicates. Even if I had gotten no duplicates, that would have been only 30 out of 32. I don't think you could complete the collection without buying crates.
  5. I know this has been asked before, but its time to ask again. Please remove Two Brothers from Coop. I played in a coop battle to collect the gift token, and ended up in Two Brothers in a BB. All the bots from one side of the map made a beeline for the center. All of them. Three of us spent the whole battle trying to chase down the bots, and I in the BB never got a shot at anything. Very frustrating.
  6. Beanlord

    Armada: Constellation

    For the give away: Lexington class battlecruiser 6 planned, 2 converted to CV's, 4 cancelled IGN: Beanlord Server: NA
  7. Beanlord

    PTS 0.10.6

    I'm okay with the concept of the community tokens, but you in no way made the rewards for playing the test server commensurate with what it use to be. You use to get 3 signal flags for playing a game, and 20 type 6 camo for playing 3 games. Now you get 300 tokens, and that's not even half the minimum reward. I like that you expanded the potential rewards, but you should have been able to get the minimum reward by playing a game or two to match the older system. Either add new, less expensive rewards for community tokens, or increase the number of tokens received for the activities. In my case, I think my participation on the test server will be waning otherwise.
  8. Well, there are many games (including World of Tanks) that have this option, so that players can play the way they are comfortable with. And it should be a simple task to incorporate it. I don't think my suggestion warranted your trollish response.
  9. I started playing with World of Tanks, and the controls would be reversed when going backwards. I just can't seem to unlearn that. It seems to me it would be a simple thing to provide an option that reverses the controls when going backwards.
  10. I appreciate all the replies. I just wish to point out that I don't want to prevent experienced players from playing at level 1. There are, as others pointed out, legitimate reasons. I just think you shouldn't get Heroic medals for killing bots (mostly). On the game I was in, there were 3 non-bots per side.
  11. I took a new player friend of mine into a Random game for the first time, at tier I. What we found there were a couple of very experienced players, who had top emblems and were in the upper ranked leagues. These players focused on the live players, and promptly clubbed my friend. I did only slightly better, as I was not expecting the fierce competition. But what appalled me was that they got medals for that baloney. One got a Kraken Unleashed, a Confederate, and a High Caliber. The other got a Confederate and a High Caliber. They were literally farming heroic medals at tier I. As I tried to fight one of them, I realized they had even put high level captains on their ships, and my low-point captain put me at a significant disadvantage. To my point, I think that you should not be awarded medals at tier I, especially heroic medals. I would even suggest that you shouldn't be awarded heroic medals at tiers II and III either. Seeing this cheapened the value of the medals I have earned, and totally ruined the experience for my new player friend.
  12. I had been getting my Twitch containers and missions, but I didn't receive them for Drop #4. I tried reconnecting my WG account to Twitch, but no go. I sent in a ticket as well.
  13. Beanlord

    Compensation for downtime

    I couldn't log in when this occurred, and failed to complete the German DD's part 1. I didn't see that it was extended a week. Did that happen?
  14. Beanlord

    Armada: Flandre

    And what's the deal with them raising the prices? Tier VIII ships used to come in around $47 (US) for the base package, and now they are $51.20 (US)? I mean, these digital ships are way overpriced to start with, and now they are raising the price 10%. I was kind of interested in the ship, because I like the Alsace. But between the secondary nerf and the price increase, I decided to save my money.
  15. Beanlord

    Marathon with Gifts: Real Naval Stories

    I put in the third code, but didn't get a mission. Is there a mission for the third code?