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  1. _CamperBoy102_

    How Many Ships

    I have 279 and still few t10 missing
  2. _CamperBoy102_

    Your very first Premium was?

    My was iwaki alpha sorry in betta thst torps monster kitakami? I forgot the name.
  3. _CamperBoy102_

    How many ships do you have?

    Around 278-281. At work now.missing only 1 t9 and i think 4 t10.no rush 2 get them.i only play pve and weekands few games
  4. _CamperBoy102_

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    My best looking on my stats.exp1655 .aircraft destroy 80 .warships 8 .damage 404.182tys.
  5. _CamperBoy102_

    CO-OP Battles please fix

    Only we can hope for batter coop bots play!!we can ask santa for coop gift update.
  6. _CamperBoy102_

    Still Can't log In to CV Test 3

    I just quit on first test.my pasword was not working .they sent me test3 pasword and its not working .
  7. _CamperBoy102_

    New Code

  8. _CamperBoy102_

    CV Test

    thx for the post!! big help how to find test server!!
  9. _CamperBoy102_

    CV beta postponed until Oct. 18th

    that way i cant see the page to download!!maybe in blind!! where i can find the page 2 dowload?? i have the codes
  10. _CamperBoy102_

    In search of Iwaki Alphas

    I be home friday evnning we can try
  11. _CamperBoy102_

    Update 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    great patch game crushing now on max settings<14 games pink> i have 2 low my settings becouse fps drop so bad from 81 to 13 and game crush..
  12. after server change today when game ends ship are not back 2 port!!!!! when you log out and log in ships are back 2 port but this is no record in the port the ships was in batlle.. coop games.