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  1. Ramsalot

    Help me choose a tier 9 BB

    Based on your performance, you will lose money on any tech tree T9 BB. If economy is of any concerns you either have to get premium T9, or pay for the permanent camouflage on tech tree BB of your choice. Based on information you provided I can recommend Alsace or (to a lesser extent) Iowa, with permanent camo.
  2. Ramsalot

    done with ingame chat

    Really? Take a chill pill. I played this game since day one, you will not find one post of me complaining about game chat. In fact it is really awesome compared to other games, they plain out disabled cross team chat in tanks.
  3. Ramsalot

    My investment in this game is complete

    Well, some forms of entertainment are better for you and your family than the others. But I can still fit some for warships. For example yesterday I took my family for 8 hour bicycle ride along the ocean coast (Southern California). We use pedal assisted e-bikes, the kind of bikes that don’t provide power unless you do your part pedaling, so it’s actually pretty good work out, and we cover a lot of miles. But I did play warships for a couple of hours before my family woke up.
  4. This is normal. Any non historical permanent camouflage that you choose to hide in your options will revert back to default permanent camouflage skin when rendered on your client. Same for other people. For example all of those expensive space camouflages other people sport in the game render as regular permanent camo for me.
  5. None. For better or for worse, I don’t play tech tree ships lower than tier 10. Ironically, the only true candidate for T8 permanent camo would be Takao, but you can’t mount this particular camo on it. All other premium ships all come with camo that is much better looking than this new year art project.
  6. Ramsalot

    WG, Flint's AA needs to be looked at.

    Today I had second battle when T10 CV had a thing going for my Colbert, focusing Colbert above anything else. Just like the first time, I changed my position to take advantage of friendly cover, and ended up with crapload of plane kills. Survived both these games to win them. I had similar game on Worcester when CV focused me above all else, he failed to kill me. Now I did have few games when enemy CV focused me and I did not make it. Last of those was in Alaska, he got me there.
  7. Ramsalot

    Tickets for player misconduct

    Most non-verbal violation will not result in any action. Ramming, team damage, pushing out of smoke - good luck with that. WG will likely get to you with default copy paste response, but no action will be taken. The most common way to get someone actually chat banned for short duration is to report them for verbal misconduct in game chat citing violation of the section 12.1.6 of the EULA, you simply need to provide a screenshot of the offense: 12.1.6 transmitting or communicating any content which, at the sole and exclusive discretion of Wargaming, is deemed offensive, including language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, discriminatory, or otherwise objectionable, or that constitutes cyberbullying;
  8. Ramsalot


    There is a reason I am very reluctant to go after FOTM new shiny T10 everyone considers OP. Back in the day Khabarovsk was pretty awesome, before any of the nerfs. I got it, and right now it’s not the same ship, it got hit pretty hard. Well, I learned my lesson. None of the ships I got after Khabarovsk got heavily nerfed, because I am steering clear of certain ships. Never got Henri nor Kleber. I did get Venezia, it was never considered OP due to lack of HE, and the rest of the line is too meh to nerf it, so I grabbed it.
  9. Take off your tinfoil hat. I play on the regular since this game came out, predominantly solo randoms, never had any “RNG bracket” issues.
  10. Ramsalot

    Dont see point of tech tree ships anymore

    Yes, being able to close in and tank a lot of damage in BB goes a long way in helping you influence the battle for your team at the right time. It gives your BB crucial utility that is more often than not can make all the difference. Same reason tech tree cruiser like Worcester in the right hands can be more useful to your team than Smolensk or Colbert.
  11. Ramsalot

    Hindenburg in current state and meta

    You sort of forgot Republique and Ohio.
  12. So, Hindenburg is one cruiser I was thinking about, but never got. It underwent number of changes, both nerfs and buffs, and certain ships were introduced that can punish it pretty hard. How is it now, is it still worth getting?
  13. Ramsalot

    Salty players

    I am tired of people complaining about CVs. I have first hand experience playing CVs, and playing against CVs, before and after rework. Good CV player before rework could dominate the game. Good player after the rework can influence the game just about the same in any other class. Myself, having high tier CVs, I prefer pretty much any other ship type to play in solo randoms. CV don’t feel any more powerful than battleship, cruiser, or destroyer of equal tier. I have zero problems playing vs enemy CV on other ship types. I am talking about high tier solo randoms. I am sure things are different for low tier ships with poor AA that have to face two higher tier CVs per game, perhaps this is where most of the complaints originate. But in high tier meta I can’t complain about CVs. Good DD drivers will cause more problems than good CV driver any day.
  14. Ramsalot

    WOWS camo price a bad joke

    In WOT playing T9/T10 tanks only is going to bankrupt you unless you are running premium time and/or game bonuses with limited availability in game. Premium T9/T10 tanks don’t come with any economy bonuses. Permanent camo available for money does not come with any economy bonuses. Of course, you can pay real money for gold and then use that to buy premium shells, and then you can spam high tier games indefinitely. This will cost so much real money so fast that it will you dizzy. You can easily blow $50 US per day. In WOWS playing T9/T10 ships only is actually viable if you run permacamo, even without premium time and other economy bonuses, period. It might be expensive to initially acquire this camo, but it’s nature is permanent. The difference is literally night and day. If I want to play tanks, I basically MUST play certain tanks that I don’t want to play. In warships I get to play ships I want to play, 100% of the time.
  15. Ramsalot

    WG...refund requested afterHenry nerf

    Like Russian boats don’t get nerfed. When I first got Khaba, it had better range, better concealment, better agility, and better torpedoes. Now it’s also one of the two DDs that BBs get bonus damage on with AP, nice.