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  1. Just finished a round in Arms race and i think i set a new personal record for myself. Highest number of citadels in a single battle https://gyazo.com/e3538ed8d226c1674d2c6ffd76f33752 28 citadels. all against 2 other Minotaurs and 2 Neptunes. Gotta say, i'm loving this mode and the level of aggression i can get away with
  2. cfedler

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    As someone who has and loves the Atlanta as a sneaky Destroyer hunting machine, i can't help but drool over the Belfast. She's an upgrade in almost every conceivable way. and in the ways she's not, They're minor enough compared to her upgrades that she's Totally worth it. The ONLY major downside is that i haven't finished training a captain for her on my Warspite yet
  3. Alright. I can see that. I'm about to Re-spec the captain(thanks to the sale price) so i figured i would ask for some input. Thanks mouse
  4. Mouse, what do you think about taking the Torpedo Acceleration Skill on the Marblehead. With it's high range but slow speed, i feel like that skill helps the torpedoes become slightly more useable. Thoughts?