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  1. _CamperBoy102_

    Strasbourg 100,000 FREE XP - How?

    Play coop and win 5 games its so izy.if my memory its correct you need 14 stars .coop 5 wins for star its like 30 to 35 min.so you need 70 games max 4h and all stages are done izy plus you have 2 extra slots for bonus mission.you don't need do all mission just play multiple time the izy 1...
  2. _CamperBoy102_

    Strasbourg 100,000 FREE XP - How?

    You don't have this mission. Just play 12 times mission nr 1 and you can finish or any mission you like multiple times.izy
  3. _CamperBoy102_

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Clouse to 400.399i think.
  4. _CamperBoy102_

    Woow I'm very suprise on my 20 mega crates!!!!

    Sorry typing from cell phone internet its going crazy and change the contest
  5. 4 ships poltava the French t8 bb with 406 guns flint Russian t9 dd gold coal free exp flags camo.great mega creates
  6. _CamperBoy102_


    I both 5 creates spent 23bucks and get atlanta and Cossack. 35tys free exp camps and flag..ooo get 5tys gold back.thx WG for great 5 create.
  7. My record its 1905 base exp. I did 404tys damage on German t10 bb.USA server best 3 record on damage..i think still holding that 3 place.
  8. _CamperBoy102_

    Event container mission code: Coop? Nope.

    Ffffuuuuuu wows
  9. _CamperBoy102_

    This is not getting completed soon

    Woow I can do 2 in 1 year!oo and I still need 75 years. I can do no problem
  10. _CamperBoy102_

    How Many Rare Ships do you have?

    I have all...even batter 2 kamikaze ships and iwaki .
  11. _CamperBoy102_

    No Italian tier 3 battleship?

    The problem with the t3 italian bb is .....to expensive to make and no profit.The low play t3 its only the fog to cover. Wg always looking for profit this is biznes...
  12. _CamperBoy102_

    WoWs Waterline - Snowflake Event

    That be my end with wows dont wonna play play pvp and say 1000 bxp in low tiers where avg exp its 300 to 400 in game
  13. I don't care after my all mission are not included PVE and o only play pve.wows force me to play pvp but they loose again..great job loosers
  14. _CamperBoy102_

    Anniversary Supercontainer Haul

    My on 428 t 10 best was 6tys steal and 60tys coal