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  1. When will you give the damn heal to the hipper and eugen? Those ships simply suck statistically and when playing them, come on.
  2. When will you buff the hipper and prinz eugen? And don't come up with the stuff that you need data, they are both under performing statically ( 2nd worst performing T8 cruiser ) and playing them is a pain, especially by how much you get dragged to tier 10.
  3. 5/7 rated necro thread
  4. 65c is safe, 85c is when you should worry, go into bios and change the warning to 85c and CPU fan speed to aggressive.
  5. FRANKIEonPC Plays WoWs pVe

    Sadly, Frankie is a massive [edited], hacking in dayz and csgo because he sucks [edited].
  6. So far RPF

    I am glad they didn't add soviet nuclear warheads to the game, yeah that would have imbalanced the game. Hopefully a citadel aimbot skill next.
  7. Clans ---- ONLY 30??? WHY??

    The technology simply isnt there yet. When we discover how to go faster than light, 100 player clans will be available.
  8. RDF is cancer

    ^ found the BB noob sniper
  9. I did look at the requirements, I fall in between your OP2-3 requirements but I knew I was lacking a tier 10, so yeah. didn't hurt to post, also did you guys registered for the clan beta?
  10. Belfast tomorrow???

    Seems WG got taken over by weaboos, stupid anime weeb crapinstead of a real ship