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  1. I mean yeah I'd be mainly looking for a clan that can teach me how to clanbattle effiiciently and open to learning Cruiser/DD gameplay if needed. I think my focus will definitely be on clan battles and playing with a decent group of people, waiting for the recruiters to message me back though; Rough night since the superbowl and all.
  2. Just started getting back into the game as I go on hiatus from time to time on the game but not gaming in general. This time I really like the CV rework and am genuinely enjoying my time; things I couldn't say before. I grind maybe 50-100k exp everyday for the past week and feel its time to look for a clan to join, only have 1 t10 but am open to grinding for others; Am looking for decent teachers of the game. Have all voice communication methods with a pretty good setup/mic. Only downside to me is that I only have Republique in my opinion and my stats aren't insane but they are probably above average.