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  1. When I was growing up, I was fascinated about ships like Bismarck and Tirpitz, Iowa and Missouri - I read all there was about those. When I first heard of Musashi it was many years later.
  2. I am 100% with this guy. I already own Yamato with permanent camo, and Missouri. For me making credits has zero appeal, since I am not losing credits playing this game, so the only bonus that Musashi has over Yamato is the ability to sometimes see tier 7 ships in a tier 9 match (which is sure to have bunch of tier 8 for good measure). Missouri has guns that already perform quite well in that scenario with its super heavy shells and excellent gun handling, plus the mobility, AA, and armor scheme that works well. I don’t see what Musashi brings to this game for me, other than collector/historical value. Edit: I did forget to mention radar. Silly, I know.
  3. Nothing stops you from investing limited amount of money into this game, and enjoying it for free ever after. Which, by the way, will not work with any real business. By the way I did this in tanks. Had lots of good times for rather limited investment.
  4. First time I completed collection with having more duplicates than actual collection items (35 duplicates vs 33 collected items). Thanks for all the rewards, but daymn...
  5. No grinding for me. I got the specific set of tier 10 ships that I wanted to get, 2 battleships, 2 cruisers, and 2 destroyers. Had all captains at 19 skills points for a long while now. I am only playing tier 10 ships plus handful of premiums that I particularly enjoy, like Missouri and Nelson, sometimes Kutuzov and Belfast. No more lines grinding for me.
  6. 240K XP left? Are you assuming Musashi is going to cost same as Missouri? Was there any information released as to what the price point would be?
  7. My First Tier 10

    I would basically “celebrate” each new T10 with getting it’s premium camo. Got six of them T10s, and not grinding any more. Thing is, only two tier 10s are seeing regular use on daily basis - Yamato and Zao. GK and Moskva get played few times a week, and Khabarovsk with Grozovoi only get to play when I need some specific mission done. At least they look pretty sitting in port
  8. I could care less about credits and historical significance. For all I care this could be paper ship with some random name that makes same credits as any other tier 9 ship with permanent camo. This ship is an absolute BLAST to play. It has fantastic guns, reliable armor scheme, high mobility, and long range radar. It's my favorite ship to play. I am not a purple player, but I have 59% WR on it.
  9. Disclaimer: I do not own Dunkerque, but I did experience playing with (and against) this ship in the last ranked season all the way to rank 1. It was all tier six, and I can tell you that having one on my team was a liability, and having one on enemy team made it easier to win. However, ranked games have their own meta, it has less cruisers and is quite heavy on hard hitting BBs, Dunkerque did not do so good in BB vs BB meta. It did not help that everyone would target Dunkerque over other BB targets, because of how vulnerable it is.
  10. Not even remotely close, sorry.
  11. I have a good friend that has a pretty healthy selection of different T10 ships he can take out to play, and when we play randoms in division he often prefers to use Des Moines. It’s one of the best ships to have in coordinated team. So I would not consider it to be unplayable.
  12. When you no longer have any ship you want to grind, and every single ship you play has 19 point captain.
  13. I am at crossroads with Khaba. I have pretty decent stats with Uldaloi, Loyang, Blyskawica, but I suck with Khaba. It seems to be a pretty great light cruiser, but it sucks at doing DD tasks. Which would not be such a problem if there was some role based MM selection, like WG did with tanks recently. So MM robs your team of one “real” DD and swaps it for a specialized cruiser without citadel. If enemy team ends up with 3 “real” destroyers, but you only have 2 on your team and one of them is Khaba, your team will be starting off at disadvantage...
  14. What is the One Ship.....

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. It forced its way into my port, and I don’t have the heart to sell it, but I won’t be playing it. It’s mostly the tier, not a fan. Also Nassau. The only reason I have her is because her Halloween camo dropped, the only one I got from the scenario. It looks good, but damn. No, just no. I could deal with the speed, but her accuracy makes me want to puke.
  15. No joy in tier 10 anymore

    I find tier 10 games to be fun. Favorite ships being Yamato and Zao, with Missouri seeing a fair share of T10 games. CQ does not bother me in the slightest.