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  1. I use Windows 10 and I don't stutter, unless a lady walks in the room.
  2. 1FingerSalute Plays a mix of cruisers (excellent), battleships (excellent) and destroyers (excellent) Deals a large amount of damage Often finishes damaged enemies Extremely often uses torpedoes (when in ships that have them) Key vehicle - Texas I just love that Texas!! And I'm usually grinding coin.
  3. I won't lie... I LOLed
  4. Yea it was great.... nothing like taking massive waves of torps from your own team mates while you tried to cap. Edit: 1st hand experience by the way, twice.
  5. Momma said Kitikami is da devil!
  6. LOL golden! This should be a required watch for all!
  7. I spent too much time with the World of Tanks community...
  8. My guess is that those scenes were rendered frame by frame, doubt that level of detail could be achieved real time. Edit: Yet
  9. "Ever have a game where you feel like you didn't do much?" ​Yes! Every game that a competent CV Captain decides I need to die first.
  10. Just gonna leave this here....http://counsellingresource.com/features/2016/02/01/illeism-and-narcissism/
  11. I had one several weeks ago, first I'd seen since Beta.
  12. For me it was the Cleveland during closed beta, held off 3 cruisers attacking our base. It was the first time I was called out for aimbotting. I couldn't believe someone would even suggest such a thing for so new of a game.... A month or so later Aim Assist showed up.
  13. AW III was indeed a VERY addicting game, played until GameStorm shut down.