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  1. Ramsalot

    Very Experienced Players

    Personally I would look at people with high number of higher tier games in randoms, because the experience one gets in coop or low tier games is of questionable quality. But what do I know.
  2. This was an interesting loss
  3. Oh so they found a way to monetize the daily reward system, how thoughtful. It’s fine. In my opinion the player base is divided into players that will willingly pay and players that will never pay no matter what. And over time some of the players that are willingly paying now will become the non-paying kind. And monetizing parts of the game will not change that.
  4. Yeah makes sense. That’s fine, I had fun. I remember there used to be some daily missions rewarding steel, but I guess they removed those.
  5. Or maybe this mission is not daily, but available for two weeks or so, and I caught it on the last day, is that the case?
  6. After taking a long break from the game, decided to play few battles this morning for old times' sake. Not grinding missions, not farming XP, just for fun. After couple of random battles, I decided to give brawl a try, and had some fun, thank you. Checked the log - eight wins out of eight games, not a single loss, started first game at 8:06 and ended last game at 9:26. Then I decided to check the Combat Missions, to see if I picked up any amazing rewards for playing brawls... Oh my, in order to pick up coal you have to win 41 brawls in one day? Really? It took 1 hour 20 minutes to win 8 battles, so we are talking about 6 hours 40 minutes of play time without losing a single battle, factor in some losses and breaks and there goes your Saturday. Whoa, I am impressed.
  7. Ramsalot

    Can we make a difference?

    You also have to consider that certain percentage of veteran population (including people that visit forum) simply stop spending any money with time as part of “burn out” process or whatever you want to call it. I still play the game occasionally, and still visit forum (although I don’t post nearly as often as I used to), but I did stop spending any money on this game a long while back. I believe February 2019 was the last time I paid for anything with real money. So the closing wallet part has already happen with some players quite some time ago, regardless of recent events.
  8. Ramsalot

    Pick ONE ship?

    100% this, Giulio Cesare. Everything about this ship is balanced perfectly well, it has the firepower, mobility, stealth, and enough staying power. It has accurate guns with working HE and AP. It can play battleship role well when top tier, and heavy cruiser role when bottom tier, and it never has to deal with tier 8 ships of all classes. It even has the looks, in my opinion it's one of the best looking ships in the entire game, and it's camouflage compliments the design of the ship quite well. Add to all that 21 point Italian captain that gives more gunnery range after 1 kill, and it really becomes the top choice.
  9. Ramsalot

    Combat Missions: Yamato

    I recently took a break from high tiers, and started to play mid-tiers (majority of my time in this game has been in top tiers). They want to provide incentive to play Yamato by giving me rewards that will last 3-4 games? Really?
  10. I did not play in a while, today I had very frustrating game in Hindenburg. I fired a total of 233 HE shells that caused only 5 fires. Case in point: same battle, 73 HE shells on Pommern, T9 battleship to my T10 cruiser (I understand tier difference affects fire chance as well, since shooting from T7 Lazo to T9 Musashi would be rather horrible experience, but this is not the case), ONE fire. What? Fire chance is supposed to be 15%. At 233 shells fired, I would expect it to be at about 35 fires to 5 fires total, or in case of Pommern 11 fires to 1 fire total. I realize talents on opposing side are supposed to reduce these fires, but by seven to 11 times reduction? Really?
  11. double post, doh
  12. Ramsalot

    Angry YouTuber Review of the New Destroyer Skills

    This is just it. So far I tried Yamato, Thunderer, and Republique with 21 skill commanders and deadeye. Republique was the least boring of the three, but still pretty boring compared to cruisers. What I have not tried is putting that 21 point Yamamoto on Yoshino... That should be an interesting one to try.
  13. Frankly, I found both Yamato and Musashi quite capable before skill reset, and new skills did not change all that much. I played around with deadeye and super heavy skills, but found those rather situational at best. The only ship where I actually use deadeye is Thunderer, because Yamato and Musashi are still capable mid to close range BBs in the end game, while Thunderer always prefers to stay at range.
  14. Ramsalot

    Angry YouTuber Review of the New Destroyer Skills

    Looking forward to other ship classes. After some fiddling around with new skills I simply select recommended skills and call it a day, having 21 skill commanders on all the favorite ships by now. I had enough 19 pointers to upgrade 7 commanders of different nations to 21 points, so I have one for US, U.K., Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy, and France. It helps that most of the ships I play, aside from T10, are premiums, so in effect I can play seven T10s with full skill set with pretty much every premium for those seven nations. Different premiums of same class do call for different skill sets sometimes, so these sort of break downs are very useful to find middle ground, until specialized commanders can be skilled up.
  15. Ramsalot

    Cruisers...anything worth taking?

    I have personally shredded same tier DD from full health to dead before it could disappear on the following cruisers: Colbert, Minotaur, Worcester, Smolensk, Venezia, Belfast, Atlanta, Flint Arguably some of these ships have to be in the right place in the right time, especially when not having radar equipped. But ambushing DD in close range on something like Colbert makes for one very sad DD.