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  1. Be careful what you wish for. World of Tanks implemented MM change where they match 7 T8 tanks with 5 T9s and 3 T10s. As a result, T8 tanks end up as bottom tier nearly all of the time, as pretty much any tier except T9 and T10.
  2. My grandfather was bombardier in VVS during WW2, small world...
  3. Well, I studied the subject in detail. I don't want to get all worked up on all this, but... The bombing campaign definitely helped, but German production was ramping up during the initial stages. So while bombing helped, it failed to actually reduce the production capacity, it was just tapping the breaks on it a little. Later in the war, it changes drastically due to multiple factors. But at this point things were really turning against Germany on multiple vectors.
  4. US/RAF bombing campaign failed to reduce German war production in any significant way until after key strategic victories on the Eastern front. Germany still enjoyed full scale production output in July 1943 when battle of Kursk took place.
  5. 10 years ago. The event you are alluding to prompted massive rearmament programs in all brunches of the military. Your information is quite dated.
  6. Germany fielded the very best western weapon systems ever used in combat for the WW2 time period. Russian made weapon systems did a good job kicking the living guano out of those systems.
  7. @Dr_Whale_Tail this has nothing to do with you winning Texas. When these containers were originally introduced, I would also get pretty high drop rate at first. I did not win any ships, mostly flags and some free XP. Then, drop rate was drastically reduced - that is the only explanation that I can come up with. I did not keep exact record, but I feel that I got vast majority of my super containers when they were first introduced. Now they are exceedingly rare.
  8. If WG locks ranked grind and restricts it to playing many battles in T10 ships, they can potentially make more money as a company... As opposed to having players fall back to T8 (and potentially have some players make a lot of money using premiums on their way back to rank 10). Making rank 10 irrevocable is a smart business decision.
  9. On the bright side, ever since you can unlock secondary colors on permanent camouflage for IJN, Musashi looks really awesome in blue tint. So much that I hardly ever equip HSF camo, especially since all my captains got maxed out...
  10. Why? Why would I do ranked, ever? Okay - I will play a few games to rank 10 for flags, it’s worth the trouble in rewards. I already have my Jolly Roger. WG said they plan to sell reward ships for some resource earned in game, but even then - Flint is outclassed by Belfast, and Black is no longer the only radar DD. Why invest the time for no additional reward?
  11. Why are you still playing?

    I am the player that has it the other way around. I like everything about the game, but I almost stopped playing. It’s not game fault, I just don’t have any ships and captains to grind, and no objectives to work on. Plus my son really likes playing WOT lately and he likes it when I can help him out in a platoon, so it’s sort of digital version of father/son time. My attempts to get him into warships have failed thus far.
  12. I am using Yamamoto captain in my Musashi, and recently this happened... It was a fairly close game, and the Yamamoto perks definately did pay off this time. Got almost 7 kills as well...
  13. We finally have proof that the game is, indeed, rigged!
  14. What's the best carrybote?

    I don’t know. I normally play randoms, but recently I played handful of games in full secondary specced GK in co-op to finish some missions quickly. I was acting exceedingly suicidal, driving my ship right into the thick of battle and going nuts - never sunk and ended up as top player every game. As far as I am concerned co-op is more or less guaranteed semi-AFK win.
  15. Ranked T10 DD: Your pick?

    Look at the new Russian DD, Grozovoi got no love. Let’s petition WG to put Moskva radar on the poor thing, it will change things around