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  1. Ramsalot

    Missing the Kronshtadt

    Well... Once in a while you will see competently driven Kronshtadt doing great things. Every time you see this, you will be sad, but you will tell yourself you should not care.
  2. Ramsalot

    Doubt anyone will care...

    Grats, I also have all of tech tree T10 BBs in my port, and I also favor Monty with Repub as a close second for multiple reasons. In a word, versatility is the name of the game. I find these two have the best combination of effective firepower, decent mobility, and fair armor profile. Other BBs often fall short in one or more categories.
  3. Secondary GK is rubbish in randoms, if you go part way it’s simply not worth it, and if you go full secondary you give us skills that result in your ship punished heavily if you do try to approach your effective secondary range in any way that matters. Of course you can play it safe at stay at further engagement ranges until your opposition softens, but then your full secondary build will be wasted for most of match anyway, and your main guns will not be as effective. It does work real well in co-op, what what does not?
  4. I got some holiday loot boxes in WoT to get the unique 3D skins for some of my tanks, and accumulated enough gold from those boxes to buy few months worth of premium time within WoT client. All this premium time applied very nicely to warships, and I did it a couple of days ago. I’d be rather upset if it did not work, since I play warships more often than tanks, but this premium time did share between games. I am not sure if buying premium time directly from premium shop on website will do the same though. Oh, one interesting thing I noticed, if you have 30 days of warships specific premium time sitting on top of several months of “generic” premium time, the warships game client will count down warships specific premium time in UI and say you have 30 days left, so you currently don’t see your generic premium duration until warships premium runs out.
  5. Ramsalot

    How can I get Mushashi?

    Hahaha, hard hitting secondaries, you tell a funny story. You want hard hitting 155-ish rifles, you definitely need to look elsewhere. Hard hitting, heh, you made my day
  6. Ramsalot

    Diaries of a Wallet Whale

    I must be getting old. I did not spend a single dollar, and I don’t feel bad in the slightest. I really have no use for the consumable camos, been done with lines that I wanted for a while now, and every single ship I play has permanent camo...
  7. Ramsalot

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    I can easily pull this off, not boasting or anything... But I am not doing this, not unless it just happens naturally. Why would I want another T6 port queen? Bleh...
  8. Ramsalot

    Graf Spee special camo missing

    You could not buy W207 Camouflage (HSF looking camo) for regular Graf Spee. It only comes with the HSF Admiral Graf Spee premium ship. That is probably not going to become available in the future.
  9. Ramsalot

    Graf Spee special camo missing

    They moved the special camo choices over to Arsenal, they are no longer available among all other camo options under Exterior tab. Having said that, I did not see any special camo for Graf Spee, perhaps you meant Scharnhorst?
  10. He had an ample opportunity to try other ship types hands on, including CVs. BBs are his thing apparently.
  11. I know right, is it not amazing? One LEGO toy can set you back more than that, and provide way less entertainment over the course of time for your kid. This is a true bargain I tell you!
  12. My son only ever uses three ships on his account, and he has a pretty good time. Scharnhorst, Massachusetts B, and Musashi is what he swears by, and seems to be doing quite well in. I am somewhat jealous, having spend much time grinding sizable flotilla of ships that I have at my disposal, while he could not care less.
  13. Ramsalot

    Special emblems?

    I saw a player today with an emblem that is not listed under available emblems, and there's no tooltip or anything that goes with it. Is there place where these are listed?
  14. Ramsalot

    New Kobayashi Camo coming for Yamato?

    Roma is actually not bad in all honesty. Thing is, it’s really stealthy and mobile with pretty potent ambush guns. So it can be made to work well in T10 matches where most of other T8 battleships can struggle in comparison.
  15. Ramsalot

    New Kobayashi Camo coming for Yamato?

    It is not so much about the can. He simply prefers the way ship looks with default camo on, and I agree with him.