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  1. Please please never do this. Use free xp for modules or exclusive ships. Everything else is correct. And if you've been playing for long you probably have a ton of 10 point captains which you could scrap for silver and get captain XP, That's how I got my one 21 pointer.
  2. X15

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    It doesn't matter if a captain from now is "worse" in pure numbers than a captain from then. The previous captains no longer exist, and have no meta influence. The new skills are more dynamic, have more caveats. And while Deadeye exists, so does CQC. Which is a yin to deadeye's yang. Balance changes like CV CE having a disadvantage are good. Demolition/Pyro has been nerfed.* (I might me mis remembering, don't quote this) The DD skills are amazing. Fearless brawler on knife fighters? yes please. Swift in Silence for any torpedo boat ever? I'll take that. Extra Heavy AP for Russian and British DDs? Awesome. And all this plus you get to use four builds on the came captain as you rotate through ships. You can main Halsey on your Montana but train him in a sims with no performance loss or need to re train.
  3. You get a week or something of free resets. Have fun, the guides will come very quickly.
  4. X15

    Torpedo Protection Skill ...

    Well that's very good to know. I wonder how it compares to the +% torpedo damage skills.
  5. X15

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    I think it's great. You can easily use one good captain on a variety of ships. And the options available for play-style inside a class are more diverse than they once where. Did some former builds suffer? Yes. Are there new builds with greater depth and potential? Also yes. Edit: My most disliked post ever. You are all wonderful.
  6. I don't use PT on DDs outside of the french and khabab.
  7. X15

    Thunderer Build?

    I use reload. The base range is plenty, especially with your concealment level.
  8. One of the first matches I played in the Yamato was my 240k personal record for it. I had thought I was doing something wrong because there was no built in damage counter at the time. Now I look back and remember the ease of just sailing with the team and firing the guns at whatever looked good. No dev strikes or anything like that, just an honest citadel here and there.
  9. Witness me abuse the fire meta in randoms. coop is for people who enjoy any other mechanic, like citadels.
  10. Missouri and Marblehead coming up. I'll edit my post when done. [ Missouri ] [ 33.1 big speed ] [ 23.6 tipsy speed ] [ 1:37.55 ] [ 1:37.60 ] [ 1:38.00 ] [ 1:37.82 ] [ 1:37.70 ] [ Missouri part deux ] [ 33.1 ] [ 23.7 ] [ 1:38.02 ] [ 1:37.63 ] [ 1:37.62 ] [ 1:37.57 ] [ 1:37.74 ] [ Marblehead ] [ 34.1 ] [ 26.8 ] [ 52.47 ] [ 52.52 ] [ 52.13 ] [ 52.43 ] [ 52.62 ] 
  11. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/42 TL;DR: yes
  12. You can now run out of flags faster than ever with no detriment to competitive builds. This allows players like myself who would prioritize game-play over economy to go wild with flags, especially in clan or ranked battles which I play faster than I earn dragon flags. Purely coincidentally you can also buy all the flags?
  13. It's probably like that to encourage players to run out of flags while getting hooked on their power. Making 45,000 or more combined xp per game is fun and essentially removes any grind.
  14. X15

    The 40k ship...

    The bundle gives missions, not straight up crates. I have mine and I've gotten 4 of the 10 crates so far.
  15. X15

    Does WG ever do repeat events?

    Hard to say. The goodies from said events are usually made available later. And sometimes the event is repeated, like in the case of Halloween or the hunt for Bismarck. But the april fools events haven't come back around yet, to my knowledge.