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  1. But what about icebergs? I wonder what would happen if warships ran into the middle of iceberg at 30 knots...
  2. Many people seem to underestimate how crucial of an impact the relationship of the ship to MM is. Take Musashi for example, it's "just" a T9 Yamato with slightly worse accuracy and nerfed AA, but that MM advantage is causing substantial disparity in win rates between these two ships. I am willing to bet that the way Kron is cheating MM is giving it an advantage that can not be ignored.
  3. Ramsalot

    Buying Jean Bart

    I am afraid Jean Bart was used to empty coal reserves, so that people are tempted to spend real currency on Alaska when they release it in the same fashion. Perhaps they will even sell some containers containing coal in premium shop.
  4. Ramsalot

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    Well, until WG announces what currency new premiums will be sold for, I am going to stop paying for premium time and papa papa flags. It looks like free XP is no longer the currency of the realm, I'm afraid currency is the currency of the realm...
  5. République and Jean Bart are using identical Engine Boost consumable, but I only have one slot 2 upgrade module (and no coal/coupon for another one). Any suggestions? I am leaning toward Jean Bart, because I feel République often has to take more heat than Jean Bart, and thus could benefit more from Damage Control upgrade in 2nd slot.
  6. I don't have any problem with people playing PvE to their heart content, my son is playing co-op all the time. But I find it really funny that you say "it is stale and boring" when I did handful of T10 legendary 15 win runs in co-op on bunch of ships, and it was nothing but completely mindless roflstomp each and every game. If that's not stale and boring, I don't know what is. In order to have any sort of challenge, there must be some possibility to lose a game. My son started playing co-op knowing absolutely nothing about the game, and his WR is 98%.
  7. Ramsalot

    USS Texas 9.99

    Yes, that's how it always starts. I started my kid up with $9.99 Texas, now after Molotov and Scharnhorst he's playing on Roma with Kobayashi camo
  8. Well, I have a confession to make. My very first ship in this game was Tirpitz. Followed by Atago. In my defense I did take time to learn the game with my Tirpitz in co-op battles, all 17 of them, after that it was all randoms. Apparently I never took Atago to co-op, ever. So, many games over I came back to Tirpitz these last couple of days, and the ship is actually pretty damn good! Surprise!!! I think I am going to go and check Atago now...
  9. Ramsalot

    Salem or Musashi?

    Thanks. I was just curious. I am caught up with all of the free XP premiums (Mo, Nelson, Musashi, Kron), and hoarded just over 1 million free XP for the upcoming premiums. I am very hesitant to spend the coal I have for Salem, I have just enough to buy it with coupon but first I want to see how Bourgogne, Jean Bart, and Alaska will be offered.
  10. Ramsalot

    Salem or Musashi?

    Did I miss the memo? Was there any talk about removing Musashi? Unfortunately I can't recommend one over the other to the OP, since I don't have hands on experience with neither Salem nor DM. Musashi is very capable ship, I can definitely vouch for that. As a BB main I don't have much respect for DM nor Salem, the other T10 cruisers usually give me more trouble. DDs can have different opinion though...
  11. Ramsalot

    Captains Name.

    You can’t. If the two have identical names and are not unique case like Yamamoto, you can only change first or last name for both at the same time. So they will still retain same names even if you keep changing them.
  12. Nothing from regular containers, I got a gift of 5x premium Halloween containers from a friend, and one of them dropped Leviathan camo for North Carolina with bonus personal mission for matching captain Max Strauss. Oh wait! Regular containers dropped Halloween camo Igor and Urashima, I forgot.
  13. Ramsalot

    Unsung hero

    Must have been memorable game, since I did not mention any names
  14. Servers are totally fine. I had major issues with game lag, ISP had assured me it was no their fault. I ended up changing the router, and it fixed all of the issues.
  15. Ramsalot

    Unsung hero

    Just had the honor of being in the match with this accomplished gentleman on his amazing Midway. It was glorious!