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  1. tomas209ca

    Midway is the worst performing T10 CV

    I think all CV need some type of buff to them in the current state, especially with AA becoming for powerful now. Its like every ship now has good AA. They should un do the nerf to the aiming they done to the planes. If not give me torps that actually hit like a torp from a DD. But overall i dont mine CVs, if they get me, they get me. Either i was out of position or my team was all f up.
  2. tomas209ca

    Overpens All Day Long

    I think it been like that since they changed the way AP works for BBs. Before you were able punish without remorse to those on broadside. Now it seems to be more RNG then anything else. When you able to unload your full guns on a ship only to get over pens. This has cause everybody to shot HE all over the places. Not that WG care or will do anything to address some of the game play. Its all about pumping them premium ships , instead of getting control of some of the mechanics.
  3. as for enterpise i use rocket still for dd to scare them and when have torps i try to lay just in the middle of them so they slow down , and the immedialty turn to drop another to get a cross torps . Has for DB i use themat time but AP one are good on the german bb, love the tiny tims for dots but that not on the enterpise but on the lexington
  4. tomas209ca


    She is pretty rough playing especially when stock. I have her currently and took a while to get the hang of it. I do love her AP dive bombers, when they pen though and also , but she can be let down when up tiered
  5. tomas209ca

    Shokaku AP bombs

    Currently im struggling with this SHokaku CV, compare to the american counter parts.