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  1. cfedler

    Goodbye WoWS

    Because i've been Keeping an Eye on this Topic and the Discussion, I want to make a few things about my Original post Clear. 1) This Post was to Wish the Game and the Community That i Enjoyed The best, in the hope that The rest of you can Keep enjoying the Game, not to criticize the viability of subs in the game 2) I am not trying to make comments on how good or Bad subs will me. Even in my Post i admitted that they Might do it Right, and Subs might be made to Fit in and be balanced. 3) My reasons for quitting is that this is the broken Promise that broke the Camels Back. There have been Dozens of others, but this was my last straw. The only other is that Even WG admited that Subs were not designed or built to fit into this style of naval combat. They were Convoy Harassment and Raiding Ships. And that's pushing the Historical realism too far for My personal Taste. I Have personal Reasons, and I hope that those who stay can Keep enjoying this Game, and i wish the Best to you All. So Fair winds and Following Seas Captains o7
  2. cfedler

    Goodbye WoWS

    I appologize if i came off that Way. I did not mean to rub it in people faces or for WG to take my opinion as more important than any others. My only intent was to say goodbye to the Game and the community. But not only do i understant where you're coming from, i agree with you. So right after i post this reply i will be editing my post to remove that Comment. Again, Fair well and following seas Captain o7
  3. cfedler

    Goodbye WoWS

    I picked Today because I wanted my last game to be with a friend who is very rarely on. It was more important to me to have it with them than on the say subs actually arrive
  4. cfedler

    Goodbye WoWS

    I know this Won't amount to Anything. I know that WG won't care, and that 99.9% of players won't Care. But This is my Goodbye letter to World of Warships. I've been playing since Open Beta, and i've loved this game through Thick and Thin. I've spend hundreds of hours on this Game, and it's been an absolute blast. But Now that i've finished my last bit of business with a Friend, i'm Saying Goodbye. And my reasons can be summed up with exactly one word. Submarines. I know they're controversial, and a hotly debated topic, but I have a Simple Take. WG, you said there wouldn't be subs. You've been promising that since Early Development. But you Broke it. You know that the historical role of Subs isn't one that necessarily fits in your game, but you're doing it anyway. I know you may do it right, and I know that there are many people that will enjoy them. But i'm not one of them. And I will not play your game as long as you have them in it. So i bid you farewell. And to the Community, Thank you for the Fun, The Memories, and the Joy each and every player has given to me, and to this game. So From Cfedler, i bid you a Bittersweet Goodbye
  5. I Do that, but i made my post to hopefully make others think before they speak, so that the community will be less toxic, and more open and fun. At least that's the idea
  6. I was just playing around in a match when 2 nelsons on my flank turn around and run. And then that side fell into chaos. When i called them out on it, One of them decided to rant at me, telling me to STFU, Uninstall, Telling me that my win-rate sucks, Etc. And then he hit the sore spot, that's the focus of this post. Here's the screenshot of what he said, and my reply https://gyazo.com/4d204050943eef81445e21a15fe21fb6. My clan is my Friends , and we play together, just having some fun and enjoying time. And this guys thinks that because my Clan isn't Known or Respectable That I'm not respectable and and Idiot. Like Seriously? Because i spent my money to help my friends get in a clan so we could all get some bonuses, I need to uninstall? It was bad enough that another player on my team commented on the Cancer. He then posted this https://gyazo.com/22847af19c0a89099278eea448d3da05. Because having that much good karma Totally gives you the right to be an a*****e. So yeah, Please don't hit on other players because you're part of an super clan, or because mine doesn't do much besides have fun. All it ends up showing is how little you care about having fun Edit: For everyone saying to blacklist that person, This post wasn't meant to just be me ranting, this was mainly meant to show others how not to act, and to try to make the community better for everyone, not just clan members
  7. Just finished a round in Arms race and i think i set a new personal record for myself. Highest number of citadels in a single battle https://gyazo.com/e3538ed8d226c1674d2c6ffd76f33752 28 citadels. all against 2 other Minotaurs and 2 Neptunes. Gotta say, i'm loving this mode and the level of aggression i can get away with
  8. cfedler

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    As someone who has and loves the Atlanta as a sneaky Destroyer hunting machine, i can't help but drool over the Belfast. She's an upgrade in almost every conceivable way. and in the ways she's not, They're minor enough compared to her upgrades that she's Totally worth it. The ONLY major downside is that i haven't finished training a captain for her on my Warspite yet
  9. cfedler

    Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    Alright. I can see that. I'm about to Re-spec the captain(thanks to the sale price) so i figured i would ask for some input. Thanks mouse
  10. cfedler

    Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    Mouse, what do you think about taking the Torpedo Acceleration Skill on the Marblehead. With it's high range but slow speed, i feel like that skill helps the torpedoes become slightly more useable. Thoughts?