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  1. This match was fought on the Trident map in a Epicenter battle mode. Epicenter is our favorite battle mode. I was in a division with my brother were both of us where controlling a HMS Gallant. This is my first Solo Warrior Achievement. I did not realize the award until after the match. And my brother is still mad at me for being as kill thief. Enjoy the video. TL/DR Action report and Comments WoWS Replay https://replayswows.com/replay/14573#stats
  2. So we can't do things like this anymore? Bummer Was the server resources drain that badly for active bot training?
  3. Cesare changes?

    Anyone should get this ship for their port. You won't be disappointed.
  4. I was up til 4 AM EST in completing this campaign. Mistakes were made, such as cancelling the Task 5_2 which was the 150k dam to DDs task. I was 32 HPs away from completion when I cancel it by accident. I got confused when other task rewards popped at the same time. Hey it was early morning. It put me at least an hour behind on the task progress. However I did complete them. Boy is my rear dragging. I need to find a hiding spot at work to rest some.
  5. WHAT IS A POI?!

    Here's a video to explain more Ninja There is even a song about this
  6. Video - Guilio Cesare - Alea iacta est

    I get excited at times and forget which one I am using. The shift key is faster, but the mouse wheel to me seems more life like and traditional. Sort of like taking the time to focus your binocs. To me the shift key can make you loopy real quick if used repeatably. I guess that is why I use the mouse wheel.
  7. This is the Guilio Cesare battleship (BB) played in a random match on the New Dawn map. It is my first match after my computer corrupted the WoWS files. I forget to change my settings prior to this match. This is a Gudbote and worthwhile to purchase for your port. I cannot say enough how happy I am in receiving this ship. Enjoy the Video
  8. Another video on playing the Iwaki on the New Dawn map. Although it was not “Game Perfect” in playing the ship, I enjoyed the match. My thanks to the team for the opportunity for the achievements. To the enemy Orion that nailed me. He got me at the right moment.
  9. Is YouTube anti-WoWS?

    I have 194 videos, mostly of WoWS. My YouTube gaming channel https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UC-f_wzwqpS3lYeVDocdrD3A https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-f_wzwqpS3lYeVDocdrD3A Like I said. I am getting flagged for every one of the WoWS videos.
  10. I look at the ship for performance in what it can do in a match. There are other money making ships out in WoWS world that can do better farming income.
  11. Is YouTube anti-WoWS?

    I know YouTube is going crazy with their AI enforcer for the videos. However every video I put up, even the Christmas crate ones, is marked " Not suitable for most advertisers". One begins to wonder WTH they are doing. Why they mad, its just a game.
  12. First you need to see the patch notes in order to read them. Now I see them.
  13. According to Notser, the Missouri will be pulled from the tech tree in update 7.2. Since he is a WoWS CC, I think he has better information than myself. Don't panic if you don't have it yet. Just be aware there is a deadline now for the ship. Plan accordingly.
  14. I ran into a few players in matches where they discussed the tier X Minotaur was having the same effect of no carriers for matches. So this effect seems to happen at all tiers with high AA ships.
  15. This match is playing the Arkansas Beta Battleship on the Solomon Islands map. The enemy team decided to push strong in the south at capture point A. However their downfall was when the enemy BB's started chasing our carrier instead of teaming up on me. For some reason the enemy team thought they had the curly W win near the end of the match. However it was the enemy Orion making a mistake in showing the bow for easy penetration instead of angling his armor. I thank the team for the opportunity for the awards. I would like to thank WG for giving me such a wonderful ship.