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  1. These are my top 20 Annoying Game Play Mechanics in World of Warships. None of these are game breaking items, however they need to be addressed and documented. Have any of you notice these items too?
  2. I saw this in another forum thread. Sources:
  3. what click bait is this? I thought OP you were talking about this
  4. FYI just tested this in Co-op mode. It happens there too.
  5. I found a new bug that locked up my WoWS GUI. I pressed "B" then the enter key and went into chat. From here the rest is history as shown in the video. I have a tech support ticket on for this problem.
  6. This match was played with my brother in the IJN Fujin on the Strait map. The pair of us were playing as Kakuremino no (hide and seek) Ninjas. We did well on the team despite the Fury Taco ( Furutaka) trying to kill us in the match. When the enemy was looking right they should have been looking left and vice versa. I ended up with Devastating Strike, Confederate, First blood, High Caliber doing 136k in damage. Between the two of us we sunk 42% of the enemy team.
  7. Another gateway to Mordor? Talk about memory leaks in games.
  8. I don't make the rules. I just use them. To be honest I wonder if the other side uses them versus me in matches. In a way this does not allow camping in matches. ^^^QFT. It gives players more options.
  9. This is a must if you have a battleship. enable the war drums sound. Anytime the hidden enemy is coming near your ship the drums kick in. It is a great indicator notifier. The War Drums gives you plenty of time of getting ready for the incoming enemy ships. And the greatest thing of all is that I didn't have to pay for this feature as a skill. I approve of that new feature and encourage others to use it too.
  10. This is a birthday video for my brother who is turning 57 on Sept. 3rd today. I wish him many happy returns and citadels on his day. And yes I can give him a hard time about it, because he is my brother. I have a license for that. So if you see him on the high seas, give him a shout out since he's older now. In addition, send him greetings by air mail too. Happy Birthday Bro!.
  11. I was changing into my brown pants at the time. But yes you are correct on that point.
  12. The answer is blowing in the wind...
  13. But aren't we winners all for playing WoWS? I felt so in playing the Iron Duke in this match. Update: I forgot to mention there is an very good song in the middle of the film about the Iron Duke.
  14. This is game play of the HMS Iron Duke on the Fault Line map. I believe this is the second time I played this ship. I tired AP, however HE was more effective in taking out the enemy ships. I ended up with causing 142k in damage and with the Witherer, Arsonist, Dreadnought, High Caliber medals. The only thing that could make this better would be a win, however, that is not the case. GG enemy team. . I was surprise to find a song already about the Iron Duke The Iron Duke by ARMAHDA I would recommend this ship for your port
  15. I like the BB. It has potential.