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  1. Some Help With This Line Please

    A. Yes to all above, however the DD action depends on the situation Playing the Pan-Asian destroyers is the most frustrating tree there is because of their uniqueness in game play. First of all I love the Phra Ruang. I think it's a good destroyer when played correctly. I found it seems like a light cruiser based on your commander skills. To make a quick summation, they (Pan Asians) are more of support destroyers. They don't go into the capture points in the beginning of the matches unless there is no other threat around. The Pan Asian DDs are more like the fraidy cats of the battle. Dump your torpedoes vs the heavier ships and run away. Prepare to get frustrated with torpedo misses. Your torpedoes are used to nudge the enemy away to another direction for your battleships to get broadside opportunities. Use your guns most of the time in supporting attacks. Don't go alone unless you are very confident in your game play. Here are some videos with good and bad results for ideas in game play for the Pan Asians. Phra Ruang - Tier 3 Shenyang - Tier 4 JianWei - Tier 5 And for more information you can go to Shipcomrade.com for more information here too. Good luck to you in your grind.
  2. Adding the visual to the dead horse. I am poking it with a stick.
  3. WG is purchasing Deep Blue!

    Will it help with solving Telia networking bottle necks?
  4. Protected MM for newbs?

    I recall the MM is filter with experienced WoWS players for tiers <5. Steam users do not see the rest of the WoWS players until they get to tier 5. For example, if you play a tier 2 Umikaze DD as an experienced WoWS player, the queue wait time is increased for you in trying to find the similar experienced battle WoWS players. If no such players are available, then the MM happens with the new players. I read this is suppose to filter most of the seal clubbing out of WoWS.
  5. Well since that video there has been a change. The new proposal now is you get a skill commander of the tier. Ergo, a tier 8 would get a skill 8 point commander. Here is a video showing the updated information When the time comes we will know what commander you will get. All I can say is get the ships in your port and make sure they are all researched and upgraded.
  6. HMS Cossack is a proper Tribal Now

    So is this the early Tribal or one of the improved "enhanced" Tribal destroyer? If this is one of the later versions, this can't be a Cossack. This has to be one of the HMCS Athabaskan or HMCS Haida variants of Tribal destroyer..
  7. Server problem?

    I have been bounced out of two matches now and experiencing huge lags. Some of the other players mention the same thing. It is making it rough in playing WoWS. Does anyone know anything if something is going on with the servers?
  8. Questions on the Komandorski event for Japan If an ARP Nachi is a Myoko in a Random Battle, why was it not credited as such for the challenge? Why was the Iwaki Alpha excluded from the challenge event too? All of these are variants for the ships listed in the challenge event
  9. You could rename John Doe This will last until the next update
  10. Hey you are right. I checked with Tom's Hardware web site on what you said and despite what I have read, the MSConfig processor change does not increase FPS. Doing as I describe , serves only debug purposes. Despite what number is listed, Windows as a default, uses all processor cores. Here's how to verify what Windows is seeing Open Windows Task Manager and the click on the performance tab. Then click on the CPU icon. Then right click in the graph area. to chose logical processors. The graph will change to this to show the usage of all processors To aide further. you can then see how many processors Windows has listed installed too.
  11. the torpedoes gets lost in the backgrounds and makes it hard to see.
  12. Maybe this video will help you in your decision. The important point from the video is to own the ship and get your commanders => 10 skill points
  13. All valid questions and points that will have to be address by WoWs developers. I think since WoWS is arcade style game, that is what we got for space battle mode. For me the torpedoes got lost in the background.
  14. For those not able to play on the PT server, this game play of the Alldestroyer is on the current PT server. It is part of the April Fool's event for 2018. I got distracted chasing a ship away from my group at point C and found myself alone from my team. Hurried back to my team while being chased by a Galaxy. I had fun playing this ship. I cant wait for this mode to go live for our NA server.
  15. For those not able to play on the PT server, this game play of the Galaxy is on the current PT server. It is part of the April Fool's event for 2018. This is the first ship I played in this battle mode. I got distracted chasing a ship away from my group at capture point A