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  1. US Cruiser progression

    The NO's guns are basically a faster version of the Pensacola's. And as an enemy Neptune learned, they hit just as hard. With a full concealment build your radar range is equal to your base detection range. This is extremely useful for hunting DDs as they can't see you until it's too late. But be careful, you didn't gain much armor.
  2. US Cruiser progression

    It slowly leans back to the Cleveland with more DPM over alpha. Unfortunately the Pensacola is fairly unique with it's knockout punch on a highly maneuverable platform. However, despite loosing the sheer alpha strike, your ability to ambush nearly anything from around an island and kill it remains very high. Baltimore and Des Memes both get upgraded AP shells that give them some of the best close range performance of any cruiser. They also get bows thick enough to bounce the 15 inch shells tier 8 German, British, and French battleships. The line is also getting split soon and we may see some changes in that regard. Don't sale the Cleveland.
  3. Des Moines

    DM should have an island between it and anything with 16 inch guns or larger. You bow camp and handily win DPM contests.
  4. Des Moines

    She is one of the only ships I worry about with my Hindenburg, inside 10km that DPM gets incredible.
  5. As stated, we don't actually know.
  6. Corgi bounties

    I remember hearing the 27th as the cutoff. You do have proof, so submitting a support ticket after that time should get you your reward fairly easily.
  7. I think the french Charles Martel is a good indicator of what the Baltimore can be at tier 8. I'm interested to see what happens.
  8. I would have said Hindenburg. My second choice in Montanna, the damage doesn't come as easily as other ships. But it is probably the best cruiser killer in the game. The accuracy with the module is also very reliable for a battleship. As a bonus you also get usable AA. Something Yamato and Conqueror can't encroach on.
  9. Popped the model cherry

    It looks very nice, what grey is that?
  10. Anything that doesn't mean "unidentified dead person" is good with me.
  11. You literally drag the icon for the replay and drop it on the icon for world of warships. The game will then launch and load you into battle. Nothing gets overwritten. You can also right click the replay and chose to open it with the application "world of warships"
  12. Feels Good Man

    Those are some beautifully rounded xp numbers. Triple zeds all the way.
  13. The ships you did the missions for are not premium ships, they only have the label because there is no tree yet.