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  1. the "Tips" text its black and small
  2. hi i am from clan CHL and we have a problem with other clan who is trying to steal us members. what can i do? and if someone already gone throught this, what you did to fix it?
  3. Higher desmones damage ?

    camiilais is now the 2 place in NA for max damage with any ship and 7 in global, i dont know why not show her in the top when i put desmoines in the filter
  4. Higher desmones damage ?

    oooh plssss, we really need that replay, can u send me the replay pls
  5. Higher desmones damage ?

    ty he is waiting for the update, he play this match yesterday in the night we are from chile and he play this match at 11:29 PM local time, now he is looking for the replay
  6. Higher desmones damage ?

    they say "dont worry those things happen, better luck to the next" he dont know much english that because i post this for her xd , but is so exited for the perfomance he did and he is trying to find the replay
  7. One of my clan members send me this result with her desmoines perfomance, i don't know if exist a damage record with des moines and how much higher is this.
  8. Ranks 15-11

    many premium ships and few hands
  9. Clan Latino Americano con 11 miembros actualmente Requisitos para ingresar: 1.- Usar Discord 2.- Mínimo 1000 batallas en total 3.- Tener al menos 1 barco Tier X 4.- Tener un win rate igual o mayor a 50% (De la cuenta en general, NO de un barco en específico) 5.- ¡Divirtámonos y juguemos juntos!
  10. me di cuenta que el arp ashigara no tiene el mismo efecto visual que el del arp mioko, espero tambien pongan un efecto visual en los torpedos del ashigara
  11. world of warships 2015 hay vamos!

    No puedo esperar a tener un CV japones entre mis barcos.
  12. Cuanso uso HW y cuando AP

    Te falto poner " creado gracias a tecnologia paint de ultima generación" pero bueno simple y explica mucho +1
  13. estoy de acuerdo, en si el NDA lo quebrantas cuando por fuente propia revelas informacion del juego (screenshots,videos, etc) pero no deberia de pasar nada si compartes informacion de terceros, los problemas lo va a tener quien publico la información no quien la divulgo.