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  1. xEvilReeperx

    CVs... Not even close.

    Survival-spec'd BBs aren't immune to fire spamming cruisers. Why would you be completely immune to CVs? The solution to your problem isn't that your AA did nothing, it's that you're so used to being unattackable by air that anything less is literally inconceivable: This is going to sound totally insane, but did you try, like, teamwork? Sailing over to a teammate? Making yourself less attackable somehow?
  2. xEvilReeperx

    8.0.3 CV results

    This might actually be good for CVs in the long run. Apparently their lead game designer, responsible for these decisions, doesn't play much on the live server and repeatedly mentioned "relative damage" when talking about CV balance in a recent dev stream. Since CVs have been forced to do a lot of DD hunting or risk getting deplaned every match, I think that relative damage (% of ship health) has been inflated. If they look at the numbers and this change to rocket planes results in a steep decline in that number as I believe it will, we might finally see the nerf cycle end...
  3. Just change cooldown from 30 seconds to 10 minutes and you'd have a realistic comparison, because that's about how long it takes a CV at later tiers to fully regenerate a squadron. Then imagine your dumbfounded confusion as people complain about the two heals you might manage to get in one game being unlimited and riskless. The risk is, you have one way to directly impact the fight and if you choose the wrong target or get unlucky 3 or 4 times in one battle, you're a floating garbage barge.
  4. xEvilReeperx

    Insane Number of Planes Shot Down-252!

    If I earn $1 for every minute I work, and the job takes 20 minutes, do I have unlimited money?
  5. xEvilReeperx

    DFAA clears the skies of planes like never before.

    Yeah, pretty clear you haven't played anything with AA since the hotfix at all
  6. xEvilReeperx

    Premium Ship Balance [Poll]

    WG should always strive for balance. Now that they have an actual ingame mechanism to refund ships, they can nudge things along in the right direction and unhappy people can turn their stuff in and buy something else if they want. I don't know if these "never nerf premium ships, just release them balanced!" people have been playing recently, but as we head towards a hotpatch to hotpatch the hotpatched changes to the total-overhaul CV rework, hopefully it should be really obvious that this isn't really an attainable goal...
  7. xEvilReeperx

    Best tactic to avoid deplaning

    His response to "players are dropping payloads on islands (on way to target) so they attack with less planes" was "terrain masking is not an exploit". He then claimed to have read all the posts in the thread ("carefully"). Either he did not read them, or he did not understand what they were talking about. It appears some of his neurons have misfired and he read "launching payloads into islands" as "hiding behind islands and using them for cover"
  8. xEvilReeperx

    CV rework 8.0 and thanks for the memes o7

    [citation needed]
  9. xEvilReeperx

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    Err, no. These guns perform worse than 330mm. They have a high initial velocity, but their light weight shells means that they are the slowest battleship shells beyond about 11km. Their pen is absolutely abysmal, even 330mm guns on Dunk and 340mm on Normandie outperform them in both flight time and pen easily. No difference stat-wise between these and T6 356mms? The NM pens almost 500mm at 10km, PEF 370. Fuso ~475.
  10. xEvilReeperx

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    They're completely different guns? 350mm so no overmatch of BBs like QE or Warspite. Far less pen (to the tune of 25 or 30% less). Far more drag. And what kind of advantage do you get for these awful turrets and shells? Your reload is 28 seconds instead of 30 seconds. I heard 2.0 sigma and thought it would be an accurate German ship. It is not. And it's not even the inaccuracy that makes it a steaming pile of rubbish, it's the fact that when you do land some shells, you get trolled by penetration ribbons. I'd guess 60% or so or my pens in this ship result in no damage whatsoever. This after aiming at upper belts, because even similar-tier broadside battleships are completely immune to being citadelled by you beyond 11km, not that you could accurately hit those anyways
  11. xEvilReeperx

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    Let me tell you as a sad owner of the ship that the guns are cruiser-killing guns in the sense that the only thing they can kill is cruisers, and not that they are good at killing cruisers. The pen is so low that many, many of your pen ribbons will be for zero-damage against most targets (assuming you even hit) which is probably the most frustrating part of the ship. This isn't a ship that's slightly worse than its tech tree counterparts. This is like a T4 BB they just moved to T6, called it premium and then tried to sell for 30+ dollars.
  12. xEvilReeperx

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    If your stats indicate you don't actually know what you're talking about, you should avoid getting into arguments where they are relevant. Random unprompted stat-shaming isn't very common, but if you start or jump into an argument when you are clearly uninformed, it's not "stat-shaming" to point out that you aren't qualified to participate.
  13. xEvilReeperx

    Mejash's Video: Let's Talk about Steel

    This should already be the case then, no? There are 50%ers with Stalingrads. Stalingrad is hard to get because it's locked behind an absurdly massive grind for most people, not because it's a prestigious award that requires skill
  14. xEvilReeperx

    How To Counter The Stalingrad

    Eh, if your best way of killing a cruiser is to HE spam it to death at long range with specialized ships, it's overtuned. The fact that it has specifically increased vulnerability to fires as a balancing factor should, by itself, tell you that it has gained too many battleship advantages for it to be a cruiser
  15. There are some serious mental gymnastics going on in this thread, I love it. OP, you need to read your own supplied definition of the prisoner's dilemma more carefully. Once you've thought about it a while, maybe you will see how it works against you in this case