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  1. It wasn't, but at least you feel like you contributed. Congratulations.
  2. So you ignore what is said, prop up your strawman, take a few swings, toss out an insult, and then say you don't actually care. I don't understand people like you. There's an opportunity to engage in constructive discussion and instead you choose to use multiple logical fallacies. My suggestions don't impact you at all. They leave everything as it currently is if you choose. Yet that isn't good enough. Instead you insist that everyone adheres to your view of how things should be done. Is it any wonder there are so few people who visit these forums and why the game population is declining when this is what people who are interested in the game get hit with when they voice a dissenting opinion.
  3. The uneven match is between CVs and ships, not the two separate teams. Nice personal attack though, 1/10.
  4. As a pilot- I don't like carriers as a pilot because the only real skill needed is turning. Yes there is the need to pick the right target and approach, but the same applies with ships. Once an attack is determined then the only way to mitigate the defense is by turning to avoid flak. And it's just not fun. The attacks are mostly weak and take the entire battle to accumulate decent damage. I've never enjoyed kiting in games and that's what flying planes feels like in WoWS... kiting. Scouting the enemy is interesting but once everything has been spotted then the rest of the match is just trying to have enough patience to pick the right attacks and wait for the right openings. As a captain- When I play my ships I don't like carriers because the only thing I can do to change how the pilot is attacking is to stay tight with a few other ships and hope they play how I want to play the match. It's very frustrating to be near the end of the fight, have a chance of winning, and then die to enemy aircraft because I've lost most of my AA and health. They come at me with most of a squadron and all I can do is try to time the O mash. All of the joy and sense of accomplishment I've gained in the fight is gone the moment the planes carry out their attack. I don't like how planes can keep me spotted but I usually play so that there is some kind of terrain nearby or I'm at far enough range I can dodge some shots. I think it's rather silly that planes get to dominate the view of the battlefield with no counter. At least with DDs I can block their LoS or have them react to my movements. I don't like that carriers are essentially immune to plane attacks causing them to almost always be the last ship alive for their team far in the back dragging out the match. Ultimately I don't like either playing carriers or fighting against them. I wish there was a mode where planes were strong and I could blow up PVE ships with a squadron attacking all at once instead of three flights. I want the power that planes had over ships in the war but I realize that can only happen against bot targets. Which is fine with me because flying planes isn't pitting skill against skill so a victory against players is the same as a victory against bots. I'd also like a game mode where there are no carriers and I can fight other ships using the same rules for all of the units in the battle. Where I can use terrain, distance, and manuever to get an advantage over my opponent. Where skill actually has value. I've never understood the people who insist ship captains should be forced to fight against planes. Why force an uneven match where one side has a clear advantage? It's like scattering a few pro's across an intramural sports league. Even if there is a pro on each team most of the players won't have much fun because the pros have the advantage. It would make far more sense to have a league with no pros for the folks who just want to have fun. If I could pass one thing on to the devs it would be to implore them to provide a ship only mode and a mode designed for powerful aircraft to attack bots. I would use both modes and I think a lot of other players would too. To keep random interesting I would increase the XP and credit payout by a significant amount. Then people could choose what activity best suits their goals whether it's ship fighting, grinding through a line, or flying planes. Provide an indicator for wait times so people can factor that into their decision for which que to drop into.
  5. You can't run anything that costs credits. I'll use the cheap paint job but that's it when it comes to co-op. Generally I just break even and use the premium ships to make credits. WG is convinced the way to make money is force players into random and PVP. I wish they could see the potential of PVE and how it would open wallets far more than PVP. If leveling was faster in PVE then I'd be more likely to purchase premium ships to complement the ships I use. When it takes a very long time to level up then I'm not going to put money into a lot of premium ships because I just won't use them. It's almost as if WG doesn't want co-op players to enjoy the game.
  6. There is no middle ground. That's why so many dislike planes. There are multiple replies explaining how there are no skilled counter to planes and only one counter at all. Planes are unique and have an innate advantage over ships. Either planes are dominant like we have now or ship AA is dominant. There is no other way this can work.
  7. The problem with CVs is if the pilot is having fun then the ship captains are not. It's also vice versa since they can't actually balance the interaction. It's not that people don't want pilots to enjoy the game, it's just that people don't want to sacrifice their fun so that pilots can be happy. Why should I play a ship just so the guy in the planes can do whatever he wants while I have to put up with whatever he's doing? Unfortunately there's just no middle ground between ships and planes. Which is why I talk about new modes without planes in them for people who prefer ship fighting and still offer the current mode for people who aren't bothered by planes.
  8. It's probably not though. WG seems content to have CVs in the game and seem to of moved on to other things. Which is a big reason I quit posting and playing for a while. WG doesn't care about player opinion when it comes to CVs.
  9. In real life, yes, but not in the game. Which is what I clearly stated so please at least keep up. If you really want to go with the real life examples then you'd have to admit CVs and planes are the single biggest evolution in naval combat and completely altered the way naval forces fought and are developed. Ships have no chance against planes which makes for a very boring game if you like ships.
  10. Not really though. In the game they are just floating airports instead of ships of war. We could have the exact same result with an off map spawn point and a target bouy that disappears after a set amount of damage.
  11. There is no balance between planes and ships. It didn't happen in the real world and it can't happen in the game world. They are just too far apart in how they operate to be competitive in the same battlespace. And I just said where the modes are stopped. It's based on the mechanics of the units being added to the game. When a unique mechanic is added like ships, planes, or subs then that mechanic has a high potential of not being able to be balanced with other units. If that proves to be true then there needs to be an option for ship players to have a mode without that mechanic. It's World of Warships, not World of Combined Arms Fleet Battles. They need to have at least one mode that lets warships fight warships. They can always have combined arms fleet battles as well, but not everyone plays this game for that type of fight.
  12. I say CVs caused the drop because we can see the numbers change in direct relation to the CV rework rather than release of more HE ships. Perhaps you could compare numbers to spam ships and make a correlation, I just haven't seen it yet. And the answer to the "where do they stop with new modes" argument is it depends on the interaction. Ships interact with ships using the same mechanics. Planes interact with ships in a completely different mechanic. Subs appear to also have a unique mechanic. While I would love to be able to select which opponents I face based on which ship I'm playing the reality is that will dilute the population too much. The ship types have an odd balance, but it is balanced. There is no balance between ships and planes which is why they need to be split out. I assume subs will have similar issues thus making them a unique unit like planes and requiring them to be kept out of the ship mode.
  13. Except a lot of CV players will be in the CV mode instead because they just enjoy flying planes and it would be far more fun in that mode than in the PVP mode. The end result would be people still in random, a lot of people in the ship only version, and a high number of CV players in the new plane version. What's interesting is you seem to think it's fine to force a lot of people to play a mode they don't enjoy rather than have a few people with a longer load time because most players would rather play something else. You are basically making my argument for having more modes.