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  1. Zao is not just an HE spammer. It has much much better HE than Moskva. It drops 12 shells that do 3400 damage each with 21% fire chance compared to Moskva's 9 shells that do 3100 damage each with 19% fire chance. Moskva is often forced to fire only six guns instead of 9, while Zao can easily re-stealth between volleys and always keep 12 guns on the target.
  2. I own both ships. The problem with Moskva is that once you are bow on (and you WILL end up bow on sooner or later, especially when you decide to use radar) your DPS is significantly impaired for most of the time. Her HE is worse than Zao, and she can only use six of her rifles when bow on. Using AP on broadside targets brings very good results, but that is more situational than you would think. Disengaging is highly problematic when tanking in radar range. Good utility with radar though. Still, I find that Missouri is stronger boat in Moskva's line of job, with softer MM and bigger punch, durability, and stealth. Zao is a boat that is in the move all the time, and can bring all 12 guns on target. It's good at dodging incoming fire, and can disappear when needed. The only bad thing about the Zao is lack of utility such as long range radar or hydro, which could be a game changer quite often. Good compromise between Moskva and Zao would probably be Hindenburg, and it shows in game.
  3. OP specifically asked for best way to grind free XP. OP owns Yamato. Hence my input about permanent camouflage and it's benefits.
  4. Personally I find that all my premium ships (including Scharnhorst and Kutuzov) are just rotting in port. Missouri is more fun than Scharnhorst, and Dmitri Donskoi is more fun than Kutuzov.
  5. No. I did the math before getting free XP for Mo. Here's the deal, the free XP bonused camo will only bring more free XP when you do not use papa papa flags. The instant you start using papa papa flags, 100% XP permanent camo starts to pull ahead. Also using premium ships does not make a difference. The only premium ship that comes with 100% to XP camo is Missouri. That and any tier 9/10 ship with permanent camo + papa papa flags will bring more free XP than any other premium ship out there.
  6. Papa papa flags + premium time + 100% camo bonus + high XP ship (any tier 9/10 ship with permanent camouflage would be optimal)
  7. There's already premium T8 VMF cruiser in game, Kutuzov. Now, if they introduced T9 cruiser that is something like Dmitri Donskoi with Kutuzov smoke... Oh boy, I would definitely farm my stern off for something like that.
  8. I noticed you mentioned question about optional camouflage in your definition of constructive question. I wish we could have different coloration available for permanent camouflage for IJN ships, namely Yamato and Zao. I took the liberty of applying Atago colors to them, and I find it to be more appealing. Is there any way this could be implemented in game in some way? From development perspective this is minimal effort, as it only requires minor modifications to a single file, please take a look at my screenshots below, thank you.
  9. I agree with this mechanic. TK penalty should simply scale with the amount of recent team damage in a linear manner. That will not stop them from firing an entire torpedo salvo into friendly CV though... So it would probably be a good idea to restrict any player that killed himself with TK penalty damage to co-op battles. 10 battles for first offense, 20 battles for second offense, 40 battles for third and so forth. The idea is simple, if you scale TK penalty damage linearly and have severe penalties for dishing enough TK damage to suicide, the player will be forced to NOT kill himself to avoid such penalties. And scaled damage means that eventually player will cause severe damage to himself just by firing single shell at friendly.
  10. You are welcome, glad I could help. Keep in mind, it's not just your Yamato. As long as you have those modifications in camouflages.xml, any Yamato and Zao using permanent camouflage will render in Atago color theme.
  11. I attached the file that you need, give it a shot. It has modified colors for both Zao and Yamato permanent camo. camouflages.zip
  12. Ok here goes: First of all you have to modify at existing camouflage. I made changes to permanent camouflage for Yamato, if you don't have it - that is totally fine, you can grab any other camo your Yamato is using, and copy the permanent camouflage block to replace whatever your Yamato is using now. If you have permanent camo, just follow instructions below. Step1: get wargaming tool to unpack their game files from this location: https://share.wargaming.net/d/b8640e6aac/ Step2: launch wows_unpacker_gui.exe and unpack camouflages.xml file https://imgur.com/a/gri2o Unpack button will drop the file in the folder specified under Settings, usually \World_of_Warships\res_unpack folder Copy camouflages.xml to latest res_mod folder, currently \res_mods\, so you have file as follows \res_mods\\camouflages.xml Step3: Open the file and find "IJN UNIQUE Atago colour scheme" setting and duplicate it as follows: http://imgur.com/a/lH5om Note that I swapped Color2 and Color3 in the copied code. Step4: Find Yamato permanent camouflage section, and apply the new colour scheme: http://imgur.com/a/tiIxj After you restart your game, new camo should show up.
  13. It's not a mod, I modified the file manually... I could make the file for you (it's just one .XML file really), but then I would have to keep updating it every patch. If you learn how to do it, you can do it yourself in less than 5 minutes whenever patch is released. I can take the time to type up a little DIY instructions later on today...
  14. I hate Hindenburg. I don't own one, but every time I go against one, it's royal pain in the neck. The only ship that consistently performs well vs Hindenburg is my Moskva, and even then it's notoriously difficult to citadel one driven by a competent player.
  15. They already have one, it's called Missouri.