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  1. Dear Wargaming, I understand you desire to make money and you are utilizing methods that are popular for making money. Lootboxes, encouraging activity through progressions, and other methods. However, as a collector of ships and not necessarily an active player (I have a job that keeps me away), I believe I could speak for others like me when I suggest that you allow premium ships to be sold on the premium shop. Punishing players who are unable to complete objectives with new premium collectable vessels is, in my opinion, showing a lack of understanding to the players themselves. In that prospect, if your objective is to push those players away from the game and attract more active players who will be more easily suggestable to those methods, I believe you have been successful. Some part of me, however, does not believe that is your objective. I encourage you to reconsider your approach towards premium ships. Thank you.
  2. Drakomis

    The Ohio

    Thanks folks for the answers! I'll bide my time then. Maybe it'll pay off.
  3. Drakomis

    The Ohio

    Just a quick question. For us Collectors who don't want anything to do with the research bureau (since obviously that negates the purpose of collecting), can you answer if the Ohio will be made premium to buy? I'm a truck driver so I'm usually only home one to two days per week, don't have time for events, and usually try to play as often as I can when home unless doing something else like house work or truck work. I'm curious if you'll put the Ohio up for premium so I can add it to my collection. Thanks for any answers, Drakomis
  4. Drakomis

    A little late there WEEGEE

    No, no, that was for the recruitment *as* a pumpkin. So the event is still taking place, as far as I understand. I think... Also didn't you kill me a minute ago? You were a good player! I recognize that badge.
  5. Hopefully I'll achieve your level of understanding one day, then!
  6. Oh right! I was worried it might of been someone else, but yes. I hated how they turned that off. Honestly until the toxicity, it was *hilarious*.
  7. Um...did you quote the right person there? Also lmbo.
  8. Drakomis

    Is Crocosaur better than Scorpioid?

    I don't specifically know of any advantage between the two. As far as aesthetics go, if you're into moving parts, Scorpioid is for you! Lot's of moving parts. If you're into a sort of horror-lifelike skin, then the Crocosaur. I chose the crocosaur myself, and I didn't regret it. Very cute girl she is! The commander in the deal was a nice addition too.
  9. I believe it more selfish for the potato to want all better players to leave the game. Then, the game dies. If all "unicum" players leave, there is no publicity, there is only toxicity. There is no one there setting the standard for behavior or proper standards. The newbies come in, charge away, ruin the forums, ruin the game - then you get what happened to World of Tanks when they basically banned chat to both sides. I was around when that happened, and it was ugly, and I'd hate to see that crap here.
  10. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify your statement and I apologize for that misunderstanding. I can dutifully respect your point of view as someone who has invested far more time than myself, but from my perspective while the missions and events may come (I typically earn three containers per day and usually go for resources anyway), it is quite a grind with containers alone. As mentioned in previous posts on this subject or related to it, missions themselves offer substantial coal amounts as rewards. I often than not find myself unable to complete them due to my specific playstyles (I'm usually a BB buff so I miss out on some missions). Even then, perhaps I'm just not as good as a player as you? I'm happy to accept that, I want to improve and I try to, but I don't force it. As stated previous, this is a game for fun, and as mentioned in a prior reply, I do not play competitively. Concerning your reply, I think I'll try to spend some time to actually concentrate on missions. I appreciate you pointing out that perspective to me.
  11. More often than not. Usually when I play the game now I'm doing two to three things at once (I run a Star Trek simm and other community roles elsewhere), so I like to watch and occasionally observe different playstyles of other players. However typically it's usually seeing someone derp and having a good laugh. I try to keep quiet unless I was particularly invested in the affair.
  12. Oh hey, thanks for the reply. I can assure you I'm not generalizing, what you're speaking to is two sides of a very wide spectrum. I congratulate you for your efforts and your contributions, but for you yourself stated the very problem but from an opposite point of view. You mention casuals, I mentioned elites, and generally there is something to point out that justifies my statement. In your last comment, you basically state that if I'm not playing competitively, I need to not be playing (should not). Your statement and viewpoint is similar to the one that I am against. I can attest I play to support my team (play for fun, help everyone else have fun), but I am not a competitive player. I will never be a competitive player. With all due respect, if that irks you at the end of the day and you genuinely have that attitude because I'm a casual player, then perhaps you deserve it. But if I am misunderstanding that perspective, I apologize.
  13. That's.....well, I may have misunderstood a few things (and no, COAL isn't easy to acquire for some of us with time constraints) but you generally restated everything I did. Were you trying to counter the statement or agreeing with it? :P
  14. I appreciate that, haven't had trolls here in a while, so I wouldn't worry. Maybe a few years ago but only recently has the forum seemed rather friendly to discourse. Ergo, my wall of words.
  15. As a long term player who plays for fun, it was those competitive players that drove me away the first time. Just like in World of Tanks, they seek to gain "recognition" and by doing so, squander the fun from the game for their marks. All it takes is one movement and a group of people become focused on ruining the fun for everyone else, either by complaining that a mechanic disables their ability roflstomp lower-skilled players by giving the lower-skilled players an advantage, or in this case, what you're complaining about. **I don't disagree that the game needs to have more incentives for better play**, but surprise, it already does. In the form of ships that you can only purchase with coal, for example, something I'm just not good at aiming for apparently either with time constraints or because I may not be particularly good at something. They also introduced the research tree so you can go back up your line and get bonus skills to your ships. As far as I have noticed, they've done a plethora of amazing additions that specifically cater to players like you. So where does that leave players like me? We're not interested in that research crap, we worked too hard attaining our present ships and I (as a collector) want to retain them. We play too casual for us to be considered an expert player, and believe you me the snob-nosed culture of elite players is absolutely cancerous and I despise it with a passion (simply because I can't do something you exclude me from thought, shame on you), I'm not too dedicated to go anything with Ranked - sometimes I'll try - or clan battles, and in particular I play to support the game for its awesome documentaries and focus on educating the public to support local ship monuments. I'm not your elite player, I'm a casual player, and perhaps I'm uniquely casual due to my interests and desire to have that fun, but in particular I believe everything Wargaming has done has been fantastic. Where does that leave my opinion on skilled players leaving? I think it's a good thing. The ones that do leave are usually the ones who are alarming vocal about cursing other players for their lack of skill. Good, that's one less person I have to worry about shaming me because I play for fun (mind you, I play according to my ship roles, not derp-style). Just because I miss a shot at 20km doesn't give them the right to blame me for the defeat on the team. Alternatively, it also grants the newer players a chance to shine and not be under such a horrible, horrible system of hazing. New blood is always good, and I think it's great. What about the elite players, like Noster and The Mighty Jingles, who educate and give support? Now here, here is where I draw the line. For players like this, *yes*, if they start leaving, we need changes. If these players who are dedicated to educating, entertaining, and providing wonderful communities for us to reside in leave, we need changes. I disagree we need changes if it's the ones who leave who don't care, who just want to win, who run over people like me to get there - let new blood take your place and I pray they're better behaved! But for the actual good, wonderful, top players who show support or at the very least can keep their opinions respectful? Changes, I say, are necessary. And that's the difficult part, identifying them. You've suggested two parts of an established community, one part I'm of for being long-term (not to mention the beta testers here!), the other that has a visible schism in it from the amount of cancer it permits to grow. I believe the changes in wargaming are encouraging a newer generation of good/great players to rise, who can appreciate that community, but at the same time if we can identify through this process the necessary ways to show respect to the residing community members who are good, who are a positive influence, then I am all for it. TL;DR Don't care that the elite, edgy, crybabies are leaving - their presence absolutely is a detriment to this game. I do care if the positive influences like Noster, The Mighty Jingles, and equally unpublicised and positive influences with skill do start leaving. I like the changes, but from a casual perspective. I am a long-time player who only left because of the elite cancer, came back when it drifted away, and I don't want it back. I support wargaming primarily because they encourage community, real-life preservation in historical efforts and offer youtube educational documentaries and am happy to continue to do so, and I don't want that focus to change. Apologies for any offense stated, I am not aiming to offend, simply aiming to offer my opinion.