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  1. Talleyrand

    La Terrible Leyenda de Yukikaze

    Hahahaha épico
  2. I don't see how to choose between english CL designs over american CL desings contrain in any meaningfull way their choices. For example we can see how they implemented La Argentina. The rate of fire was decreased from 10 shot/min to 6 shot/mint, the armor was also decreased from 76mm to 69mm and the exccelent HE was omited. So I don't think that using historical designs would limit their options or hampered the balance. i think that Wg just idn't knew about these ships or the other more obscure cases (The argentine Torpedo-Battleship, the ansaldo Monster, the Chilean pocket Battleship, the radiocontrolled torpedoes, etc)
  3. Sadly for the Latinamericans guys that worked yers in searching material for this lines they didn't use none of the original designs for Latinamerica. You see, In those years prior top ww2 (and a bit after) when Latinamerican countries dreamed a cruiser or any ship, they seek a foreygn builder and they taylored the design to fit the preference of the country making something different and unique (to game standarts) For example: Argentina wanted a cruiser and Vickers provide de 1124A design, Close to the Neptune, but not really a Neptune. Venezuela Nueva Esparta, is something between a Daring and a Jutland. Colombian "20 de Julio" is a a Smalland but with one extra turret and less AA and Torps. The Brazilian Marciio Díaz is the Hull of a Galland with the guns and machinery of a Sims. The Rivadavias are....the mosnter of Frankentein of a dreadnought :P You get the point. Anyway there were a lot of designs taylored for Latinamerican countries, but sadly Wows did not find them and they choose to imagine those things. For example: A small cold war cruiser for Venezuela The 1124 taylored for Venezuela (9 guns 152mm) The 1124A taylored for Argentina (12 152mm guns)
  4. Curiously they were thought as "Anti-aircraft boats" but the 133mm is a poor choice for heavy AA.
  5. AP + HE. AP because the pan American AP has a lovely penetration bonus and it will be interesting to see those shells that are 50% heavier. And HE to solve the problem of the Dad's and BBs
  6. The torpedo battleship is something this games lacks. With so many strange concepts ships in the game is actually rare we still don't have one of these. It would be interesting for the developers to lunch these as medium tier (may be V?) as a proof of concept. Could be a future line in the future as they did with the hybrid battleships.
  7. I think this has a nice potential. If we give her the same mechanics and gimmick that is now presented in the Pan-American line, the 180mm would wreck the cruisers of the tier and still maintain a decent reload speed and number of guns to engage destroyers. More over she would have a tighter trajectory. Sadly she will over pen like hell.
  8. Such amount of armour and firepower would make her a beast in low tier. Sadly she is hampered by those meager 22knots.
  9. These destroyed falls in the strange world between big destroyers and small cruisers. Always hard to find the right spot as a lot depends on the gimmicks. That been said, she looks like a nice gun destroyer. Like a South American counterpart to the french "countertorpilleur". Do you think that the bad experience with the small Serrano's made the Chileans seek for a bigger boat to withstand the Drake passage?
  10. They are extremely instresting cruisers, and very unique.