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  1. .... I did say co-op mode no? Random i see it fine co-op not so much. Think its because people are more non nonchalant so not as aware... Pink does restrict you so you cannot use other battle modes it even says so and wouldn't let me select anything but co-op for two games Well no duh but i've seen people seem to be more purposely driving in to torps on co-op unlike random where people seem to see them and slow down even when aimed well ahead or even out of there area. Again in random i don't have such a problem unlike co-op its odd. My stance is still the same. FF in co-op is pointless after the intial tiers if you want my honest opinion. I can understand the whole you need to understand FF mechanics then ok do that in random since that is the real deal. Co-op you don't even get a full team like random and less money and exp. Again this is for CO-OP not random which is fine as is. So why should co-op still have FF? not the other game modes just co-op.
  2. Really there is no point of having FF on in co-op... Got some of the most dumbest players in there and they either don't avoid you or are aware of their suroundings or just don't care and ram you and/or run into your torps even when you warn them. Never turned pink in Random battle because people are watching where others are and torps but when i go into a co-op its like the dumb switch is stuck...REally need to remove that from the co-op and the penalty is being stuck in co-op where my freaken penalty came from... Get rid of FF in co-op