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  1. Ramsalot

    Agir Final Review

    Your Alaska must have defective guns, because mine damages just fine. In fact my Alaska and Alaska B do more damage on average than my Missouri and Iowa.
  2. Ramsalot

    So, what’s new?

    Frankly, I don’t remember. Some T6 or T7, but with all of those fancy signals and camos the amount of both normal and free XP you get per game add up to incredible numbers. WOT also has some crazy x5 boosters you can get for certain missions and special promotions, if you stack those up with certain directives you can also pull in monstrous numbers. But such boosters seem to be quite rare in WOT, at least for me. Two things are for certain: 1. Economy in WOT is harsh, due to absence of premium camo for high tier tanks in combination with no credit boosting premiums above tier 8. They do have sort of economy signals in the shape of credit boosters, but WG seems to be very reluctant to give away such boosters, at least when you compare it with warships. 2. Commander training in WOWS is walk in the park compare to crew training in WOT. Once you get your first favorite commander to 19, it’s pretty short trip to other 19 skill commander, and then they just keep multiplying. In WOT playing one crew has next to zero practical affect on other crews. You can still throw free XP into it, but it’s not effective when monstrous amounts of XP are required per crew member to progress. WG did change things where they allow you to spend 2,000,000 in game credits to substantially boost the crew XP, but it is only effective on new crews and the returns you get quickly diminish once you get 3 skills. At least getting 3 skill crew is now possible in an instant, if you dump the sort of money T10 vehicle would cost. Which sounds okay in warships, but like I said WOT economy is harsher.
  3. Ramsalot

    So, what’s new?

    Did you have enough silver for next T8 in the line? What about T9 and T10? What about directives? Normally one T10 would drain any silver and directives I have, and after that I would have to step away from tech tree to grind enough silver for next tank. This takes a lot of extra time to get silver, and without directives things come to a turtle pace to grind all the T8 and T9 modules.
  4. Ramsalot

    So, what’s new?

    I have a total of 12 tier 9 tanks that I enjoy playing the most and 5 tier 10 tanks that I only take out when very specific missions have to be completed. All of these tanks have highly skilled crews with 3-5 skills per crew member, and since crews can’t be shared between tech tree tanks that is 17 separate crews. The amount of grind time and skill ceiling in tanks is significantly higher than what warships requires. For example I remember getting Venezia in literally couple of days. Colbert took me 1 month to grind. In tanks getting one T10 tank will take over one month of concentrated effort, and longer than that for a decent crew.
  5. Ramsalot

    So, what’s new?

    I did not leave because of the changes, I was having my share of fun. I left because I tried to play some of my favorite tanks, and found that the MM changes made them fun again, plus they had battle pass event. Then quarantine started, and “working from home” enabled me to get event rewards, two new T10 tanks, and three new T9 tanks fully upgraded and equipped with decently skilled crews. But now that all of this is done, I am thinking of giving warships their time in the sun.
  6. Ramsalot

    So, what’s new?

    I stepped away from Warships and went back to playing tanks right after the IFHE change. Did anything new happen since then? Do Smolensk and Colbert still have the power to annoy people? Are CVs still being complained about? I can tell you that I am finding arty and the new wheelies in WOT a lot more annoying than CVs ever were in WOWS.
  7. Yeah, well, after spending several thousand dollars on this game I adopted policy of no more spendings.
  8. Ramsalot

    Colbert -- What am I doing wrong?

    I am not an expert in Colbert, did 128 battles in it, but my numbers are in solid green with above 54% WR and averaging 92k damage. I prefer to stick to open water style, but you have to pick your position with care. I found islands to be too situational to be reliable in most conditions, but I will use cover when I can. Colbert can deal with large and slow targets very effectively at max gun ranges, where its mobility allows you to dodge most of incoming fire. When it comes to fighting mobile targets with high velocity accurate guns, you are at disadvantage, so pick your fights carefully.
  9. When it comes to events, the only ships I found to be in the solid “forget getting it for free” territory were Cossack, Benham, and Puerto Rico. I made my peace with those. I figured anything above T7 with “premium” badge is hell grind or money. The lower tier ships were relatively easy to pick up, including ships like Lazo, Gorizia, and London, plus the commanders.
  10. Ramsalot

    buy smolensk for steel? need advice.

    Had an interesting game today, where it was my Yoshino and red Smolensk left, so we had a shoot out at relatively short range. I did not take any chances with AP, because I did not want to risk overpens with my ship being low on health (his was almost mint). Well, Yoshino HE volleys broke his rudder and engine a coupe of times, and he literally turned into sitting duck, I wonder if recent changes are to blame or Yoshino always hurts like that.
  11. With unique upgrade Khaba gets some range and reload back.
  12. Full fire build works, just hope you never run into Hindenburg with unique upgrade and full anti-fire setup. It will laugh at you.
  13. Ramsalot

    Final word on IFHE changes?

    Usually I try to remain as positive as I can, but in this case you are 100% correct. This is third time WG is making changes that push me to play different ships (different from my ships of choice before the change). This is actually beginning to bother me at this point.
  14. Ramsalot

    Final word on IFHE changes?

    Exactly. They talk about 152-155mm guns, but it would seem the fire chance nerf would affect guns across all calibers. All things considered this change seems to negatively impact ships with DD caliber guns to a higher degree than other ships.
  15. Did anyone do the math on how this change affects the potential damage output? I am particularly interested in how it would affect ships that use DD caliber guns, ships like Atlanta, Flint, Smolensk, Colbert, and Khabarovsk. Currently I am leaning toward taking DE over IFHE.