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  1. Tpaktop2_1

    Raid for the Filth: Results

    Truce CW?? The MM was weird in team alignments. I thought the Mutantovsk and the Angeler help the teams rather well.
  2. Why the HNLMS De Ruyter (1935) is not a premium ship in WoWS is beyond me. That would be a good one for the collection try to be kinder in WoWS game play. Hate gets you nowhere try to aim better. This may be tough since I have cataracts forming in both eyes. What I would like to see from WG is the ability to reject combat missions that I have no interest in completing.
  3. Were you streaming OP? Even Flambass gets sniper streamed
  4. I don't think I have seen one for WoWS. This has got me thinking what has happened within the past year for WoWS. I made a list IMO of the past 2019 WoWS highlights. Hits Benham – how many torps you say? Not enough Exeter – Classic British CA for its tier Black Sharnhorst – classic black and Sharny sweet! Smolensk – Nero plays while Roma burns Twilight battle mode – Truce CW?? I'd enjoyed the trick and treats Space Battle Torpedo beat mode – wicked, fast, and the furious Designer's Table port – Answer that phone will you? French Destroyers – slash, cut, and run! ModStation – Helpful mods in helping me managing WoWS Unique Commanders - Nikolay Kuznetsov, Philippe Auboyneau, and Luigi Sansonetti And yet to come (Update 0.8.11) Puerto Rico shipbuilding event (update 0.8.11) – Makes me appreciate the WoWS shipbuilding process even more. I can't wait for the Puerto Rico Captain's logbook – It is good to see what I have and what I am missing within WoWS universe. Misses CV Rework – It could have gone better. WIP Genova – And you thought the Krasny Krym was bad? Rogue Wave event – Mad Max on the high seas? No thank you. WoWS is not Fortnight Research Bureau – To me some items were not reported correctly when this feature was released. I am not sure if the rewards are worth the re-grind WoWS spawn logic – Is this planned or listening to the YouTube Algorithms? Crash Zone Alpha – Unbalanced map in spawn and game play I suppose this is like most year end reviews. I think it important to highlight from my perspective to the WoWS developers and WoWS Modders what I have seen for the past year. So what is your hits and misses from 2019 WoWS?
  5. Tpaktop2_1

    Scharnhorst B, first impressions

    ^^QFT Derp Best!
  6. Tpaktop2_1

    Black Ships Choices for 2019: a humorous rant.

    Scharnhorst Black, aka Sharny B aka the Black Shiney Horse aka the Black Sharny from Dublin
  7. Everytime I hear the horn music in WoWS, I am reminded of Theon Greyjoy from GoT, when he was assaulted into obsession in killing the guy with the horn. IMO the in game music is tiring now. I am expecting more marshal like music that hypes the game play, instead we get the suicide watch music from the Trento port. So the question I have is what music would you guys like to see in WoWS? like the GoT intro, "In Harms way", Königgrätzer marsch, etc. What will get you excited to hear in the game play? BTW, Designers table is good. It's like "I'm thinking" music.
  8. This is a first play of the tier 7 premium ship Scharnhorst Black, aka Sharny B aka the Black Shiney Horse, in a random battle on the Neighbors map. Two things about the Sharny regular or black is never use HE with main batteries, and watch your broadsides. Otherwise it is a tanky BB. I recommend this ship to everyone for your port. Thank you WG for getting it created. I wonder if it can be called the Black Stallion too?
  9. Tpaktop2_1

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Feedback

    A couple of items to discuss Extra Dockyard tokens - Once the Puerto Rico is built, what happens to the extra tokens that you get from directives and missions? Do they get cashed in for credits, or used in purchasing upgrades from the Armory, or go <poof>? Are draws from Update 0.8.11 Rank sprint battles allowed? Example below I had three draws because I got rammed. Shouldn't there be a deciding parameter base on damage, XP, etc. for this version of rank battle? or is draws the norm? And if the match is a draw do both players lose stars or not? And BTW what you guys have done with this version of the update
  10. Tpaktop2_1

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I'm thankful for the WGCCs. I think their input have educated and helped me with my WoWS game play, along with my clan members. Without them, we would be lost on the seas. I'm thankful for the @Gneisenau013, @Femennenly, @Mr.Conway, @Crysantos, and many other WG staff for being there for us WoWS players, during the good and the bad. You guys keep us on an even keel. I would feel bad if we lose anyone of you guys. I am thankful that ModStation is around for me to use. It helps with my eye sight (cataracts) in sighting until surgery is performed on me. The bad part though is that I have to wait until cataracts gets ultra bad for surgery. Nothing stinks worse in not hitting anything with WoWS gunnery. I'm thankful for the Twilight battle mode. Nothing like trick or treat for a month long in getting signal flags and coal. I would be thankful if I got an Alabama
  11. Does anyone know the % of when Commander Jingles sights the wrong ships sighted and sunk? Is it 3% of the time, %5, or unlimited? I just was wondering what the setting is set for in using Commander Jingles.
  12. This is a new event by Wargaming will involve WoWS players in building the tier 10 Puerto Rico. In summation you build this ship by using shipbuilding tokens and optional doubloons too. I found the whole event cool and informative. I would like to see more of this procedure on future released ships. I wish all premium ships would arrive this way too for your port. It's a Grand slam guys.
  13. I find these videos are helpful for those that don't have the time. Many events planned by the WoWS developers can be better if they expand the concept more in explaining the event either in a post or a video. I find that developers are engineers, and everyone knows you never let an engineer talk to the public. They are on a different world. And I am not saying that is a bad thing. They are not people persons.
  14. True. That is why everything on the PT server is exaggerated.