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  1. Atago is a very capable ship, It doesn't rely on a gimmic or good maps to do well. The players in them tend to be quite solid as well from my experience. Takao players are usually pretty terrible tho, watch out. (at least from my experience in previous ranked seasons, closer to the Takao's gifting)
  2. My answer was: And then I said why two of your presented options where, in my opinion, wrong. There is nothing that says I must agree with you or only ever list the ships I think fit your category. You gave me the right to question your list by posing it here with the question: "Most difficult 'solo' ship to excel at....high tier...." And so to reiterate, I think there isn't one. You pulled stats when you said my opinion was wrong because you have more battles. I'd argue that my battles are higher quality and display a better functional knowledge of the game. And even so, number of battles is a red herring, you asked my opinion not my pedigree. I am unsure why you think I feel embarrassed, unless it's for you. I put my answer to your question out and you're replying ad hominem rather than ignoring me or stating why you disagree. You have yet to say why you think Moskva or Ibuki are bad solo. And I suspect it's because you see them as fragile and unwieldy, likely in need of spotting assistance or smoke cover. Which I'm still guessing is because you don't know how to work their concealment properly. And I don't mean buying the modules and having the captain skill.
  3. I have every right to judge your opinion and measure is against my own experience. Otherwise you wouldn't have posted it for review on the forum where, by definition, we discuss things. And don't play the stats game with me, please.
  4. I play almost exclusively solo and personally I think there aren't any bad ships to do it with. And out of this list only NO is hard to solo. Moskva has almost no effective increase of power in a division, there just isn't anything more to do. And Ibuki is almost the definition of a good solo play ship: concealment, good guns, torpedoes, basic utility. Your choice of ships leads me to believe you have trouble abusing the concealment mechanics, work on that and your perspective will likely change.
  5. Really good noobs?

    100 battles can simply be good luck
  6. Which cruiser should I get next?

    Taken from the public test notes.
  7. Which cruiser should I get next?

    If you think York is bad for a normal player, Hipper is much worse. Tho they are buffing it. Playing York more like a french ship, spamming HE at range and AP only for up close cruisers, you'll do fairly well. It has extra slow AP shells unlike the rest of the line.
  8. Farragut would be my choice. Probably the best cap contesting boat in it's tier.
  9. They struggle with angles much more than USN shells, but they are perfectly capable of damaging any broadside.
  10. Back when I was very new I would turn broadside to torpedo squads in my Wyoming, thinking it put more guns on target. If you use Ctrl to move your mouse and click on the gears above the mini-map you can enable AA ranges and see your auras.
  11. Pretty sure that video was made with irony in mind.
  12. Probably won't get port slots from it. I remember people being mad when you couldn't sell them and the counter argument being they don't use any. I won't sell mine because collect em all. I would be very pleased if we got compensation for earning the ships twice.
  13. G. Kurfurst vs. Moskva

    This isn't apples and oranges, this is spaghetti and socks. Do you like fires and long range? Moskva. Do you like brawls and random citadels? Sausage. The correct answer is obviously Hindenburg.
  14. I think mains are silly. There's also the evasive maneuver skill for CVs which slows your planes considerably upon activation.
  15. The DPM increase will likely bring the average damage of the ship up by only a thousand or two. Rudder shift is fairly arbitrary on most ships. Stock BBs and Khabarovsk hurt the most from it imo, otherwise fairly moot.