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  1. Anyone else have an issue with interface sounds (e.g., speed change, initiate consumable) dropping off with the new update (July 24, 2020)? Just curious -- have done all the restarts/reinstallation/WG checks.
  2. macanes

    The Podcast Regrets To Inform You...

    Thanks for the work that y'all did. Really appreciate it. Good luck and God bless y'all in all your endeavors. Thanks, IGN: macanes NA server
  3. This is the error message obtained when trying to switch captains, camo, and I don't yet know what else. Game crash initially. Hmm. Global? Or just me? Will try repair first, but ....
  4. Krupp_Sabot Ensign Members 168 960 posts 2,399 battles Location: Prescott, Arizona ^^^^^ Love Prescott, BTW. Used to be a reporter/photographer for the Courier back in 1990. Great town. Lived out in Prescott Valley next to federal land where, literally, the deer and the antelope roamed ....
  5. That doesn't seem to work. I have it in English mode, but those special captains seem to have their own way of doing things.
  6. Looking for mod/sound files to replace Anime and national non-English speaking captains. I've got a few 6- 10-point captains from events and such (e.g., Isoroku, the grunting Japanese cat, and Admiral Hipper, the annoyingly breathy anime Japanese girl). I'm looking for a way to replace their sound files with the standard USN sound prompts in the game (or even the UK files, chaps). I admit that I do key into the audio for game prompts so I don't have to take my eyes of the screen and minimap. I don't play the non-English captains (even my Dasha or Overchkin) enough to learn the language phrases. Any thoughts? Thanks
  7. macanes

    Broken Lag - kills CWars

    Just logged in for a space battle and got this weird lag. It wasn't like normal lag, for some reason. There was a 5-8 second delay on every mouse click and key entry. For example, I could still see the other ships moving in apparent real time, would aim torps, click, and watch as they launch 8 seconds later into a shoal. Most players on both sides of the battle complained about the same issue. Some (one I saw) said no problems. Very strange. Very frustrating.
  8. Frustrated with continuous crashes/hangs/FPS dropoffs, I have decided to go this route. Bootcamp in, downloading the WoWs client as I write this. Can I message you for tech support, most-experienced brother? 8) Seriously, though, have you run in to any issues bootcamping?
  9. Did a search for the Santa crate accounting thread, but no such animal. As such, this seems like the place to post what I got from Santa. I'm sure someone is doing a spreadsheet to calculate the odds. Last I heard, the medium "Big" crates were the best odds for the money. Anyway, here's mine: ChristmasCrates.pdf
  10. macanes

    Turkey Shoot SignUp Not Working?

    Same problem, and accessing in forum, too.
  11. Agreed. With the OS update on 2 Nov, my game also became unplayable. Half a dozen clean reinstalls later and scrounging around the WoWs forums, Codeweaver website, etc., I gave up and did a Time Machine restore to my prior build, High Sierra 10.13.1 Beta (17B46a). It was the (17...c) update that killed me. I just restarted the game after reinstall. Got to the Intro screen. Wish me luck!
  12. Just this (with 0.6.9 today): <sigh> iMac 21.5-inch, mid 2011 OSX10.12.6 (sierra) 2.5GHz i5 16GB ram AMD Radeon HD 6750 512MB
  13. Here's my deal: No, I don't spend hundreds of dollars a month on WoWs. But, I have spent hundreds of dollars altogether in the past five months I've been playing. I fully intend to keep spending to (1) support the game, and (2) support my game play (signals, ships, doubloons/slots, etc.). But, when I send in a ticket about delays in the loading screen and crashes in game, I don't appreciate "We don't support Mac ... and if you read the EULA, you'll see we told you we don't support Mac -- here is the link for Wine, Bootcamp, and VMWare." [edited]. You DO support Mac, WG. You make your game available and are happy to take Mac users' money. You support Mac, you just don't want to do the hard work of tech support for Mac because it's a Windoze world. What percentage of Mac users must be your community before they are worth your time? Ok, rant over. Had to get that off my chest. No, I'm not going to quit playing the game. But, if I keep losings flags to a totally tricked out ship that crashes in battle, I'll probably stop buying signals, etc., that's for sure. We'll see if things stabilize. The battle start delays (you know, where you watch on the mission screen as all of the other ship icons start to move?) are frustrating, but the crashes in battle are infuriating, that is, what the heck just happened mid-battle to make the client go toes up. It's usually pretty stable. Can't you read my Mac logs? Or are they in hieroglyphics? Thanks for listening/reading.
  14. Hm, thought everything was running fine, up until hit "Play" Unfortunately, the "Program Error Details" screen sat at "loading, please wait" ad infinitum. So, this issue is "[PFS] can't init pack info manager" for Windows