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  1. I received my rewards today for playing on the public test server, for 8.7 parts I and III. Interestingly enough, the rewards for 8.7 part II were missing. I took screenshots showing that I earned the rewards. Anyone else missing the rewards for part II?
  2. Beanlord

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    The people who liked this event were people who entered in teams. Those who went in as pick-up teams hated it.
  3. Beanlord

    Premium Soviet Era Crates

    I think the spotter is interesting. And it is a premium -- trainer.
  4. Beanlord

    Premium Soviet Era Crates

    I think it is a slightly nerfed Chapy, downtiered to tier VII. Was given a fast recharge spotter plane for frequent long-range shooting. Gun reload is slower than Schorrs, though.
  5. Beanlord

    Premium Soviet Era Crates

    That is what I'll end up doing, if needed. Going to wait a few days to see if the crates come back.
  6. Beanlord

    Premium Soviet Era Crates

    The price in doubloons was much more expensive than cash. Four crates were like $18 in the store, 6000 doubloons is significantly more.
  7. I don't understand why WG took the Premium Soviet Era Crates from the Premium Shop. I needed 4 crates for the Lazo, but I'm not paying that ridiculous price in doubloons for the crates, one at a time. I ground pretty hard in the Victory event part I, and as far as I'm concerned it wasn't communicated well that the event part I was stopping before the end of the month. But regardless, why on Earth are the crates gone from the shop? Whole business left me pretty unhappy..
  8. Beanlord

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.3

    I cannot log into the PTS. Just sits there on the login screen with the little circle spinning around. Tried three computers. Verified DirectX 11 was set. Deleted my preferences.xml in the PTS directory. Nothing worked.
  9. Beanlord

    Mighty Prinz Campaign Step 6 - Final

    I don't think Zoup is a very good source for ships that have a high skill floor. The Krispy Kreme is a great ship, if you go to the effort to set it up. With a high level captain, it can shoot like 17km away at tier V. Doesn't do much per shot, but you can start lots of fires by sheer volume of fire. I've butchered many ships simply by out-ranging them. The PEF is much like that. You need a good captain on her. She's surprising tough, and fast. My biggest problems are she turns like a barge, and she's blind. I get torped a lot. I also find I overpen a lot, which gets annoying.
  10. I wondered if I was the only one that thought this was insane. You have to complete 40 mission chains, 3 missions each for base XP, AND you have to win the battles. That's at least 6 missions a day, and often much more, for a minimum of 20 days if you do both chains every day. Over the Xmas Holidays, where you have many other things to do. All for stinkin level 3 ship. Pass.
  11. I can definitively say I did not receive them. I had equipped all type 6 camo on my ships yesterday. After playing, I went to check to see if the rewards from the PTS were available, and they were. I was awarded 20 Type 6 camo's (10 for part I and 10 for part II), 6 of each regular signal flag (3 for part I and 3 for part II), and 5 of each special flag (for Operation Dynamo) on my main account. The check said I had earned them and I accepted. When I logged back onto my main account, the rewards were not received. I had no unassigned type 6 camos. I checked again this morning, nada. I don't think I will play on the PTS anymore. This seems to happen every release, and it gets very frustrating.
  12. Beanlord

    Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    Sorry, as I looked more closely I realized this was damage control, not repair. Nevermind.
  13. Beanlord

    Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    I had the option to put the special upgrade module Damage Control Party Modification 1 in slot 1, instead of Main Armaments Modification 1 in slot 1. I think that could take the heal up to 56%? I know your trading off that 50% survivability bonus for the main turrets for healing, but it seemed an interesting option for this squishy ship with an abundance of guns. Save the ship over save the guns. Anyone consider this?
  14. Beanlord

    Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    As a potato warrior (clan POTW), am I obligated to get the Boise?
  15. Beanlord

    0.7.7 Public Test Bug Reports

    The division lock button was gone on my GUI.