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  1. alphainfinity

    Password is not saving.

    Same problem , posted yesterday, no response from WG.....................................
  2. Wow...no response? What is the purpose of this thread if nobody is watching?
  3. The client is prompting me to login each time. I have signed out through gamecenter and then signed back in and the client is still prompting every single time with this error.
  4. alphainfinity

    Tier 8 MM is more broken than ever

    Great , just one more person bullying another forum member by calling them a whiner. He has a LEGITIMATE complaint, one that we all deal with in a daily basis. When the patch was first released, I thought there was an improvement too but it seems like as the day went on I found myself uptiered more often in my T8 premiums. This has been such a big problem that WG attempted to address it with a patch. That attempt so far appears to have failed, though I am going to reserve judgement until we get past the holiday weekend here in the US. I am am also going to hop on the Euro server/account to see how our friends are doing across the pond. I am guessing the are doing better because their peak player count is 2 three times what we see in the US.
  5. alphainfinity

    I am DONE buying Tier 8 Premiums

    Both of you are wrong. Try playing during the day(9-5)in the US. On the NA server it is 90%.
  6. alphainfinity

    Musashi/Kronshtadt Leaving (8.0) - Misouri in SC's!

    So is the Kronshtadt worth the FreeXP? I don't spend a lot of time in cruisers these days....
  7. I don't mind spending money on this game(as WG knows I have spent A LOT), but buying Tier 8 premiums and playing against T10 opponents 90% of the time just SUCKS. Sure, strategy and gameplay can help offset some of the disadvantages but honestly, it just isn't FUN. I am sure this is less of a problem for those that play on the EURO server because there are two to three times the amount of players, and perhaps you get better matchmaking. For those of us on the NA server though, the MM seems to be tougher(I play on both). I know a lot of people are grinding the legendary mods and that is perhaps why there are so many T10 players out there, but once again.......you spend money for a T8 premium, spend 90% of the time in T10 games. Sorry Wargaming but that isn't much FUN.
  8. alphainfinity

    Some Jean Bart screenshots

    Saw this ship on the live server but it is still not in the tech tree. Where does one get this ship?
  9. alphainfinity

    Nice us what we want, now what you think we want

    This title makes no sense...
  10. alphainfinity

    Musashi worth it??

    The Musashi is fun to play, but keep in mind you will be up-tiered 99% of the time. Every ONCE in a while you will see T7-T8-T9 matches. I found that it was better to just hop in the yamato is the way to go.
  11. alphainfinity

    Code for Gamescon camos, flag.

    What does this do for us? The code?
  12. I have been up-tiered a LOT. Most of my games are against T10 BB's in which case this is just a battle cruiser. It would be more fun if I were up against T9 or T8 BB's. That is the biggest downside of this ship.
  13. alphainfinity

    Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    The Mass is OK but honestly I have been the single T8 BB in most of the games today. I am constantly up-tiered to T10 battles and the Mass hasn't been as fun...
  14. alphainfinity

    A tip for Worcester captains...

    I doubt it, most of the games I have been up-tiered and have been facing T10 battleships......it hasn't been as fun.
  15. alphainfinity

    Massachusetts is incredibly fun.