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  1. I strongly disagree. I don’t know what other customer experiences are, but my unit came with premium support and dedicated team with separate phone number. I had to call them up during setup, and they were awesome.
  2. I did not burn any money on it. It was business expense, so all is good in the world. I needed it for work, honestly
  3. Conqueror

    I have Yamato, GK, and Conqueror. I don’t have Montana, but I played Missouri a lot, so I have some idea how Montana works. I find that Conqueror is over hyped, and has its disadvantages along with its advantages when compared to other BBs. Conqueror can not take damage as well as other BBs, and thus has to remain closer to the back line. In turn, other ships take damage that another BB would soak for the team. Also, Conqueror often misses on opportunity to citadel broadside cruisers when short term opportunity arises, since it has HE loaded most of the time, while other BBs have AP loaded most of the time. So Conqueror sometimes feels like -1 BB on your team in exchange for high damage heavy cruiser, similar how Khaba feels like -1 DD in exchange for citadel free short range light cruiser. Both can be made to work under certain conditions, and both can be at disadvantage if the conditions are less favorable.
  4. So, finally upgraded my old non-gaming laptop to modern gaming machine (alienware desktop for about $2.5k). First time played game with ultra high settings on everything, with new alienware gaming display and bose surround sound system. What a difference, all ships render nicely with sharp camo and all details at all ranges, and sounds are just wow. Totally new experience for me. Lost for words... Gotta check out some other games. WOT looks (and sounds) fantastic as well.
  5. For the record, this is not as labour intensive as they make it sound. For crying loud out it takes me 10 minutes to manually swap color themes on permanent camouflages, the logic behind is straight forward. The only "complicated" part is making camo theme selectors ship specific in the GUI, but that would only mean that have to copy/paste similar code all ships tier 6-10 for IJN only, that's not a big deal. I am a lead software engineer working for a software company.
  6. Completed stage 1/3, did not get the 3 containers reward... Restarted the game - no reward.
  7. Even GK, which is the largest ship in game, has better detectibility range than Moskva. But full secondary build GK with fire prevention must sacrifice concealment expert, and then Moskva has it better
  8. FXP - Nelson or Mushashi

    I have both. Nelson is fun, no other way of putting it. But, it all depends what your personal goals are. Musashi does generate more XP, more free XP, and more commander XP (especially if you invest into HSF camo). Also T7 games don’t count toward emblems - if you are into getting those. Play style is actually somewhat similar, both ships have somewhat positional/static play, with bow on meta and weak AA, but Nelson does have better map selection.
  9. I love both. Unlike some of the other players, I really don’t have problem with making credits, possibly due to fact that every single T10 I own has type 20 camo. Having said that, I would still choose Missouri, because of the higher degree of versatility it offers. Plus I do have the Yamato.
  10. I did set it to ultra high. Surprisingly, setting sound to ultra high does not kill my laptop, but I never tried it with tiny laptop speakers before, because it would not make sense, or so I thought anyway. Setting graphics settings to anything above low makes game completely unplayable. Frame rates drop dramatically.
  11. So, I was playing this game since day one on crappy laptop, lowest settings possible. I never thought sound was important, I always focused on video. Anyway, ordered Alienware desktop, the rest of system comes in tomorrow, but I got sound system today. I decided to hook it up, just to see what the game sounds like, set sound to ultra high. The system is Bose Companion 5, does not require any software or sound card upgrade. So, I hooked everything up, and took Yamato out. Holy Yamato, those guns rattle my windows, and the rest of sounds - WOW. Boy, was I missing out. Airplanes flying over deck rumble the floor, and those weather effects... Also never knew the turrets make sounds when rotating. Also incoming shells make amazing sounds on approach, I never heard that before. I wonder what the graphics will look like on 25 inch gaming screen with ultra high settings - that remains to be seen. Tomorrow. I wonder. Cant wait!
  12. What is poi?

    KEK comes from World of Warcraft. In order to prevent two major factions, Horde and Alliance, from communicating with each other, special vocabularies were developed. So basically each N letter word would be translated into N letter word from that vocabulary. KEK is what appears in Alliance chat when Horde character types LOL.
  13. It should be 10% for T2, 20% for T3 and so on, with 90% on T10.