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  1. supercrewjohn

    Budyonny — Soviet Tier VI cruiser.

    Good morning Rock Chucker. I was just looking at my Budy.. My torps only have a 4K range. I wish I had a 9K range.. How did you get these? Cheers JB
  2. supercrewjohn

    DD Stealth

    well of course it is a game and not a simulation. However, if they are going to use simulations of real ship etc then there should be some basis in reality. Otherwise we should just have USS Big Banana or HMS IDK or IJN Invisible or absurd stuff like that and make it complete fantasy.. It seems to me, that WG has presented this game as semi-historical in that the ships are supposed to be close to real capability.
  3. supercrewjohn

    DD Stealth

    Oh certainly. I realize distances are compressed. but.. the spotting is still totally broken Balance or no balance. a DD would not be invisible at 2-3 K Also, every BB 1935 vintage or higher had Radar!! Here that WG That means Colorado's on up.
  4. supercrewjohn

    DD Stealth

    Good day Fellow players, I have a question about how the Dd stealth is implemented. The average DD that appears in this game are very similar to size and dimension to the USS Faragut. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Farragut_(DD-348) Im not sure if most players or WG understand that these DD, are not some little PT boat. The Faragut is 341 FT 3 in i.e 110 Meters or the size of a football field. These are big ships. Obviously not the size of a battleship or an aircraft carrier, but these are also not the size of a digny either. A 40 ft offshore boat can be spotted from the water level at 3k On the water a 340 ft ship doesnt just disappear at 6 Km. WG, that is called a submarine or PT boat, that are small, or can submerge. My issue is that the physics just seem broken, and as a player that plays primarily Cruisers or BB's or CV's this just seems like there is a huge disconnect to reality. an you please explain the physics here as they do not seem to make sense. Cheers, and keep up the work on the enhancements to the game
  5. supercrewjohn

    Baltimore (T8) & Captain - Optimal Build Advice

    great advice on these different build for the Baltimore. It does feel too much like a Clevland with Bigger and much slower ROF. There needs to be a bigger differentiation between US CA and US CL lines other than the calibre of the guns installed. In my opinion they should add a Heal much like the British starting at Tier 8 and up so as to make them different than the CL's
  6. supercrewjohn

    Baltimore AP

    For this ship do you use IFHE on the HE, or take AFT since it doesnt really appear possible to take both if CE is necessary.