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  1. Tolasmar

    Do T9 have increased credit earnings?

    Yeah, I just checked Arsenal, and it does have "more credits" verbiage for Jean Bart, Black, and Musashi. So it seems all T9 premiums have build in credits multiplier, with Missouri having an extra beefy one.
  2. I know Missouri definitely has some build in credit multiplier, but what about the other T9 premiums? Do they make more than T8 premiums? How do they compare to T10s that have +20% to credits perma camo?
  3. Tolasmar

    Special emblems?

    Very cool!
  4. So, the opinions are divided. The one person that said that Yamato can always be had and Kron is unique does sound convincing. Although Alaska could claim to fit the Kron role going forward.
  5. Yeah well I did check existing threads. Most of them make assumptions that both ships will be obtainable in the long run, and many people suggest getting Musashi for coal and Kron for free XP. Current situation is different, I can only get one without practically sound way to get the other in the future.
  6. Tolasmar

    anyone with roma ? should i buy. ?

    I find that Roma is excellent in current MM where it will often place your T8 into T10 heavy match. It has very convenient combination of stealth, mobility, and penetration power to be very versatile in such matches. When you are top tier in match other ships can often outshine Roma in the sheer pushing power, like Massachusetts, but in T10 match stealth and mobility is just way too handy to have to be able to get into key positions and be able to disengage when needed.
  7. I have about 360k free XP and just enough convertable XP to hit the needed 750k. My available coal is not anywhere close to what is needed, so free XP is the only way to go. So, there can only be one 750k free XP ship in my port, with the help of discounted free XP conversion. Which one should I grab?
  8. Tolasmar

    Update 0.8.0 timing and free XP sale

    Converting 1 million free XP does sound rather excessive, but Musashi is 750,000 free XP, and I am already half way there. I would not mind paying 10,000 doubloons for T9 premium that will be no longer available.
  9. According to formal WG announcement Musashi and Kronshtadt are going away once update 0.8.0 goes live. There's free XP sale going now that is going to last 6 days from now, and I don't want to miss my chance to get one of these ships, it looks like I can get one of them for a little under $40 if I keep playing for the next few days. Does anyone know when update 0.8.0 is going to go live?
  10. I can think of one, I had to make hard choices on Grozovoi. Arms race pretty much dictates having RPF, so I had to cut some things I would have liked to keep.
  11. Tolasmar

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Really, is that why Missouri and Musashi have better win rates than their T10 counterparts?