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  1. DDs can dodge battleship shells, provided the shells are fired from far enough away that the flight time gives them time to dodge. This is particularly true of USN DDs since they have fast rudder shift times. The distance you need to keep from a BB to reliably dodge their shells is going to depend on a lot, but I think it's fair to say that most players find it quite difficult to land hits on a heavily maneuvering DD from about 10km. It's even quite possible in cruisers (with increased range). Your survivability in high tier IJN cruisers is almost completely dependent on your ability to dodge battleship shells. As for playing DD when a CV is present, you just have to play very passive. Which unfortunately is very boring. Going for early caps is pretty much suicide since CV players will know exactly where to look for you if you start capping. Every player in the match has their guns trained on the cap at the start of the match waiting for a DD to get spotted. While this does happen in no-CV matches, in no-CV matches your job is to bait enemy DDs into your cruisers and radar. In CV matches just forget about it. Play further back with the cruisers and look for opportunities. Unlike a regular match you are going to have much fewer opportunities for offensive action and your ability to spot for the team is much less important as well. You'll get your opportunities but there will be fewer of them and you'll have to wait longer.
  2. wimpb

    Getting the Stalingrad was a bad idea

    If you see the broadside of an enemy ship the guns are pretty busted. Clan battle match where I got 15 citadel hits out of 45 shell hits, the enemy team made some pretty huge mistakes: https://streamable.com/q0ztjg
  3. I can only assume WG are aware of this problem because in the last CB sprint they made the cyclone spotting distance 12km so radar ships couldn't radar and fire with impunity.
  4. wimpb

    Worst Clan Battles Ever

    I've been the designated Stalin player in my clan and it's been horrible to play. Venezias sit at long range and chunk you with SAP while the CV spots you. If you sit behind an island to avoid the long range SAP the CV nukes you with AP bombs. I've just been the designated damage farm this whole season. CV spotting means almost all battles are long-ranged, so most of the cruisers in the game are just non-viable. edit: It's so awful that after about 3-4 battles today we just had clan members leaving to play other games.
  5. Have you tried sailing with 3-4 other ships in a group?
  6. I wouldn't mind if planes were most vulnerable while attacking, like in real life. I'm not sure why planes flying in a straight line towards the ship on their attack runs are at their least vulnerable to anti aircraft fire.
  7. wimpb

    CV play

    >spamming shells from behind an island is bad but spamming planes is ok
  8. This post was kind of mind blowing until I saw your stats.
  9. It's funny how people were complaining about radar cruisers camping behind islands. Now we get CVs camping behind islands with unlimited range and self-spotting capabilities and the best AA you can get is on ships that are good at camping behind islands. Just beautiful.
  10. wimpb

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    Pray he's a bad player.
  11. wimpb

    The iChase Case

    Logged in last night and sat in port for a few minutes. Then I quit. I really just can't bring myself to hit that "Battle" button anymore.
  12. The first problem is that the AA threat from most ships isn't great to begin with, so when DFAA increases the damage output, it's remains unimpressive. The second problem is that DFAA is a consumable with limited charges and with a significant cooldown time. I've always found the new DFAA very underwhelming when I've taken it, but assuming it was a great consumable that shredded planes I think any good CV player would realize DFAA was active, find someone without DFAA and dunk on them for a minute or two, then come back to you and dunk on you for 2-3 minutes while your DFAA recharges. This is just the nature of one player being able to move at 200kts while the other is moving at 30-40kts. The CV can always engage or disengage at will, while the best I can hope for is to hit a button (which doesn't really do that much anyway). It barely matters who specifically is being farmed for damage at any given time as long as someone is getting bombed. All of this assumes that the CV is just sort of flying lazy circles over your ship. In reality the amount of time actually spent in an AA bubble is relatively short unless the CV player is some kind of potato who has no idea what they're doing or your AA firepower is so impotent they don't feel threatened at all.
  13. Also, to be frank, it is much easier to dodge battleship shells than CV bombs/torps/rockets. If I get in my Zao and play at it's optimum range I can dodge BB shells all day. The flight time of the shells makes them relatively easy to dodge beyond a certain range. CV ordnance has a considerably shorter time from release to impact and experienced CV players have no trouble hitting a maneuvering ship. In the same ship (Zao), attempting to take a cap near the end of a game I was perpetually dunked on until sunk with no counterplay available to me (yes I was varying my speed and maneuvering heavily). In fact a friendly Cleveland showed up later and he got dunked on too until sunk. In that particular game my Zao with SE had 44k health, and I took 55k damage, mostly from a CV. I had DFAA but it was pretty much useless. Since the last phase of the game had a cyclone it was hopeless to even try and find the enemy CV (and yet his planes were flying and striking me in a cyclone). Fun and engaging.
  14. Comparing a CV strike to being broadside to BB AP is silly. A cruiser player has a general idea of where enemy BBs are and can either angle their ship or place an island between them and the BB. Every cruiser player knows or ought to know that broadsiding a BB with loaded shells is a huge mistake. By comparison, the DM could do little about being a damage pinata for this CV. He had AA pretty much maxed out, DFAA on and was even close to a friendly BB, yet still get dunked on. Perhaps the only thing more he could have been doing was to be moving, but when your ship can go a max of ~35kts and the planes are going ~200kts the person with the advantage is not the surface ship.
  15. wimpb

    Response to Sub Octavian Q&A

    That's pretty much how I feel, and I think a lot of my clanmates probably feel similarly because in my clan, clan activity since the rework has been really low. We've had a lot of difficulty finding players for clan battles because so many people have gone inactive. Once this season of clan battles is done I might log in once a month to see if anything changes but the game is mostly just frustrating to play in randoms now. With CVs coming to ranked I don't see myself bothering with that. If CVs end up in clan battles I really don't see any reason to play this game any longer when I can play a different game where I don't need to flip a coin to see if I have fun or not.