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  1. *sigh* 17 Fires

    Current fire chances. imbalance, and HE debates aside. I'm finding the following modules are helping me prevent my Iowa BB and my Cruisers from being metal funeral pyres in the current patch metagame. Repair Work skill on BB is a given. Fire is less of an issue for cruiser for me than BB but that's debatable. Mods 1. Damage Control Mod 1, -5% chance of fire, -3% chance to Flood 2. Damage Control Mod 2, -15% to fire and flood repair time Commander Skills 1. Basics of Survivability -15% to repair of modules, fire and flooding recovery 2. High Alert, -10% to Damage Control Party 3. Fire Prevention at tier 5, -7% chance of fire (Don't have this yet but I will soon for Iowa) Total reduction in chance of fire is 12% lower, not sure if the math calc on this overcomes an enemy with Pryomania or not. I think the bigger the caliber of HE the greater the fire chance. Total fire burn time reduced by 30%, doesn't matter if its 1 fire or 4 fires, unless a fire is refreshed it's a flat 30% reduction in the burn damage total For BB's shaving off 25 seconds from Damage Control team ( R key ability) is huge when combined with Repair Work Skill I use the following rules with fire on a BB or Cruiser with this setup. Am I on fire? Yes. Is it one fire? Yes... let it burn out. Is it two or more fires? Yes, use damage control party. Is it two or more fires and damage control party on cooldown? Keep fighting, let it burn completely out. Use BB repair ability every time it's up, no sense sinking with 3 charges left on repairs. Yeah it's not a true counter to the current fire craziness but it really helps, especially with BB's. My destroyers have such a fast damage control party cooldown that fire isn't nearly as bad. Carriers on fire all the time? Yeah check your tactics. The best fire prevention on a carrier is a fighter squadron. -Gat
  2. Hitbox,Pyromaniac and Edge of Map

    My 2 cents here, I have gotten citadels in the bow and the aft but usually only on Cruiser or Larger targets and I had to really aim low on the water line. With that said when I do citadel especially in the front I can usually get a magazine hit for huge effect. Problem with bow and stern is they are tiny angled targets and AP tends to bounce, for the big boys like Iowa and Yamato that have a huge submerged bow "dome" it's easier to pull off but you need a mid to short range shot at 10k or less for the angle to pen correctly. With this said however, the bow and aft armor is usually far thinner than anywhere else making it easier punch through the citadel armor layer once past the hull plates. On the broadside shots with AP with anything cruiser or larger you really have to aim low on the waterline for shots to get under the belt armor. Usually the round needs to hit the water first for it to work on BB's . Having a 90 degree impact and a big enough gun to punch through the target is a factor too. But it's far easier to score a broadside citadel than the bow or stern. The best chances for the waterline citadels from my experience is point blank or out to about 10k depending on the shell trajectory. Flatter is better. It's ok if 8 out of 9 shots penetrate only water and sealife. The one "golden bb" that connects with the citadel will make up for it. The other way is to go "over the rail" to clear the top of the belt armor but not hit the superstructure which will strip AP jacket off the round and explode like a very weak HE round for minimal damage. The over the rail shot is trickier to pull off than a bow or stern in my opinion because you need about a 45 degree down angle impact and catch a weak fold in the Citadel inner armor a few feet below the deck armor. Also consider your gun, I am reluctant to attempt AP citadel shots with anything less 200mm in caliber. While I have AP citadel punched a BB in my sims and Fletcher, the resulting crit bonus was about 5k or so compared to the monster 14k citadels from any gun in the 300mm plus range. Warships are like giant layed cakes with all the Citadel filling buried in the middle and usually well below the water line. As for pyromania skill, kinda fun/useful if you have guns with really high rates of fire. Atlanta Prem ship and American destroyers seem to benefit the most. Anything else and i prefer torpedo detection or advanced firing for what it gives you in the big picture. -Gat
  3. Hey guys thanks for the feedback. Helps confirm that it is indeed server side suspected. I'm good with it as this is a closed beta. The game remains completely playable. Evo-coot, yeah I wouldn't be surprised if they deploying an artificial stress "anchor" and I have seen other dev projects in beta where a huge number of server, client, and network debug captures are turned on to analyze performance but ironically degrade performance. I think this may be what we are seeing because World of tanks is not in beta and I get smooth 40 ms replies from the Tank servers in the same datacenter as ships. Guardian, cool on the info about the patch being the start of this. Confirms what I am seeing too. Guessing netcode changes and new debug tools were added with 0.3.1. Sandman, yeah I hear you on the Lag warning light. Mine flashes off and on with the ping jumping from 60 ms to 90 ms when it does it. My ship kinda stutter steps too, learned to fire in between the lag spikes to make sure the shots don't get thrown off by the delay. I guess all the virtual water being displaced by all these Battleship swarms is too much for the servers. Nerf debugs! -Gat
  4. Ok just ran a mostly clean game after a really long queue wait. Thanks AlternateRouge, I would not have fired up another game and noticed the lag spike free game. Saw some mini spikes at the end of the match when the action got heavy. Since this is non peak hours for North America with a player count of 1000 on-line it may just be that the NA servers hosting WowS are just getting saturated during peak times. -Gat
  5. Curious, do you login into the North America CBT server or EU? Not sure if there is an Asia server in Closed Beta right now is there? -Gat
  6. Greetings North American Closed Beta Captains, I was visiting my brother for a Lan party last weekend in Colorado(the state not the Battleship!) on his questionable ISP connection. I was noticing Warships had constant minor lag spikes at almost predictable 1-3 second intervals regardless of what I was doing. Got back home to Dallas,Texas on my rock solid 125 meg pipe and the same exact lag mini spikes are occurring. Even late at night when I'm getting 5 on 5 MM games and server pop is low. It's not un-playable, just a mini-freeze for about 150-200 ms that throws your aim and rudder off. After watching a few of my Iowa 16 inch shells grossly miss the mark and a near miss torpedo explode for full damage effect on my sims, I fired up wire shark and started staring at the network packets. Noticed a couple of key factors. (Going network gearhead mode for a second) 1. Warships is run on the same NA Datacenter as Worldoftanks, no surprise there. The World of Tanks Client ran smooth and clean in my AMX90 and E-50M tanks even at full speed in a 15 on 15 match. Jump back to Warships and the lag spike behavior is the same. 2. Noticed that there is a world server and game server ip address I'm talking to while playing Warships, both IP's showed a nice steady predictable 60 ms ping rate over about 30 seconds sampled. A trace route from my PC to the world and game server IP address showed a clean path too with about 14 router hops. 3. In Wireshark I noticed no packets were dropped during an entire warships match. So I don't think it's drop and re-send a missed string of UDP game packets. Any of the old school Quakeworld guys out there can tell you how much fun dropped and re-sent network UDP packets were. Losing your gib packet, falling quietly to the ground as a rocket hits you, 3 seconds later your body explodes into meat chunks as your "gib" packets finally arrives out of sequence. While it would be funny to see a spread of torpedoes magically hit your ship to no effect only to explode 4 seconds later, I'm not seeing this kind of weirdness in WOWS 4. UDP traffic from the game server to me was predictable at about 266 to 500 byte packet length average per transmit. (Server telling what all the other ships are doing) UDP traffic from me to the game server was not surprising much smaller at around 40 bytes per transmit. (Me telling the server what I am doing) With this data gathered I'm fairly certain this is not network connection related as far as the network pathing goes. It started for me with the most recent major 0.3.1 patch about 2-3 weeks back. Perhaps it's client/server netcode related or perhaps something being sent out of sync in the UDP packets. Anti Aim bot change being too aggressive maybe? I've asked in multiple games if anyone else is noticing the mini lag chop every 1-3 seconds and confirmed just about everyone is seeing it. Which brings me to the point of this fun stroll down network debug lane. Is anyone NOT seeing this lag mini stutter issue? As in the ping and lag meter isn't flashing the "Lag" warning text in a game every 3 seconds or so? If so what are you using for firewall and desktop O/S? I'd like to know what magic network butter you have applied to your patch cable to smooth out the "pogo" effect I'm seeing in game. For the record I have my windows 8.1 firewall turned off and I'm running a newer Linksys router/firewall. Locally no graphics issues with a healthy 50-60 fps. It could be something goofy on my side firewall wise. I'm going to try allowing my PC to get a public IP next and bypass my router/firewall next to confirm my linksys router isn't mangling a packet. Thoughts? -Gat