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  1. Join the Arpeggio of Blue Steel [ARP]

    You'll be way more popular if you do it.
  2. Amatsu asked me to div once. I said no because I was playing Cook, Serve, Delicious 2. Well, that's my story. Thanks for listening.
  3. This is your daily reminder to buy more dorms.
  4. Join the Arpeggio of Blue Steel [ARP]

    Please change your avatar to Springfield, Iris.
  5. Could you describe in less than 500 words the absolute state of -K-'s weebness? Asking for a friend.
  6. You let Huggy touch the thread/clan. It's dead now.
  7. What might be interesting is the dynamic with which destroyers, battleships, and carriers have to interact. I'm mostly wondering if carriers will require active protection from surface vessels given that the game is going to be about constant movement.