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  1. I think you've captured the essence of the issue. Personally I prefer the idea of ships spotted by CVs only showing on the mini map. As a CV that can't spot with its planes would be an absolute nightmare to play late game.
  2. Bring back ocean as a regularly rotating map.
  3. X15

    A very good CV perspective advice video

    I highly recommend Toptier as an additional CV perspective. Thank you for sharing.
  4. X15

    Help with AP Bombers

    ^ With IJN bombers in particular you want the ship to be covered by the center horizontal line on the bomb sight, that's where they usually hit. That being said I hate the ryujo's bombers, way too much RNG.
  5. X15

    What Flag do you fly on you ships ?

    Corgi fleet and Supertest flags.
  6. X15

    Lego 20th Century Limited

    My goodness it's beautiful. Off the top of my head you could use tubing like that used on the railing to create the shape of the blade and then possibly fill in the gap with a second shorter piece.
  7. X15

    Gorizia - Nope

    I've played one battle in it and got 110k damage, it's a perfectly good damage support ship.
  8. The mission lasts at least through the new year.
  9. X15

    The ship that keeps on giving

    I've really only played the DM in clan battles but I've loved it. I'm curious what your build is.
  10. The black ships come with missions for 2500 doubloons from playing 5 battles in the regular version. They aren't a duplicate, it's an identical ship with a different name, so you don't get the full refund as you would still get from getting two of the same ship and owning every other ship on the list.
  11. I mean, you chose to get the black ships and brought this on yourself. Unless you got them for free of course, in which case you've only got something like a 1/20 chance of getting them again. And got them for free. From my perspective, you have a chance of getting extra doubloons, port slots, and free experience. Not to mention potential access to special camos like Tirpitz's Tarnanstrich, which is the same as the permanent camo but with +100% free experience tacked on. This is to your benefit. Worst case scenario if you get a duplicate: you get 2500 doubloons The best Santa crate has a chance to drop only 2000 doubloons
  12. X15

    Finally broke 200k!

    The battles with the highest damage are often the ones I paid the least attention to said damage in. Things go well and the targets keep coming. 200k is a fantastic bar to hit, I remember the first time I did it still.
  13. X15

    Game stat improvement help

    The best way I know is to play in division with level headed players who are better than yourself. Pay attention to what they see as important. Otherwise, focus fire unless you have an extremely high reward shot available, always have an escape route, know what your ship can over-match if applicable, try to create crossfire and don't get in them, put an eyeball on the mini-map whenever possible, play the same ship repeatedly but play it different every time if possible, pay very close attention to how you die and try to recreate it as the killer.
  14. X15

    Fixing AA - Creating Engagement

    I greatly appreciate the work put into this post. I would also greatly appreciate more interactive and fluid AA.