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  1. I played the Imperator Nikolai I battleship on the New Dawn map. Previously I lost 4 matches in a row with this ship in other matches and I was having aiming problems earlier, but that was not the case here in this match. I am glad I bought this ship when it was available long ago.
  2. I was in the match when the screen froze up and went black. I lost the computer and all I could do is shutdown the computer. I then rebooted and tried to log in again and could not get back into the match. I have capture the logs: WGcheck Python WG application crash log WoWS launcher and CFG file The game plays fine since then. There were no Windows event logs for the crash. WoWS_CTD_crash WoWS_CTD_pyton WoWS_CTD_WGCheck WoWS_CTD_WoWS Launcher This has been reported to WG tech support
  3. Missing the crate when opening the items
  4. Input the numbers for a URL web site. WG is doing something sneaky for Halloween
  5. My suggestions are designate a Transylvania babysitter so the ship does not stop. Blade ships can be used for scouts, catapult distractors, and as well as torpedo boats. Jackal focus on the catapults primarily. Jackal and Igor do their best versus the targets when they appear. And when the Rasputin appears everyone focus fire on it. This is a teamwork match. Good luck to you and your team.
  6. It has been confirmed by his manager in the update
  7. This not a good Monday. It looks like fall of 2017 will be hard and notable in history. One of his hits that I love the most about him.
  8. Thanks guys for your feedback
  9. I got a super container reward of a Defensive fire AA module 1 I wish I could put this in my Atlanta, however I have a Kutuzov I could put the upgrade onto. I am trying to figure which ship to install this on. Would there be a better ship to use this upgrade with?
  10. Found it. Its more of the middle of the page than the top right corner. I guess the WoWS YouTube Channel and team Rubicon announcements are more important . And besides I would label the update section better than "Check out the update" for more information. I would have "Click here for the latest update news". But I guess that does not translate well from Russian
  11. youth. I still have to this day from elementary school the "Personal and family Survival series - Civil Defnse Adult Education Course Student Manual" by the US Dept. of Defense and the Office of Civil Defense (June 1966). All of it tells you how to survive a nuclear blast after effects.Interesting read.
  12. I wonder why the update. I have not seen this posted by WGNA portal and this is what I could find on the RU WOWS announcement page RU WOWS announcement site link
  13. These are my top 20 Annoying Game Play Mechanics in World of Warships. None of these are game breaking items, however they need to be addressed and documented. Have any of you notice these items too?
  14. I saw this in another forum thread. Sources:
  15. what click bait is this? I thought OP you were talking about this