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  1. snafu169

    CV Torpedo spread

    Thanks for the replies, what I found was, not so much how far out or keeping straight... but don't use the keyboard on approach... so like you said lead ahead from the distance, but on attack only use the Mouse (to steer). I just did that a few times and it narrows the focus dramatically.
  2. Hi, I just want to make sure I am not missing something in my control of the CV's TORP Bombers. I have, Ranger, Lexington and Midway They all have a wide spread for the most part and I average only hits with only have of my attack. The Video's I watch often show the spread becoming quite focused on approach, but I rarely have that happening I understand the AA of some ships cause the spread to widen, but i don't know if there is a control I am not using that manually adjusts the spread.? My attach runs generally are coming in from the side with an angle so the one torpedo will hit almost immediately and if the ship is moving at speed they will run into the second one if I get the angle right. Any ways I feel like I am doing something wrong because I see so many torpedo attacks where the Torps are all coming in straight. Because of this I use my Bombers mainly, and the Torps while they recharge, Fighters randomly
  3. that only happens if you fly into heavy flak, the rest of the planes fly ahead of the attacking planes and after you launch you can circle back and continue to make several passes. some don't like it, but I think i has made it more interesting for the CV.
  4. I have been playing the new CV mode now for about a week. here are my comments. I have not read anything on this post, I just made notes while I was playing..... I have been playing WOW since 2012, I was used to the old CV mode and had my strategy's when entering a round. In general I could always sink a few ships and cause respectable damage ( and of course had some really bad rounds). The old Bombers I never really mastered, and I basically just used Auto mode. I liked using Strafe with my fighters but was always frustrated when playing carriers that had multi fighter squadrons ( I play US CV's). As a CV player I found it was also more of a "Commander mode" as I was always viewing the map. on the new play, sorry this is not an in depth review... CV control - I can't really control it much other than set some waypoints. I haven't figured out how to select the CV and reverse it... I mean I would normally press 1 then reverse and then stop it... what I mean by this is in Map mode maybe the CV is automatically selected, but i am stuck in my old process of instinctively selecting it so it just seems odd to me and I feel out of sync with the CV. Planes - it took me a while to wrap my head around the new mode of managing the fighters... I kept wanting to launch them all and have them circle somewhere... to some degree I still do. I do like that the squadron can make multiple attacks and I have become very aware of the flak and I am working on my tactics to avoid... it is actually much more immersive, I like flying the planes around. So while flying them it is great, I question whether it makes sense that i can fly all over the map unmolested and light up every ship So one thing that really annoys me is how a DD can hide under smoke, and shoot the crapout of me and i can't see it.. why can they target me through smoke... I get why I should not be able to see them? I think the Bombers are great, I am actually using them with strategy. Torpedos, I think the idea here was to not make it so easy to lay a bank of torps into the side of a ship, I find as an US CV I know have the ability to lay a cross pattern by making several passes.. as long as I avoid the AA. Fighters? well I guess this new play has put the focus more on the CV player attacking ships, rather than look for fighters to avoid or strafe. I think I like it, but on the other hand I can no longer defend my team mates. But I think this has to do with the changes to AA mechanics. Overall, yes it is a major change but I respect the planning that has gone into this, and as with all the things that have changed over the years, they continuously adjust the game play to make it fair. there are a lot of calculations that go into these games and I'm not going to trash the WOW team's efforts. Keep up the good work.
  5. snafu169

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Had to buy this since I'm Canadian and I've actually been on the real one a few times when it was moored in Toronto (It is currently in Hamilton Ontario). https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/lhn-nhs/on/haida/info https://www.canada.ca/en/navy/services/history/ships-histories/haida.html It brings a different style of play, I've been trying different tactics to see how I can exploit her abilities since I can't lay a spread of torpedoes :)