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  1. I stick to the ships that I like playing for fun. I despise grinding, so I spend my early(ish) days in wows to grind out certain number of ships I thought I would enjoy, I no longer grind. These days I usually stick to playing Yamato (w. legendary upgrade) and Republique. Sometimes I jump on Missouri and Musashi, recently throwing Kronshtadt into the mix. Kronshtadt is starting to grow on me, especially with the arms race - you can get into radar range of the objective(s) and have some fun. Missouri is also awesome for close in radar support. Musashi works real well in mid to close range on arms race, where accuracy matters less and faster reload and turret traverse (over Yamato with legendary) starts to pay out.
  2. The new Garbage AI. round 2.,

    You know, I saw 1,000,000 in your location verbiage, and for a brief moment there I actually thought that someone played 1,000,000 battles. This was some serious wth moment for me.
  3. You quoted yourself and gave yourself pat on the back.
  4. If you want T10 BB with aggressive play-style, Republique can work. I think you are wrong about the "extremely passive play" because I spend all my time in T10 battles, with pretty rare exceptions for occasional Missouri, Musashi, and Kronshtadt game, and I don't play passively. Some T10 ships can't play passively and are some of the most aggressive ships in game. For example Zao or HIV can't remain in the static position for long, they can't bow tank like Moskva, island camp like Worcester, or sit in smoke like Minotaur. Same goes for Khabarovsk, most don't even have smoke. Those guys have to stay on the move and keep shelling. How's that for "extremely passive play"?
  5. Your experience with high tier meta involves using T10 cruisers without learning how to use them right, as evidenced by your stats. Your hands on experience with BBs in high tier meta involves using Yamato for 1 battle. If anyone opinion about T10 meta is biased, it would be yours.
  6. Yeah, this is payback time for me being able to pronounce Khabaravosk perfectly. I will never be able to pronounce this one right.
  7. Well, you do have to sacrifice a lot to have it in high tiers. You either have to be willing to nerf your stealth or gun range. If you keep both you are losing number of key talents to have 3 final skills. That’s not to say you can’t make it work, especially on certain DDs that could care less about stealth or gun range (Khabarovsk and Shima come to mind), but you do have to compromise to get it working on most DDs, at least in high tiers.
  8. It’s quite adequate at smashing brainless bots, yes.
  9. Republique secondaries?

    In order to go full secondary, you have to use upgrades that compromise her main guns. It’s not too bad on a ship like GK, because her guns are kind of meh outside of secondary range anyway. But for Republique her main guns is her bread and butter, so full secondary build is really inferior to build that prioritizes her main armament. Her armor is actually pretty good against AP, especially at brawling ranges, but her thin upper armor makes her exceptionally vulnerable to pretty much all HE she sees at the tier. So if you try to get into closer range, you will be melted by fire spam. AP is really good. It’s the unique combination of large caliber and high shell speed that makes for terrific penetration and ballistics. It may not hit as hard as Yamato, but it sure is easier to land those shots on mobile target.
  10. That is pretty good amount of free XP @Lert, I had a fair number of those 20k free XP games lately, but not anymore. All my super cool signals ran out. But I did manage to make 714,694 Free XP in exactly one week
  11. I suspect Borgogne will cost coal (Salem style), and Jean Bart will be free XP. I would love to get both. Sorry, Salem and Alaska will just have to wait their turn.
  12. Yamato is my other go to BB ever since I got legendary upgrade for her. For me it's a tie between Yamato and Republique, with Missouri and Musashi next in line.
  13. Yeah, me want. Any news on it?
  14. Finaly Had Enough

    Endless chat bans and this post indicates that you can’t keep your crap to yourself, and you expect people on your team owe you something. You won’t be missed.
  15. Never had any desire to play French BBs, but first WG gives me mission for Richelieu and then they release that really good looking Paris skin. I could not bring myself to pay for the other space skins, simply because I purchased Type 20 camo for those T10s that could have a space skin in my port prior to this whole space event. So, I got République just so I could sport the one space skin I ever purchased. But, the more I played it, the more I liked it. I am liking BB that I never wanted in the first place, over something like Yamato that I was grinding hard to get. Anyone else had similar experience in game?