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  1. Beanlord

    Armada: Flandre

    And what's the deal with them raising the prices? Tier VIII ships used to come in around $47 (US) for the base package, and now they are $51.20 (US)? I mean, these digital ships are way overpriced to start with, and now they are raising the price 10%. I was kind of interested in the ship, because I like the Alsace. But between the secondary nerf and the price increase, I decided to save my money.
  2. Beanlord

    Marathon with Gifts: Real Naval Stories

    I put in the third code, but didn't get a mission. Is there a mission for the third code?
  3. Beanlord

    Armada: Habakkuk

    WG missed an opportunity here. They should have created it as the monster to be killed in one of their special events instead of the stupid hunt monsters or spaceships or what not. This would be a real world monster to destroy.
  4. Beanlord

    Marathon with Gifts: Real Naval Stories

    According to the website, the mission was supposed to provide 1,000,000 credits, an Italian crate, and 15 signals. The mission I received only gave 200,000 credits and 1 signal. What gives?
  5. I just played the Wukong, which is a requirement for Directive #3, Mission 5, option 2. The mission states: Earn 39888 XP (using the Wukong or Bajie) When I finished the battle, I was credited only for the base XP. The mission doesn't say base XP, and I think that is clearly a mistake. Usually if you play the premium ships associated with the event, the missions are very easy. But, if you think I'm going to earn 40K base xp with the Wukong, you are #^&@ nutz.
  6. Beanlord

    Flint Nerfed to Unplayable

    I guess I'll have to play my shiny steel coop ship.
  7. I just played the Flint after the release of the Captain Skills rework. It's unplayable. The 11.2 range is unusable for a tier VII ship. I went through a whole battle unable to shoot at anything. Atlanta was buffed to 13.3, which is workable. The smoke on the Flint does not compensate, especially with all the radar and hydro she has to face. I paid steel for the Flint, and I feel screwed. I can't even sell it. I want a refund...
  8. I think this was intentional, since they did something with tying the account to the server and automatically connecting to that server. This was the way it was on Public Test, too. But they really need a logout of account, without closing down the game and the game center.
  9. Beanlord

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    FYI, I see they now state that if you roll a ship you already have, you get a supercontainer containing a ship you don't.
  10. Beanlord

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    How do the Xmas containers work now. If you roll a ship that you already have, does it reroll against everything, or do you reroll until you get a ship you don't have? FYI, how do you get $4 for a Santa container? I see 12 tokens @ 0.2 per. Isn't that $2.40?
  11. Beanlord

    Premium Shop: Kriegsmarine Containers

    From the way I read the description, your odds of getting a ship actually decreases if you own some of them. Say you have a 2.5% chance of a crate dropping each one of the ships. With 4 ships available, that's a 10% chance of getting a ship With 10 crates, on average you'll get one, which cost-wise seems reasonable. But, if you already own three, when you roll one that you already own, they reroll. Not a new ship, but against all the possibilities. So, roughly speaking, your average drops for getting that last ship to 25% in 10 crates. That's not exactly correct (its slightly higher due to the probability of getting the ship you need on a reroll), but I don't feel like calculating the conditional probabilities, especially since we don't know what the actual ship drop rate is. And, if you get a ship, your odds decrease on getting a second one, and so on. So, if you own any of the ships, you shouldn't buy crates. Assuming you are hoping for ships. I use to buy crates. Not anymore.
  12. It would be nice if someone from WG would clarify if you rolled a ship that you already had, you would randomly get one you didn't, or whether you randomly get something from the list. That's a huge difference. I won't buy without knowing the answer to that. As I read the post, it sounds like the latter ... which stinks.
  13. When do we get the collaboration with the Smurfs?
  14. Beanlord

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    Nothing for me either. I claimed it before noon yesterday, and had previously been receiving Twitch drops. Tried reconnecting my account to Twitch, but nada.
  15. Beanlord

    Update 0.9.5: Dockyard

    That's the new WG policy. Compensation? Nyet!