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  1. Ranked is Broken

    heya guys, just 1 more thing broken in WoWs, if WG cared don't you think they would fix something, ANYTHING...think about it, co-op has issues, random has issues, RNG varies to much, way to often, ranked is a cluster-flop, MM is just silly sometimes & i'm not talking just about a few people griping, we all see this stuff to varying degrees. and WoWs does what...improves audio & video (surprise, not broke), looks & sounds nice, but it's fluff, it does'nt help the soul of the game, just adds paint to a rusty car, looks better, but underneath.... the best thing they've done is set up the public test server, luv it, they completely ignore the feedback when it's offered...so i just use it for planned changes in my lines or capt., it's fun to play the other ships, helps me organize my plans. support is just no support, it seems like almost all tickets go thru an auto-response program & you have reply to get a real person to notice & then wait some more, great for WoWs, lousy for the players, you know the people who pay, so the management can spend time on important things, like the yearly Mercedes upgrade, some of the simplest issues MAY take 10-14 days (not all, just too often). alot of people have been getting random (or not so) dis-connects, after a patch, about a month so far, 4 patches or so, usually you have to uninstall & re-install, sending in a support ticket usually ends that way, after a week or 2. WG/WoWs knows that most players are decent, forgiving & accepting people...and that's why nothing significant gets done, players keep paying regardless of how little respect received from management. look at the forums, something wrong in the game, you got tons of people trolling how people are whining, the games fine, have a work around, don't rock the boat. WG/WoWs does'nt interact with the players, they post declarations. read the Q & A with the Devs., it's so much fluff you could make a pillow. hope you enjoy, respectfully, smokey66
  2. RNG, the number generator (not too random imho), effects almost every fun aspect of the game, working properly you don't even think about it being there making choices...working improperly can ruin play, game after game, i've stopped playing for days because RNG was messed up. i know how good & bad i can aim/shoot, so it's not hard to tell when RNG is off, when i play a few games, fire off 100s of shells to little or no effect...it aint ME. WG, fixed the video (was'nt broke) & audio (also not broke) & it looks & sounds great...but the RNG...the single most important deciding factor to enjoyable & effective game-play...you guessed it, nothing. happy holidays, smokey66
  3. PTS rewards no show

    luv it, i voice my concern & annoyance over issues in the game & i'm the bad guy, way to make the game better, troll people who are trying to point out some concerns.
  4. well surprise, surprise, WoWs ignored every one & released the changes, knew this would happen, they try to pretend to respect the community, & then sh1t all over the complaints/suggestions, they ask for feedback, & then we get fed bull-sxxx
  5. heya guys, for 2 wks in the public test server people complained...& were ignored, welcome to WG thx & enjoy
  6. PTS rewards no show

    thought so to, did the mission the first patch, then the mission counter re-set, showed the same exact missions again the second patch, so that seems to mean they did'nt count the first completion & i'm figuring these noobs will do it again, cause the PTS server is still DCing me on a regular basis, like its still not stable. it's not the reward schedule in doubt, it's the un-stable accounting that's my issue. thx & enjoy
  7. heya guys, IMO, it would seem that the ability to choose our play-style is what's important here, there's any amount of reasons for AS or strike loads, the fact that we're being limited is just unfair to people who want to play US (with any load). AS has value as does strike, getting caught with a load that does'nt quite fit the match is just luck & you make the best of it. taking away our choice is'nt right, not if WG really cares about our opinion i have a hard enough time playing US against IJN even with a AS load, now you want to give even more to them...play US CV then tell me less is more, i wonder often if any of the people making these choices have ever played the game, or is it some business spread-sheet B.S. going on thx & enjoy & don't get me started on only 1 flight module, reality check plz.
  8. PTS rewards no show

    heya guys, completed the same main account missions twice now (when allowed on server & in-between dis-connects) & still no rewards, i want to apply for a job at WoWs, i have no coding skills & lil in the way of computer know how....don't think that's a problem considering the people employed in that capacity now are the same, only i'm honest & they probably lied on their app. yes i'm being critical...i'll stop when you guys actually pay attention & get your sh1t together, if you can't do what you say you're going to do, get some one who can. really tired of you guys & your fake interest, if you really cared there would'nt be this many screw-ups. i mean seriously, you drop broken updates 2 weeks in a row...right before every one is gone home for days, so no fixes...& your fixes do lil, to nothing, you could take this comedy of errors on the road, if you could find the road. smokey
  9. torps for US CV, only good thing i found in the test...AP bombs less damage then HE, completely opposite of the performance of shells we're used to... you can't switch to them in game, also opposite of what we're used to from shells...so useless. only 1 fighter is a joke. kept getting kicked out of server, when i was even allowed in. scenerio broke no pan-asian line/ missions. so all in all another mediocre offering from WG. i enjoy the game & do appreciate the test server option...but...does any one in WG actually play the game, i'm being serious, any1 who plays US CV knows how frustrating it is to watch our out-numbered fighters get mauled trying to either protect the team or our bombers ( RNG bombers, so that stinks all by itself) & now you want to leave us with only 1 fighter..no load-out options, WGs idea of balance...really? get some people on staff that play the game. i'm posting only out of frustration, not because i have any hope it will do any good, time & time again the community has listed issues only to have them dismissed or just plain ignored. i stopped playing WoT for this same behavior & i'm not the only 1 who came over looking for something better. thx & enjoy, smoke66
  10. heya guys, the proposed change will stop me from playing US CV (have Ranger), even using the 1 fighter for escort will not assure proper attack run, allows no ability to protect yourself or others on team from attacks & means scouting is done by strike planes & only when on bomb runs as the fighter will probably die protecting them, or you could not reload them & have them scout. there's no way this change was proposed by any one that has even watched a player operating a CV, let alone be a CV player. in this config. you can neither effectively attack (lack of escorts) or defend (cover only 1 small section of sea) & self-preservation will have more then 1 player keeping the fighter over their CV, so even more limiting. only bright spot...torpedo bombers re-appear, i've always preferred torps, more aiming control, less RNG. 2 ftr vs 3 ftr, with a lil skill & a lot o luck was possible, & 2 RNG bmbr was tolerable on most days... this is....unreal... could any one make this config effective w/o depending on the opposing CV being an idiot or so self-absorbed that you could get away with multi bomb runs? as sad as the current config is it's better then this proposal. if you're serious about US CV improvement give us 2/1/1 or even better ftr & torp only, RNG makes bombs mediocre at the best of times. thx & enjoy
  11. heya guys, i'm having the same issue, multiple wins over 1600 base (NOT counting flag, camo or any other bonuses) & not getting credited. now my chance of getting the reward/prize is almost over, no more time to finish it even if it was fixed this minute over & over WG has hosted events where u need to have prem. acc. or high tier, to win, shutting out a large portion of the community ( 1600 base...do that in a tier 4-5 w/o prem. acc.....HAH ) now it's game is glitched & odds are good they wont compensate anyone or have a do over, be surprised if they even admit a fault. WG is still wearing lil boy pants & every time they miss manage a situation like this, it shows. just a guess...WG will ignore this problem, enough people have gotten the BB, so they'll figure it's O.K. that some got screwed. anyway you look at it, instead of having fun playing, i got caught up in an event that i can't f-ng win.