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  1. Isoret

    Da respect from WG.....

    You mean like back when serb did the WoT Q&A's? How terrible.... ring a bell?
  2. Isoret

    Please Help With Twitch

    Check YouTube first. You'd be able to find people you might like, then see if you can find them on twitch. Theres alot of informative videos out there so its worth checking out.
  3. Isoret

    Stay with WOWS or nah? Had it.

    I still enjoy the game, some mechanics bug me but I'm not going anywhere.
  4. Random battles would be the scores I'd rather see. Couldn't care about the PVE aspect. Anyways I got the ship due to the price and wanting a premium CV for the uk. The hardest part for me at the time was if I wanted to get the unsinkable sam package or not. Ark looks nice and plays as expected, I do enjoy it though.
  5. Isoret

    WG's On Dangerous Ground... (Semi-Rant)

    Why does this topic keep popping up. If you dont want to buy anything don't, this game gives unrestricted access to to pretty much of all its content without forcing you to pay for anything while still being a good to play. As for the declining server population is there a link to actual stats to support this, or is this the semi daily fear mongering thats been going on since the beginning?