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  1. What you're saying is equivalent to this: "If I want to win games, there is logic in taking a build that averages 49% wins instead of one that averages 55%" The cherry on top is that you traded away most of your ability to influence the game yourself in order to focus on countering a single enemy ship. That is why you won't see above-average CV players taking AS in random battles: tying their chances to win to a team that averages 50% isn't how they get to the top
  2. Common attitude but a fallacy in my opinion. What matters is winning the game which benefits the whole team. Which do you think is going to win the team more games, sinking two or three ships or keeping ships spotted? Take a look at any stat website and you'll see that shooting down plates does not correlate with win rate, average damage dealt does. If you want to be a team player, you should maximize your team's advantage. Shooting down planes helps individual team mates, killing ships helps the entire team all at once
  3. Maybe this is your problem. Of course there should be a risk that you get detected and destroyed.The game is about managing risk. Radar was added because smoke is far too powerful a tool both defensively and offensively to go completely unopposed. Sonar on a cruiser to counter smoke doesn't cut it, as anyone who has actually attempted such a tactic at t8+ will be able to tell you.
  4. Correct! Congratulations, you've learned the first lesson of economics: everything has an opportunity cost. Or as my economics professor loved to say, "There is no such thing as a free lunch"
  5. Nerf Saipan or Remove it!

    This isn't the case any more. Not because they couldn't win in a 1v1, but because you'll never get the opportunity to fight them in that manner because the Saipan fighters can disengage at will without loss, and with their insane speed get to choose their engagements (so you won't typically catch them with their pants down having no ammo left).
  6. Mods legal or otherwise

    Hi, banning mods will affect nothing. The kinds of cheats which are capable of the cheaty things have no problem getting themselves loaded into the client whether there's a mod interface or not. Source: I write software
  7. A bit of a double standard

    Yes it's a straw man. We're talking open water stealth firing here. It's possible to set up a couple battleships to stealth fire from open water, but I have never seen anyone use that as an actual tactic. This "you can't shoot back" thing is the strawman. That's not the actual issue. The issue is: if you're shooting at a target in open water, you should be visible to it. That's all. Nobody said the target must be able to retaliate. You can see the difference, right?
  8. A bit of a double standard

    Because the point raised by the OP is something called a strawman argument. It's a fallacy in which instead of addressing the actual issue, you construct a fake one and attack that instead. For example, from the test server patch notes: Are battleships visible on open water when firing their guns? Yes they are. This "double standard" doesn't exist. Case closed
  9. Is someone at WG going to get fired?

    I don't think so. There's a method to the madness. Most people are basically paying for ships they would have never bought otherwise and consider it a steal by judging it based on the full price value of the ship. Think about it this way. Let's say I bought 3x $3 gifts and got an Indianapolis, valued at $35. I would never buy the Indianapolis at $35 (or even $15, I'm just not interested in it). Did I "save" $26 and get a deal, or did WG just entice me to spend $9 that I would not have spent otherwise?
  10. No, the entire front of the Moskva is all 25mm I don't know how you can possibly believe this. Yes, the Myoko has a small advantage per shell. But the Zao gets 2 more shells Myoko: 5x2 @ (17% + 3% + 1% + 1%) vs t7 ship, chance of starting at least one fire per salvo: 1 - (1 - .22 * 0.65) ^ 10 = 78.6% Zao: 4x3 @ (19% + 3% + 1% + 1%) vs t10 ship, same: 1 - (1 - 0.24 * 0.5) ^ 12 = 78.4% Zao has faster reload Zao has better range Zao has better shell velocity Zao HE deals marginally more damage It's like you didn't even bother to look, you just parrot what you hear
  11. Restore cruisers to importance

    The problem isn't being fragile to BBs in my mind. It's that while being very vulnerable to BBs, cruisers are also terrible at doing what they're supposed to do. Buffing destroyers doesn't make sense when they've already taken over the primary cruiser role. I don't know about you, but if I want to see dead DDs in a tier 10 match, I'd much rather have a Khab, Gearing or CV on my team over any cruiser 100% of the time. What good is dealing all these risks in a cruiser when all I can think of is, "this is a DD's job"?
  12. I don't know what game you're playing but in this one you won't be tanking anything as a BB if a friendly cruiser is within 4km of you and you're not broadside
  13. Lack of Tier 10 CV?

    This. The OP gets no sympathy from me because that screenshot shows that they were ready to punish anybody unlucky enough to be in queue should another T10 CV appear for over 20 minutes straight, and do this regularly
  14. I'll try one more time. I'm not suggesting that sticking together isn't teamwork. I'm suggesting that the specific mechanic of "everybody clicks on a plane icon" does not constitute as teamwork. The teamwork part is grouping ships up, not clicking planes, and we don't need carriers to do that. What carriers do is force you to group up or you lose, and that prevents more interesting teamwork options because we're in random battles with randoms and attempting to coordinate a split of the herd to flank an enemy is going to end in frustration most of the time. That's why in the endgame you generally see two large herds for each side, duking it out at 20km while they travel in circles in their bases while the DDs hopefully snag a couple caps if there are any. It's all incredibly unexciting
  15. Because it's mindless and completely dependent on RNG. There's no need to coordinate at all. You ball up. You remember to click on the planes, and that's the extent of the gameplay there. And then a herd is of course susceptible to torpedo attacks, so you attack from extremely long range. Using only your front guns because the penetration at that tier is extreme. But again, you don't want to get too close, so you reverse. And tada, tier 10 gameplay with a CV and a high tier DD or two in a nutshell