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  1. I disagree. Reduced bloom time would make a great many gunboats OP. And while there are frustrating situations where you feel you have no good options, that happens to every class. In the particular case of the blys you have decent torpedoes and good speed to fall back on. Just as a BB can fall back on a huge regenerating health pool and a cruiser can turn and burn. And everyone can camp islands if they are too close to death.
  2. Give the blys back it's stealth fire window and then we can talk Unreasonable wishes aside, this camo is beautiful.
  3. X15

    What's with all the birds?

    In another more earthly inclined WG title one can purchase a specific fishing bird to perch on their superstructure through thick and thin. Maybe we could pay for a trained companion to scare off the less desirable species.
  4. X15

    MM Balance?

    Because better players adapt and grow, thus they float over the turbulence of mediocrity in a random matchmaker, perhaps.
  5. I haven't played seriously for nearly two years for a variety of reasons. Came back with a lot of encouragement, here's what stood out to me: The sound has improved massively, hearing my ship clunk and chug is strangely immersive. Subs? Really? I'm excited. Never say never. Tier 8 is fun again. And not in a masochistic "fighting tier 10s gives more xp and skill" way. And this may be what keeps me in the game. Tier 8 has many of the most fun and unique ships, with the greatest spread of possibility and power against and beside you. A great many of the ships I have to grind are there, so I can have fun and progress at the same time. Unlike tier ten which was and is fun but bleeds cash and doesn't get you towards your next boat. Along those lines I also love the legendary modules. Having a goal for my tier tens makes playing them better. The new control system for CVs looks amazing but: (Rant warning) CVs traded overwhelming power for overwhelming irritation and boredom for everyone involved. I would say this is a product of poorly crafted risk and reward. Actions taken in and against a carrier don't feel like gameplay, they feel like an obligation. Priority sector is, in my opinion, a direct downgrade from no AA control whatsoever. An intrusive mini-game that doesn't (to me) give any meaningful reward. Doing well in a CV doesn't feel like outplaying anyone, and getting rekt by AA doesn't present you with anything to change or try differently. It's either a bad choice to move on a target or a good one. RNG makes it inconsistent but that inconsistency is itself completely consistent and thus boring as unexpected bad traffic. I suggest making AA and alpha strike potental incredibly strong but adding clouds and altitude options for the CV pilot and ship captains to exploit. Make positioning meaningful and helpful, both for the CV creating the perfect storm, and the low HP DD with one guy and a pistol who's trying to hide. So many new lines! And I feel interested in them. Good job WG. RIP my smug contentment in having "lots" of tier 10s. The model desk port is my happy place and whoever made that deserves a prize. Thank you. I especially love the wood container ship. I really like the team battle royal concept for the Halloween event. I don't like that I know exactly where and when everything spawns after three games. I'd love to see an event focused on the PvP aspect of this, preferably with our own ships. Why do steel and coal take so long to accumulate and why is there so much unique stuff locked behind it? Why is coal in particular just a glorified difficult login reward? I greatly prefer collections and campaigns where doing more than hitting the keyboard with my face matters. Speaking of hitting the keyboard with my face. Why would any sane person sit down and say: "Hmm yes let's see now, we want to reward dedicated players who have sold thousands of hours of their lives to us and ground up the tiers... By making them do it again. Yes, that's what will attract people who want a *new* or *greater* challenge that hinges on their previous hard work. And just to make sure they spent all their money we'll make them pay off the sale depreciation of their prized collection too." I may have answered my own question there. Shame on you WG. "The exact same game again but numerically harder!" is already pedestrian, you didn't even go that far. I can't express how disappointed I am in this "reward" (read: milk and punish) system. Thank you for your time.
  6. X15

    Never seen this before!

    *quack* It feels good to get a nice run, congrats.
  7. X15


    Make sure you reduce the enemy xp by 33% before you compare the two. As a former 60% player, sometimes you just lose. But there's always something to have done better, look for that and improve.
  8. X15

    What's the difference between the nations cruisers?

    I haven't played since early 2018 (until just a few days ago) but I do have the Hindenburg. So some of these is statements may actually be was statements. German cruiser line starts string with lots of guns. Until the tier 4 which is legendarily bad. Tier 5 is where they begin to come into their own as long range AP and HE spammers who happen to also carry fantastic close range tools. (the best hydro in the game, and every single one has 6km torps) Tier 7 has an odd duck with the largest caliber guns in the line. It's shells are slower but hit harder. Tier 8 has lowish DPM but really incredible AP pen, it and the tier 9 are best used ambushing the broadside of a hapless cruiser because they hit like a battleship. The tier 10 is probably the best all round / worst all round tier 10 cruiser, depending on who you ask. It was the first pick for clan wars ages ago but apparently it's been nerfed or power crept. It has a hidden talent for HE fire spam because it can put out so many fast accurate shells, can do 10-20 k AP salvos every 10 seconds. Basically the line is mostly fragile ships with fast firing, fast flying, high accuracy guns. And they all have emergency torpedoes and better hydro than any other nation. To sum up all the other lines: US: tanky, no torps, slow but heavy shells, so much radar. Russia: fire spam, some radar UK: Only AP, but it's the best. Most fragile ships in the game. have smoke and torps. French: faster Russians, but no radar Japan: sneaky with best torps, lack utility gimmicks but have strong guns.