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  1. Still looking for more active competitive cruiser players.
  2. Still looking for more competitive cruiser and battleship players.
  3. Still looking for more people don't be shy to drop by our discord.
  4. We are a new clan starting up all of us founding it are coming from top hurricane teams. We are currently Selectively recruiting we value Quality over Quantity with the goal of eventually becoming a top tier competitive clan. We also aim the continually improve ourselves and those around us. Our recruiting requirements are 60% win rate Overall and around 2100 PR overall Must have Tier X's as our clan is highly Clan Battles focused Above 60% win rates in their Tier X and must play their Tier X's to a high level. Exceptions can be made(within reasonable parameters) for those who's abilities far exceed what their stats suggest. We also consider past 30 days all the way to 180 days. Player profiles must not be set to private. And must be able to fluently speak English Due to the nature of PR being easily farmed however we cannot base everything on statistics alone so each recruit will be decided upon based on a case by case basis and for those that are accepted in will be on a performance based trial run as to whether they stay and have a place or not. Many of our core founding members come from competitive backgrounds and can easily distinguish between exceptionally skilled players and stat farmers. For those of you interested in joining or any questions our Discord. Our discord is also open to anyone who would like to join and get to know us or if you just want someone to Div with.