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  1. Kougyoku

    Join the Arpeggio of Blue Steel [ARP]

    You'll be way more popular if you do it.
  2. Kougyoku

    sounds like a player [ISSUE]

    Amatsu asked me to div once. I said no because I was playing Cook, Serve, Delicious 2. Well, that's my story. Thanks for listening.
  3. This is your daily reminder to buy more dorms.
  4. Kougyoku

    Join the Arpeggio of Blue Steel [ARP]

    Please change your avatar to Springfield, Iris.
  5. Kougyoku

    sounds like a player [ISSUE]

    I had multigrain cereal for breakfast and yogurt with granola. Thanks, everyone.
  6. Could you describe in less than 500 words the absolute state of -K-'s weebness? Asking for a friend.
  7. Kougyoku

    sounds like a player [ISSUE]

    This entire thread. Yikes.
  8. Kougyoku

    [RMOVE] recruiting skilled players for competitive play

    You let Huggy touch the thread/clan. It's dead now.
  9. Kougyoku

    Top Tier Clans and Dirty play in Clan Battles

    This thread. Yikes.