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  1. Game is broken

    As I work in the technology industry, I tend to rely upon data instead of speculation. What I can say is that a simple ICMP check to the NA wargaming server yields interesting data. What I CANNOT say is that these results impact gameplay or in anyway definitively point to the wargaming server as being the issue. It could be my route to them, it could be a number of things. I thought I would share. In contrast, the EU server graphs that I have look like a nice flatline(though higher latency as I am in the US) when compared to what you see for the NA server below.
  2. New Host = No More Dasha???

    All of you.....have WAYYY too much time on your hands......
  3. We Need More CVs Each Match!!!

    There are not enough players on the NA server, but the EU server has 3x the players of the NA server and they could get away with it there.
  4. G. Kurfürst captain Build

    I would drop IFHE and get fire prevention in it's place if this is your current build: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100100010000000000001001010100019 Get rid of high alert and take adrenaline rush instead. I would add basics of survive ability and dump superintendent( just buy the premium heal instead).
  5. Encore Graphics Engine

    My machine seems to do OK, of course this score is at 3440X1440 on my Acer Predator X34. It would probably get an even higher score at lower resolutions:
  6. Memory Leak

    Well suckage...I should have read the forums before uninstalling, deleting and then reinstalling. I am seeing the same thing. TWO 1080's in SLI on a core I7 7820x, 64GB of RAM and the game is installed on a M2 NVME. Nasty framerates after several games. I have tried reinstalling NVIDIA drivers, and I am now reinstalling the game. My theory is that the new "foam" animation they added in 7.2 or something connected to that is causing the new memory leak. It looks cool but perhaps they should role that back in a patch until they figure it out.
  7. Missouri vs Musashi

    There is NO DEBATE! The Missouri will permanently END the need to earn credits in-game. It prints credits every match, win or lose. You will have 20,30, 40 million within a few days or weeks depending on how much you play with that ship and the flags you use.... The Musashi is a fun ship IF she is top tier in matchmaking, but she starts to show her weaknesses when playing against T10. In that case, its just better to grind the Yamato. Go withe the Missouri, and get the Musashi later. The Musashi does NOT print credits like the Mo.
  8. Musashi in game...

    I was uptiered in most of my games in the Musashi. Sub par AA and secondaries, the same terrible turret traverse and overall handling as the yamato. As a Musashi owner, why get uptiered and play the Musashi when I can play the yamato? This ship is just not as sexy as the MO and it doesn't print credits. Each game I play in the Musashi, it becomes harder to justify playing it more.... Gimmicky ship...most likely not worth the freexp. I will play 20 more games in it before I shelve it.
  9. This seems to be SO true especially on the NA server with half the players of the EU server. The more I AA spec a captain and ship, the less carriers I see.....
  10. Musashi Free XP Cost

    I have 950K free XP saved up. I am ready to go but will be waiting. I could freexp my way through a whole line. I think between premium flags, camo, ships, captain respecs, doubloon conversion costs and premium upgrades, wargaming is doing quite well. I hope they don't charge 950 freexp, but if they do it kind of reveals their mindset. Even if the Musashi prints credits, I don't really have a lot of motivation to freexp another credit printing premium, unless it is a LOT OF FUN TO PLAY like the Missouri. ALL Of the videos I have seen so far on the Musashi have indicated that it is NOT superior or even on par with the Missouri. Charging more for a ship that is LESS fun to play seems like a risk. We shall see!
  11. Musashi, I'm ready and waiting.

    Exactly! I fell for the Kii and will be waiting for the reviews before even thinking about the Musashi. I am honestly still trying to figure out the play style for the Yamato. My initial thoughts are that it is substandard when compared to the GK or Montana.
  12. Premium time discount plus flags

    It amazes me that people get bent out of shape about bundles like this(and this one is not a bad deal) but are perfectly fine with spending 450 doubloons to respec a Captain.....
  13. So I have 771,097 Free Exp ...

    The Missouri prints credits. When I get low on credits, I play with the MO for a day and I easily earn 10+ million. So yes, if you NEVER want to worry about credits again in this game, get the MO. She also happens to be an AA beast and has some pretty favorable matchmaking.
  14. AA build USN battleships

    Phone double posted, removing this one.,