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  1. No perma-Space Camo?

    If I somehow get that Paris skin (rare container drop?), I am totally getting République... The rest of skins - either I already have the ship or the skin is not cool enough to go for the ship.
  2. I read the relevant article, and checked all of the announced rewards (i.e. flag, expendable sci-fi camo, and some new patches), but there's nothing about those special skins. They look really good, and you do have the existing history of making event specific skins available for purchase (or rare drop from container) in-game. Will those space skins be made available as optional skins for the ship those skins were designed for?
  3. I beat this game, for now

    Personally, when it comes to playing high tiers, I find that I vastly prefer Musashi and Missouri over any of the T10 ships I have (I have 7 tier 10 ships in port, all with 19 point captains and permanent camouflage). So, the motivation to play (let alone grind) T10 ships is not quite there for me... I don't play clan wars, so for me the only reason to take T10 ship out is either very specific mission (earning high number of ribbons for example is an excellent reason to take Khabarovsk out, doing certain amount of fire damage is begging for Conqueror), or grinding out an emblem requirement.
  4. I beat this game, for now

    Congrats on beating the game with your T10 ships! Now if you check server stats for the last two weeks (or all time for that matter) you will not find any T10s in top 5 ships by WR in solo, 2-ship, or 3-ship categories... So much for useless low tiers.
  5. Isoroku Yamamoto

    Thing is, I already had 19 point captains on both Yamato and Zao when Yamamoto came out, but I really wanted to have the red tracers and fireworks - so I put my generic 19 point Yamato captain in reserve, and trained Yamamoto as my 19 point Yamato captain. But after I got Musashi, I moved my original Yamato captain back, and put Yamamoto on Musashi. So now I have dedicated 19 point captains in Yamato and Musashi, thanks to Yamamoto.
  6. Is République a must have?

    My two T9 go to ships are Musashi and Missouri. Alsace has nothing on those two, so the motivation to get one is not there. Unless grinding to the T10.
  7. I have handful of T10 BBs and they are all specced slightly differently with only three things in common, all of them have Fire Prevention, Expert Marksman, and Adrenaline Rush. The rest of skills are adjusted depending on the ship, for example I had to sacrifice Concealment Expert on GK in order to have working secondary build with Fire Prevention.
  8. Mine ended up on Saipan with 19 points. With John Doe in Missouri, with part time duty on Alabama and Arizona. The only two US captains I ever had.
  9. Well, some people never give up. They eventually learn from their mistakes, and start to gain an upper hand. Clearly this is not the case with you.
  10. Spoken like some elitist sunshine with incredible stats... But its not the case. Trolling much?
  11. Some carriers are played specifically to lose a game so they can boost carrier stats for the CV on the other team. Its likely a secondary account that sync dropped into queue with the "real" CV, I have seen it happen often enough. It does not work with other types, CVs are rare enough to pull this off. If the "dummy" CV does not land into same game with primary CV, then that player may play it half AFK, that's where you see some really poor play as opposed to total AFK.
  12. Some (if not most) of players don't play for stats. They might have other motivations. For example someone wants to get a Yamato, and they don't care what their performance is. They never stop and think what they are going to do with that Yamato. They just want it, because it was the thing they liked when they were growing up. They will keep playing to get that one ship they want, regardless of their performance. And they will simply spam randoms in their free time, because it grants better XP rewards, so even with poor WR they will still grind the ship they want faster than coop. Then, once they get Yamato, they may want to get Iowa or what not, whatever tickles their fancy.
  13. What is this supposed to mean? How do you know there's no hope of improving? "No hope of improving" is a defeatist attitude. It's not on the game, its on you. As a matter of fact when I just started playing WoT, I had a losing record of 48% or so for the first few hundred games (or perhaps even couple thousand?). With time it improved to above average, and at no point did I think that I had "no hope of improving".
  14. Is République a must have?

    IIRC correctly I faced off against them primarily in Yamato and Conqueror, and it made a superb target to those guns. Conqueror HE loves that tinfoil on top, and Yamato AP loves the sheer size of the target. Most common mistakes on those seems to be overextending, and that's of course on the commander. But server stats suggest it does similar damage to Conqueror but applies it to better target selection, so perhaps it has the potential? I am still having doubts though...
  15. I was not into French BBs, but WG gave me Richelieu along with missions that got Alsace unlocked, plus unique captain that is almost at 19 points by now. I can grab République with minimal grind, if its worth the trouble. I already have 3 T10 BBs in port, Yamato/GK/Conqueror. Does République bring anything new and refreshing into the mix, or I should pass on it?