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  1. GarethOfKelshim

    Clan bonuses not triggering?

    Thank you very much.
  2. GarethOfKelshim

    Convert steel to coal for Jean Bart?

    I have and love the Jean Bart but she isn't going anywhere any time soon. Don't use your steel, just save up until you have enough coal.
  3. GarethOfKelshim

    Clan bonuses not triggering?

    Pretty much all of them. Not maxed out, but coal, steel, free xp, credits, etc. I've looked in the notifications and got nothing. I've also written down the credits, coal, steel I had before the match and manually calculated after matches to see if the bonuses are being given to me without saying so. No such luck. I have a ticket open with wargaming at the moment but I was wondering if anyone else had ever encountered this issue.
  4. GarethOfKelshim

    Clan bonuses not triggering?

    How much oil does one need before they are able to gain the benefits of their clan's naval base? I thought it was only 100, but I have recently joined a new clan and earned 470 oil so far yet am not receiving any of the clan benefits. I am wondering if perhaps it is 1000 oil needed and I am still needing more? Apologies for the noobish question but I have looked all over and cannot find out the answer or see anyone else with a similar problem.
  5. GarethOfKelshim

    WG about the cost of stuff. Can we talk?

    I do buy some stuff, although I also have passed on ships I wanted because I felt the price was too high for me to justify. I wish WarGaming would lower their prices for some of the more expensive items, but I guess they feel this price is giving them the best profit margins. They are a for-profit company after all, so if it works for them then good for them and too bad for me I guess.
  6. GarethOfKelshim

    Do any of you have a "Cursed" Ship?

    Hsienyang. I struggled with it to the point where I was just playing very poorly every time I took it out because I was just mentally expecting to fall apart. It was definitely a case of failing my way through that ship rather than advancing past it.
  7. GarethOfKelshim

    Salem or Jean Bart?

    Of the two, I only own the JB. She is fun, makes money, and plays like a super Richelieu. Take that for whatever it is worth.
  8. GarethOfKelshim

    Alaska before 12/23? Salem or Jean Bart?

    I only own the Jean Bart so I cannot comment on the other two ships, but I can indeed attest that JB is a ton of fun to play. This of course assumes you like the style. Check a couple YouTube vids and make your choice.
  9. GarethOfKelshim

    PSA: More Info On PEF Campaigns

    I'd like to know more about this Steel Monsters campaign. I'm hoping they provide info for that soon.
  10. GarethOfKelshim

    New Blys Camo?

    Does anyone know when the new camo that was in the contest for the Blys will become available? My understanding is that there was going to be a mission to earn it coming up. Thanks to anyone who has an answer.
  11. GarethOfKelshim

    Should I skip HMS Emerald?

    Play the Emerald. It forces you to learn to be very careful and sneaky. It's a bad ship, but not unplayable.
  12. Hi folks, I have a few unique commanders which I have never used on account of very rarely playing the nations they belong to. I'm trying to get into more nations though, so I figure I should ask for advice as to what style ships they all work best in. Here's who I have just sitting around in the port. Franz von Jutland- Germany Alexander Ovechkin-Soviet Viktor Zmanensky -Soviet Alexander Ovechkin- USA John Doe- USA Any advice as to what classes of ships they work best with will be much appreciated. Thank you all very much.
  13. GarethOfKelshim

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    I got the code, but when I enter it into steam it says it is not valid. Not sure this is working any longer.
  14. GarethOfKelshim

    Snowflake Steel Amount

    Thanks guys. That is helpful.
  15. GarethOfKelshim

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    I can't seem to figure this out. I've gone through all the steps, but I am not seeing the game key anywhere.