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  1. Finally glad they are getting around to giving the Eugen some positive attention.
  2. Lost Premiums

    Kamikaze R and the recent one. Texas (refer a friend ) Aurora (refer a friend ) Emden (holiday mission? ) Graf spee (earnable mission) Katori (march mission, or Christmas mega bundle) Albany (bonus code , may have been In the shop can't remember) Those ones come to mind as the premiums they were giving away not including the free xp ships and the ARP content.
  3. feeling ripped off

    640 battles? If this is your main account I'd chalk it up to inexperience however, keep the ship it'll come in handy when you do decide to go up the ijn cv tree. Also carriers are little tricky to master and require a lot of patience.
  4. https://youtu.be/Z_iBOEDb7PM

    I like this however I consider it a form of shallow support. If you can afford to buy in game items which only a portion of the proceeds would go to the Texas, why wouldn't you donate to the Texas directly where 100% of the donation would go to the Texas instead. http://battleshiptexas.org/donate/
  6. Like others have stated before me the only thing I do not like about this staggered release was that it was tied into the campaign as a way to finish faster than the others who do not have it.
  7. Holiday Whine Roundup

    aimbot claims, ghosting shells through island's hacks, DD's overpowered, BB's Overpowered, cruiser's overpowered, CV's Overpowered, Russian bias. I think that covered most of it. Oh and WG customer service and premium shop bundles.
  8. d'Aosta arrives April 21st!

    Here a good one. its-me-mario.mp3
  9. Or like with project R, they will put it for sale in the premium shop for those who couldn't earn it after the event end's.
  10. Sounds about right. Here's confirmation of that too. Last post. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/107139-uss-alabama-super-tester-reward/page__fromsearch__1
  11. Supertester Rewards

    How many of these threads need to be created? All these threads with the same complaints. It's like the alpha and beta test flags a over again.
  12. This whole thread looks similar to the alpha and closed beta test flags that were given out.