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  1. And you can use it on the Arkansas Beta too https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/161430-pt-server-arkansas-beta-upgrade-buff-in-the-arsenal/ Which I have it installed.
  2. Yep, notice that too. I wonder if that was a passive "trolling" statement? Maybe they are thinking of something else.
  3. It's not like a state secret It's all published on the WoWS portal.
  4. For those that are not able to play the PT server, here are a couple of videos showing examples of the 3'rd WoWS birthday event collections and rewards coming in September. I hope this helps in understanding for the event. I look forward to the celebration.
  5. What's this copper currency?

    It looks like a new Resource for the Arsenal, like coal and steel. Source: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/bulletin-078/
  6. Has anyone heard anything such as special deal or mission marking the day? Will there be a Founder's day gift? Not expecting it, just trying to get answers for my clan members.
  7. Videos won't embed

    Try using http and not https for the link
  8. Here is a video by the Extra Credits people who have all sorts of videos on game designs. It is interesting when they bring up Portnow's Postulate. So what do you guys think of this video? In RNGJesus's name we praise
  9. I like what you did for the consumables. Instead of defaulting to gold you have it defaulting to credits. Now if you can have the sort filter on the live server. like you have it on the PT server. when doing doubloons to Free XP conversion, this would be great too.
  10. I know it's only a few minutes late, but is there a change in the schedule in the uptime of the PT Server for update 0.7.7? UPDTATE:While I was typing I found Gneisenau013 ninja me and updated the status. Thank you. Update #2 PT server is UP. Thank you.
  11. All prizes will be distributed by July 6th.
  12. It looks like we peaked out the highest at 18,350 yesterday We should be seeing these in the future 16,000 10x of every signal flag 18,000 20x "Commander's Day" Camo (Plus Previous Prize) Based on source: https://stats.wotapi.ru/stats/wows/na/total
  13. The current New York port soundtrack

    Is is me or does the new New York port soundtrack sounds like a Mickey Spillane novel made into a movie? It always reminds of "Chinatown" or "L.A. Confidential" movies. I get a feeling like I am private detective or something when I hear the music.
  14. Let's come down there Furgeson. It was a misunderstanding from my perception on the previous update information. Information changes on a daily basis. That is all.
  15. I had the Cleveland for more than a year. That would explain why the P-Cola has more than the usual XP. It just that the WoWS CC were given the wrong information. Why is WG making the CC liars with disinformation? They change the notes after the release the update. To cover their tracks? Information is only good when it is current and valid. WG edit and change their minds for the release notes which they are entitled to do. An e-mail notice would have been courteous for the change. It's not only Notser made a fool, but there were other such as Flamu. BTW being the CC is more than promoting the game, they are also propagandist of information. I don't like how WG hung them out with bad information. Overall guys my understanding was based on reliable players that loved WoWS. Either those players were doing bad things in given false information or WG lied to them how the rollout was suppose to go for the US CA tree split. Overall I was confused by the information given by multiple sources, which all stated the same information that I knew of the update 0.7.5- 0.7.6 releases. Obviously, my information was dated and not correct after I did the research. Nothing I felt was entitlement, it was just bad information I was basing my opinion on.