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  1. Which mode do you play?

    Everything is going good for me, Merc. I hope the same for you.
  2. Which mode do you play?

    Post your comments, since the poll doesn't offer the choices you are wanting.
  3. A pretty simple, straight forward question. I am looking to see what the draw is for players to Warships and which of available gamemodes is favored.

    To celebrate your triumphant return....
  5. Well Merc, things might be a little different from the last time you might have played in Planes. Fuller matches can be had now, but with artificial stand ins. Good to see you still kicking around these days.
  6. I am still around...kinda....sorta....meh, back in a bit....maybe.
  7. FOG ships coming soon!

    From what I have seen of the ships they are bringing in, they look pretty cool. The bits and pieces of the show itself I have watched, it's okay, not something I would view on a daily basis. However, being from the old school anime crowd (Robotech/Macros, Astroboy, Thunderbirds 2086, etc) I can still see how this cultural phenomenon can have an international impact and generate a fierce, passionate following. As for what these Missions will be like and the ships, as rewards themselves, I will wait for announcement to hit the NA portal (hopefully, before the update appears ingame). Might be worth playing a little more for.
  8. December 7th....

    ....will you float and fight with your American Battleships?
  9. Planning for a Christmas Ship?

    No kidding, a business selling something to maintain operations and make profit....
  10. Can We Just Go Back To CBT?

    I know the type all too well, they see the world only as this.... ....and because of that, they perform on levels like this.... That's cool, that's just how they are, or what they have become. However, as a flawed, imperfect human, I will continue to enjoy the world, the way I see it....
  11. Nice find, thanks
  12. Every time I finish a gaming session, I park this as the first thing I see when I login again. How about you?
  13. Stats and WN8

    Oh, I have no doubt not only these metrics (or something very similar to them) are coming, but they will also herald a new era on the forums and how players interact with each other, in either environment.