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  1. 7 rolls 6roll t5 and 7roll t8.that was my lucky day...
  2. _CamperBoy102_

    Please Bring Back Vampire!

    Dusting the dust from vamp iwaki a and grimy..still funny ships 2 play.
  3. _CamperBoy102_

    I wonna buy !!

  4. _CamperBoy102_

    I wonna buy !!

    pls help me i have so much gold any idea where are can buy?? cant find the link...sorry wonna buy pr
  5. Yestoday I wonna use 24tys for PR .today after few YouTube video watch dont even wona spent the free token. Thx wg
  6. Love that idea!!!ups they are 2 busy count the cash
  7. _CamperBoy102_

    snow flake crates not appering

    Only on t10 ships snowflake creats
  8. _CamperBoy102_

    A manageable sized fleet

    I have over 330ships .ships only I sold was usa dd line going for ohio bb
  9. _CamperBoy102_

    What is the attraction to Co-op?

    I play coop only from alpha .the game are relaxing izy going I can drink beer coffee and still have all t10 ships all free exp and coal ships almost at ohio still need only 13tys points I think be done that in next 2 weeks..free exp and silver it's no problem have a lot plus I'm in great clan with great people..why coop wot kill my self and when alpha start I'm move 2 wows and loved..
  10. _CamperBoy102_

    Watching the king of seas past few weeks.

    Looking good
  11. _CamperBoy102_

    Watching the king of seas past few weeks.

    We can do the cap for dds or only 1 reload for torps or on 3 maps 1ocean 1open map with little islands and 1 heavy with
  12. Teams play well mega camping games.boring .clan wars szutbe be play on ocean map.now we know way evry 1 went a play this style.this is bad.ocean map give you speed crazy move fun 2 watch.
  13. Evry thing with hiding behind island players can see from clan wars battles. I hope in future for clan wars shutbe only 1 map..ocean map just water watching the kings of sea games was boring same ..teams play well but boring
  14. _CamperBoy102_

    Italian boats player verdict?

    They are bad lucky me to get from 10 premium containers t5 t6 and t7 Oooo Geneva she is joke...was free ..I'm happy 2 have those ships less free exp 2 spend