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  1. xEvilReeperx

    Tirpitz or atlanta for credit farming/captain builder

    I'd go with Atlanta (or another T7 premium). You can dedicate a captain (or if you have a relevant captain already, US CL) to it until 19 pts, then just farm commander xp with it for transfer or use to train other captains The main reason has to do with MM and fun. If you go with Tirpitz: T8 MM is unfun German gun dispersion is unfun You are a great target for CVs, especially if they have AP DBs
  2. xEvilReeperx

    CV Reality Check

    It is if you look at overall numbers or weekly numbers after the nerf. If you skew those by selecting only the highest 5%, then you will see mostly people who played Hak like mad until it got the nerfbat and then stopped. These will be inflated for a very long time because the only way to get onto the ladder of the 5% is for more unique Hak players to be tracked. You will never be able to compete with the existing people. That's why the Hak seems to be doing better than Midway on that chart, but is not significantly different than Midway in terms of weekly numbers
  3. xEvilReeperx

    CV Reality Check

    Lolwut CVs survive twice as long, only deal 9% more damage based on your numbers ... which are computed by mixing a bunch of tiers for some reason? Try comparing apples to apples, like this for TX (week of 3/30 NA, 4/6 doesn't have enough data): Ship AvgDmg Survival % of AvgBB Conqueror 96818 44.47 110% Republique 94581 37.94 107% Grosser Kurfuerst 81386 31.95 92.5% Montana 77060 37.11 87.5% Yamato 90229 37.50 102.5% Overall 88,014.8 37.79 Ship AvgDmg Survival % of AvgBB Audacious not released at this time Hakuryu 85925 74.29 97.6% Midway 86849 75.06 98.7% Overall 86,397 74.68 Then it's pretty clear that your post is total nonsense, at least at TX
  4. This is my exact point. You are upset that your ship isn't immune to attack. If I as a BB spec fire prevention, will cruisers choose other targets because I'm too hard to burn down? Nothing is invincible, that's how the game is balanced. That's why the blobbed AA nerf went in. Every single person I have seen with your sentiment, and I've probably looked at 15+ profiles now, has never played a reworked T8 or T10 CV. I suggest going to the dark side a bit for some enlightenment
  5. I think you're mistaken on this point. People have far too high an expectation for AA success. Anything less than total invulnerability is apparently unacceptable. Regularly repelling 75% of a CV's attack isn't good enough, they want to shoot all the planes down too. I think this is the root of the problem. The mechanics of the system don't make it clear your AA is working unless you are getting ribbons. No ribbons, and you have people saying AA is useless. If AA was useless, you wouldn't have CVs dumping half or more of their squads because they know that no matter how many planes they send, none of them are going to be coming back anyways so you might as well deal tiny chip damage all match instead of spectating the first 10 minutes and then helping with cleanup to pad your damage counter out
  6. xEvilReeperx

    CVs... Not even close.

    Survival-spec'd BBs aren't immune to fire spamming cruisers. Why would you be completely immune to CVs? The solution to your problem isn't that your AA did nothing, it's that you're so used to being unattackable by air that anything less is literally inconceivable: This is going to sound totally insane, but did you try, like, teamwork? Sailing over to a teammate? Making yourself less attackable somehow?
  7. xEvilReeperx

    8.0.3 CV results

    This might actually be good for CVs in the long run. Apparently their lead game designer, responsible for these decisions, doesn't play much on the live server and repeatedly mentioned "relative damage" when talking about CV balance in a recent dev stream. Since CVs have been forced to do a lot of DD hunting or risk getting deplaned every match, I think that relative damage (% of ship health) has been inflated. If they look at the numbers and this change to rocket planes results in a steep decline in that number as I believe it will, we might finally see the nerf cycle end...
  8. Just change cooldown from 30 seconds to 10 minutes and you'd have a realistic comparison, because that's about how long it takes a CV at later tiers to fully regenerate a squadron. Then imagine your dumbfounded confusion as people complain about the two heals you might manage to get in one game being unlimited and riskless. The risk is, you have one way to directly impact the fight and if you choose the wrong target or get unlucky 3 or 4 times in one battle, you're a floating garbage barge.
  9. xEvilReeperx

    Insane Number of Planes Shot Down-252!

    If I earn $1 for every minute I work, and the job takes 20 minutes, do I have unlimited money?
  10. xEvilReeperx

    DFAA clears the skies of planes like never before.

    Yeah, pretty clear you haven't played anything with AA since the hotfix at all
  11. xEvilReeperx

    Premium Ship Balance [Poll]

    WG should always strive for balance. Now that they have an actual ingame mechanism to refund ships, they can nudge things along in the right direction and unhappy people can turn their stuff in and buy something else if they want. I don't know if these "never nerf premium ships, just release them balanced!" people have been playing recently, but as we head towards a hotpatch to hotpatch the hotpatched changes to the total-overhaul CV rework, hopefully it should be really obvious that this isn't really an attainable goal...
  12. xEvilReeperx

    Best tactic to avoid deplaning

    His response to "players are dropping payloads on islands (on way to target) so they attack with less planes" was "terrain masking is not an exploit". He then claimed to have read all the posts in the thread ("carefully"). Either he did not read them, or he did not understand what they were talking about. It appears some of his neurons have misfired and he read "launching payloads into islands" as "hiding behind islands and using them for cover"
  13. xEvilReeperx

    CV rework 8.0 and thanks for the memes o7

    [citation needed]
  14. xEvilReeperx

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    Err, no. These guns perform worse than 330mm. They have a high initial velocity, but their light weight shells means that they are the slowest battleship shells beyond about 11km. Their pen is absolutely abysmal, even 330mm guns on Dunk and 340mm on Normandie outperform them in both flight time and pen easily. No difference stat-wise between these and T6 356mms? The NM pens almost 500mm at 10km, PEF 370. Fuso ~475.
  15. xEvilReeperx

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    They're completely different guns? 350mm so no overmatch of BBs like QE or Warspite. Far less pen (to the tune of 25 or 30% less). Far more drag. And what kind of advantage do you get for these awful turrets and shells? Your reload is 28 seconds instead of 30 seconds. I heard 2.0 sigma and thought it would be an accurate German ship. It is not. And it's not even the inaccuracy that makes it a steaming pile of rubbish, it's the fact that when you do land some shells, you get trolled by penetration ribbons. I'd guess 60% or so or my pens in this ship result in no damage whatsoever. This after aiming at upper belts, because even similar-tier broadside battleships are completely immune to being citadelled by you beyond 11km, not that you could accurately hit those anyways