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  1. I wish I knew about this sooner. I suspect Missouri gets higher BaseXP. I was trying to complete this mission yesterday, and had pretty high number of games in Yamato and GK trying to get it done. I had enough games to get all 3 daily containers... Anyway, I had number of wins with over 100k damage, and they would result in BaseXP that was just a tad under 1600xp, quite frustrating. Then, when both Yamato and GK were locked out in combat, I grabbed Missouri and the very first win gave me well over 1600.
  2. Well, I have completed the last mission and it did award me the ship, so it does work. The mission UI is still bugged, as it is only showing the 3rd step of third mission completed.
  3. See the screenshot, I am on the very last step to complete this three-part event, but my progress has been wiped out? https://imgur.com/a/8KHvz
  4. Fixed high tier economy looks like this: https://imgur.com/hBqD8lx
  5. None of the three daily containers dropped any collections items today, but I was getting 1 drop per container in the previous days. What's the deal with the drop chance for collection items? I checked the collecting toggle in the collection, and it says "Collecting"...
  6. British BBs and tier 10 cruisers will strip away your secondaries faster than you get to use them, and no - that module you are planning to use is not going to help. By all means, nerf your main guns and survivability to see that happen time after time. Hope to see you on the red team.
  7. Yeah that’s what I thought, except Nelson citadel roof armor is thicker then Moskva’s, so it should provide better protection in theory. Moskva does present less of a target when it comes to how wide the citadel area is for incoming fire.
  8. I had a rather interesting experience with bow tanking today, first on Moskva then on Nelson. Today I managed to take quite a punishment from Montana while taking fire bow on in Moskva in medium to close range. No citadels came through. At the same time North Carolina was able to citadel my Nelson in similar ranges. Now, Moskva is quite famous for having strong ability to tank bow on, while Nelson not so much. But when I view those ships in Armor Layout mode, I get the feeling that Nelson seemingly has thicker armor all around for the purposes of bow tanking. So my question is why Moskva seems to be tanking better while bow on when compared to Nelson?
  9. Then there are gunboats with horrible detection, like Khabarovsk. They don’t even play like a DD, yet MM counts them like one. So you may end up with one Khaba on your team to two Shimas on the other, it’s all good.
  10. What is this MA reveal, did I miss something?
  11. I have nothing to spend free XP on right now, but I have a feeling WG may decide to offer something like Musashi for an obscene amount of free XP at some point...
  12. So, with all these anniversary flags I got to 375k free XP in no time. Already have the Missouri, and as far as tier 7 I already own Scharnhorst and Belfast. I got to tier 10 in all of the brunches I was playing, so I don't really have anywhere to spend this free XP... Having said all that, I don't really feel like dumping 375k on another mothballed port queen. Is that a ship worth picking up?
  13. Does such a tier 7 cruiser exist? No. Does any such ship exist? Yes. Großer Kurfürst.
  14. I am hoarding camo!
  15. If you can get one, I would recommend Belfast. As far as regular tree goes, Myoko was pretty fun.