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  1. Beanlord

    PTS 0.9.2 Round 2 Errors

    Nothing in my reports folder.
  2. Beanlord

    PTS 0.9.2 Round 2 Errors

    I got the A Critical error has been occurred error. I clicked the Use the link below for support and got another error. When I returned to the game after exiting, my account was pink, for 9 battles! I tried on another computer, and the game crashed so hard I had to do a hard reboot, with the reset button.
  3. While I think Narai is the best operation, I think I did run into the bug. In one battle I fought, the lead transport ship started circling midway through the scenario, outside of the harbor. No matter that we cleared the harbor, since the lead transport never entered, we could not complete the mission. Ended in a defeat. Personally, I'd rather suffer that occasional bug and have them leave Narai in while they fix it. I'm not too hopeful that they will attend to it.
  4. I'll add my 2 cents to this topic. My clan mates usually exchange gift crates, and we bought a total of 40 mega-crates, 24 large crates, and 28 small crates (freebies). Here's what we got: 40 mega-crates; Exeter, Yahagi, 3x2000 doubloons, 2x12500 coal 24 large crates: Z-39, Exeter, Hood, 90 days of Premium 28 small crates: 2x300 doubloons, 2x2500 coal The mega-crates were downright disappointing, as were the small crates (but which were free). I know it's gambling, but the setting of the odds seemed very poor this year. You can see that in the variability of the results characteristic of low odds, where one guy got the Exeter, Hood, and Premium time from one set of 8 large crates, when everyone else pretty much got bupkis. Overall, I think we are done playing with crates, especially after the disappointment with the Puerto Rico build and locking the Xmas ship missions behind the Gorizia. I even thought the Snowflake event was pretty chintzy, with poor amounts of steel, no bonus for premium ships, and nothing for low level premium ships. i did buy a year of premium time, though, but I thought about it hard.
  5. Beanlord

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Feedback

    The public test isn't recording the battles for the main server rewards or showing the missions complete after the battle. The events page for the public test lists the event as going from 25.05 to 30.12, not 21.11-25.11.
  6. It helps if you are all on the same clan, and you are all on Discord communicating by voice.
  7. Went to try the Raid for the Filth, and of course people had to take advantage. Bad enough that the other teams were divisions, and we were not, but the other two teams were from the same guild and cooperating. They killed everyone not in the guild (that didn't flee). In my book, that's cheating. I know there's only so much WG can do, but they could at least scan for people in the same guild on different teams.
  8. I received my rewards today for playing on the public test server, for 8.7 parts I and III. Interestingly enough, the rewards for 8.7 part II were missing. I took screenshots showing that I earned the rewards. Anyone else missing the rewards for part II?
  9. Beanlord

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    The people who liked this event were people who entered in teams. Those who went in as pick-up teams hated it.
  10. Beanlord

    Premium Soviet Era Crates

    I think the spotter is interesting. And it is a premium -- trainer.
  11. Beanlord

    Premium Soviet Era Crates

    I think it is a slightly nerfed Chapy, downtiered to tier VII. Was given a fast recharge spotter plane for frequent long-range shooting. Gun reload is slower than Schorrs, though.
  12. Beanlord

    Premium Soviet Era Crates

    That is what I'll end up doing, if needed. Going to wait a few days to see if the crates come back.
  13. Beanlord

    Premium Soviet Era Crates

    The price in doubloons was much more expensive than cash. Four crates were like $18 in the store, 6000 doubloons is significantly more.
  14. I don't understand why WG took the Premium Soviet Era Crates from the Premium Shop. I needed 4 crates for the Lazo, but I'm not paying that ridiculous price in doubloons for the crates, one at a time. I ground pretty hard in the Victory event part I, and as far as I'm concerned it wasn't communicated well that the event part I was stopping before the end of the month. But regardless, why on Earth are the crates gone from the shop? Whole business left me pretty unhappy..
  15. Beanlord

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.3

    I cannot log into the PTS. Just sits there on the login screen with the little circle spinning around. Tried three computers. Verified DirectX 11 was set. Deleted my preferences.xml in the PTS directory. Nothing worked.