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  1. During the evacuation of the troops at Dunkirk in 1940, everyone kept asking,Where is the RAF? They may have not always been over the Dunkirk port during during the evacuation, however they were active elsewhere. In World of Warships Operation: Dynamo, I found the RAF. Talk about shock and awe. For a few seconds I had a hard time deciding which fighter squadrons to shoot down.
  2. Never had an issue with the credits and such. I'll check out if there is a penalty for using the commander outside Operation: Dynamo Sorry for the confusion. The DeGrasse cannot be used in Operation: Dynamo, it's just the commander from Operation: Dynamo (French) used for the other French premium ship. ^^^QFT. However the commanders are another matter.
  3. They (WG) gave us two 19 skill point commanders for the Operation: Dynamo. However this is temporary as explained below: WoWS source link It is great to use the French commander in the DeGrasse. I enjoy the elite commander XP roll over for my elite commander XP pool.
  4. The WG checker does many functions: It checks your WoWS files for corruption Checks your network for speed and provides a neat wrap-up package of the reports that WG needs from you. Honestly this should be pinned in the WG support section explaining this program and process. It is pinned here BTW don't forget to check your Windows event logs in the control panel>sys admin tools for application errors too.
  5. I would start here first then work with WG tech support.
  6. Bull, its worse than a NY BB. All the nimbleness is gone. I wish WG would make a decision and stick with it than flip flop with each update for this ship's parameter. FYI WG put the change in the release notes to update your paperwork.
  7. This was a match in which I was not expecting to get my revenge from a previous match. However, it did turn out that way. In addition, sinking the Belfast was icing on the cake for the win. Thanks for the team in the opportunity. I will miss this ship in the next update. It will not be the same. It will go the way the Kagero did.
  8. Yeah I got silly with the "Banzais" in this video. I may do future videos as such. I am glad you'd enjoy the video.
  9. This was a match that I could not believe the ending even if you told me this before the match started. In fact for the first five minutes I thought we lost this match. However staying the course and playing the match through, the stars then started to align themselves into a win. In fact it was not until the last enemy carrier (AFK) that I thought “we got this”. I was happy to hear my carrier team mate telling me the condition of the last enemy battleship. I was able to then formulate my last attack as such. I would like to thank the team for the opportunity of the awards.
  10. In the past year, WG has not provided an artwork gallery for any WoWS new ships or events on a consistent bases. And when they do provide it, the artwork is only there for a couple of months before it is removed. For a latest example, there is no artwork for the HMS Anthony nor the Cyclone from the PT server in a 1280x1090 standard format. Even the Diana being sold in the premium shop now, has no artwork that the fans can use as thumbnails for videos or publication. Another example, wheer can you find a good USS Phoenix or IJN Furutaka artwork by WG? Why can't WoWS have an artwork depository just like WoT? Is it that hard to do?
  11. I still can see it. try it again. That is a strange error message. Try looking at it here Guess who got fired as my photo host?
  12. Are these possible within WoWS?
  13. Granted at times there can be problems on the client side, that sometimes we get biased in pointing where the problems are happening in that direction. However, when you take steps in upgrading your network connections, port forwarding, and other measures to insure your pipe going to WG is wide as possible, things are not what they seem. Background - For the past two updates things started going crazy for me in WoWS game play. For one I would be a night sky when loading into a match during the count down. Once the countdown was over the sky would change back to normal. And at other times, shooting guns or torps would not happen on command. It was like I had a saboteur on my ship disabling my weapons. In addition, in trying to turn to avoid torps would not happen either. Last night at the beginning of one match it took about three minutes of black sky before it popped back to normal. I could see only my team mates for a little while before they disappear. Some of the land markings did the same. It was a navigation nightmare in trying to see. Included was the wackier than most gun dispersion happening. It was like I was at a carnival milk jug ring toss with every round going everywhere except where I was aiming. So to investigate further I got PingPlotter out and start tracking the packets. I found this for a short scan. I got to apologize to WG thinking that the problem was with them. It is not. I have to stop assuming like WG is inserting bugs with their updates. That is my tinhat paranoia in me BTW. So in the end more studying will need to be done and notify to WG tech support when these problems occur. There will be more crappy nights to come in playing WoWS until Telia fixes this. All that we can do is document the problems.
  14. Man, last night was horrible in just trying to play wows. Some times you get black skys when loading, while other nothing would shoot or turn. I did a snapshot of a short time interval using ping plotter and capture this information. BTW, I have the ports forwarded and using fiber. It looks like WG is not the problem and Telia is at it again like old from two years ago. How can Telia get away like this being in business in being such a crappy company?