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  1. Way this is good news?all owners are same .Poland its very expensive. We have to pay more now because they have 2 spent more .Serbia it's great place to be.
  2. _CamperBoy102_

    Yuro on French Bias .. er .. Condé and friends

    Love my.playing only coop avr.base exp around 1000.cash using camo 20% best game 100tys worse -50tys.must games around 20,-50tys plus.im louded with good camos
  3. _CamperBoy102_

    Auction - Winning bids?

    240 coal for RB.. and win.i have 45tys plus 20 that give me last ship Gibraltar to my collection.
  4. _CamperBoy102_

    A Sad State Of Affairs

    I have all so far.
  5. _CamperBoy102_

    refresh my memory about Alpha...

    Was fun in alpha.i remember like today evryone told you don't park the ship you have to move all time.hihi and the game change to camp festivities
  6. _CamperBoy102_

    Karma - Whats your number?

    Was over 1000 but after using cv in coop drop 2 980
  7. _CamperBoy102_

    refresh my memory about Alpha...

    I dont remember March Feb?
  8. _CamperBoy102_

    mighty mo credits

    I have the original Mo 2 and making less silver much less to the point she is now port queen
  9. _CamperBoy102_

    German Commander Portraits Changed

  10. Was izy for my team yestoday 5 stars in first my game end all team stand to the end.
  11. _CamperBoy102_

    How did your bids go?

    103mil did nothing for coal .18.5 for commander was 2 low and 5.5 for flag to low
  12. _CamperBoy102_

    Completing King of the Sea collection

    Finish and get 7.5tys gold
  13. _CamperBoy102_

    Dutch cruisers

    T5 6 so so nothing special t7 loved great guns reload. T8 worse ship in the line but t9 full upgrade can dance like dd the air strike have I think penn over 37mm or 38mm so cen pen well.the reload on 240 are great .if the t10 its upgrade from t9 can't wait to get ooo when you use air drop wait for max strike t9 have 2 wings use both.from my experience work great.
  14. Gold nothing wrong with that
  15. _CamperBoy102_

    Coop and subs suggestion

    Coop shut add 11 bots and 9 players