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  1. Talleyrand

    Premium Ship Review - Agincourt

    ohhhh yess! So much!! Specially when they try those yolo charge
  2. Talleyrand

    Only for today! Lert's TRUE form revealed!

    I just thought of this song playing the moment you enter Lert's house and he close the door.
  3. Talleyrand

    New Battleship

    How do you arrive to those numbers? By the way also add the seize numbers
  4. Talleyrand

    French Carriers line?

    I think is analagous case to the murmansk and other "hand me downs" ships that saw service in such fashion. When there is an obvius desing of the nation the usual practice is to choose that and put the second hand vessel as premiun. Murmansk us and example. Also in tier 6 the soviet had a german nurenberg but wows prefer to put and original design, the budyonni. The Europeans destroyers also have a lot of examples.
  5. Talleyrand

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    Thats my point. Ise has too many control of the game. Is the new meta as LWM said. It counters most of the problem of battleships and force the game in they way they want the game to go. In the hands of a new players or someone who is alone or is worried about getting kills and score damage the Ise is another ship. But in the hands of an expert, or someone who plays cordinated with his team the Ise is too powerfull. There are destroyers luring near by? Use the planes to spot them for the cruisers there are Ships in the smoke? Torp the smoke Enemy is tryng to brake contact to heal? Use the torps as spòtter for the fleet Red battleship is perfectly angled? Use the torps to make him move and turn. When he show the broadside profit it.
  6. Talleyrand

    Primary Document trove - now with more baguettes!

    I summon thee @COLDOWN
  7. Thats an intresting collection! I Guess you may support my request to introduce the frech "Croiseur de Bataille 37000 tons" as a tier X supercruiser. With 12 * 305mm guns and 280mm belt she may be one of the crowns of your collection
  8. Talleyrand

    Is Friesland worth it?

    Yes. Unles you already have 20deJulio
  9. Talleyrand

    French Carriers line?

    @Fr05ty I summon thee!
  10. Talleyrand

    Did the French navy fight any battles

    There anumerous battles of the french fleets. The defense of Dakar for example Also remenber when le Terrible and Le Malin wreck havoc in an axis convoy?
  11. Talleyrand

    Did the French navy fight any battles

    Remenber that the British and the US almost go to war for a pig
  12. Talleyrand


    Tu idea es buena para nosotros los jugadores, peor Wargaming creo que fue en otra dirección. Por que ellos prefieren guardarse la chance de hacer un barco clon. Por ejemplo tnees el Hipper, pero ellos lo clonan le cambian algun consumible y te lo peuden vender como prinz eugen. Hay muchos ejemplos de esto
  13. Talleyrand

    Pacific war ships (Chile 1881-1879)

    I don't think Huascar can enter the game. Is too old. yet there are plenty of Peruvian ships and designs than can enter the game. My favourite is the cruiser Grau (7provincien).
  14. Talleyrand

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    I love this image
  15. Talleyrand

    Primary Document trove - now with more baguettes!

    May be I can get some southamerican things. Coldown is the master in that regard