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  1. BallaTheFeared

    The CV nerf was a indirect nerf of American ships.

    Can anyone explain the point of the US light cruiser line with 0-1 CVs per match?
  2. BallaTheFeared

    The CV nerf was a indirect nerf of American ships.

    How is what I said different than what you said?
  3. BallaTheFeared

    The CV nerf was a indirect nerf of American ships.

    How that damage occurs is of more importance than the total number. CVs are inherently a damage over time class.
  4. One of their main benefits was anti air capabilities but because wargaming has made CVs worthless you rarely see a CV and a double CV game is like a unicorn. CVs being trash is basically a nerf of all American ship lines.
  5. BallaTheFeared

    CV Balance- Next Steps

    It might help if ships had active means to present AA. Currently it's just all automatic so I get why ship players dislike CV players. CVs are basically playing a single player game against insanely powerful AI.
  6. BallaTheFeared

    CV Balance- Next Steps

    CVs are utter trash and this community hates CVs so it seems like they are in a good place now. The damage output of a CV is next to nothing when compared to every other type of ship. The only redeeming quality is they can attack in general without risking their ship. The most vital role CVs can play these days is that of scouts, but even tier 9 DDs will wreak your squadrons by themselves. It isn't just the flack, you can generally avoid most flack but the non avoidable proximity damage of tier 9/10 ships is insanely high. Even if you avoid 90% of the flack you will never get a second run even when attacking only one ship. If you try to dive on 2-3 ships you might not even get a wave through.
  7. So bow on but shift to get the other two turrets in the fight? Presumably the skill comes from knowing when to broadside and when to bow?
  8. So change speed and direction constantly while harassing? Bow seems to provide considerably more protection than broadside. Should I bow in troll and retreat tail presented?
  9. Really? I was told to play it face forward and keep angled to my bow with the GC never exposing it to a broadside. Seemed to work better tbh, because if I broadside I get citadeled constantly.
  10. BBs the way to go for grinding or DDs/CVs? I like BBs and CVs and DDs if I could not die they're amazingly fun to play if you can torp a big ol BB it's probably the most gratifying thing in the game. Haven't gotten into cruisers, probably mostly having to do with their middling playstyle of BB/DD.
  11. Arizona is $31 and qualifies for my 20% off coupon code that I got for coming back I guess. Does it play any different than Giulio Cesare? Do you get a lot more CVs in tier 6 vs tier 5 and how is it's AA? Looking for a lot more CV involved gameplay where I can assist my allies with strong AA. That is one of the reasons I like the BB line and the American BB line specifically. The GC has meh AA, but at tier 5 I don't get a lot of double CV matches.
  12. Bow on battleship is how i play the Giulio Cesare, it can pen well but I can't broadside in it or I get crit to oblivion. The tier 8 Massachusetts is still in the shop.
  13. If I'm tier 6 (New Mexico) in American BBs, how long would it take to grind out to tier 8 (North Carolina)? Wouldn't it make more sense to buy a tier 8 american BB or CV and then grind that while using the XP gained from it to level up my BBs and CVs?
  14. RU BBs wouldn't provide any kind of benefit over Italian BBs for an American tech tree player do they? I already have a premium tier 5 Italian BB, was hoping to pick up an American Premium for the crew benefits.