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    I love guns, i love booze i love salt, i do troll but only if both parties enjoy the laugh.

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  1. Bismarck1983

    Heard you dont like subs....

    there we go =D a SUB MARINE
  2. Bismarck1983

    Heard you dont like subs....

    honestly i just looked up marine class As and that came up, i was drunk and made it. i can remake =P give me a sec
  3. Bismarck1983

    Heard you dont like subs....

    i made this for fun, took me a few minutes but felt it would get some chuckles. I do stream on twitch if you want some laughs, hit me up Twitch.tv/bismarck83 !!! fair seas and as i always say "die with honor and your guns red hot!"
  4. Bismarck1983

    PTS 0.11.4 pt 2

    Cant work togather, then they will end up sinking, if they dont work togather to begin with they will hurt the team by not acting like a team. so yea i proved my point saying people dont work togather and this forces them to talk, communicate and try to work as a team. win or fail, their choice
  5. Bismarck1983

    PTS 0.11.4 pt 2

    I do play subs alot and battleships, i play the subs to understand them better to hunt them down much faster, from the improvements i have not seen much of any. seems like a huge nerf to subs along with the massive buff the depth charges are getting. as of why people complain about subs is beyond me besides the fact of tunnel vision or not understanding how to adapt to a threat. the best effective method of dealing with subs is team work. if you go alone and do your own thing you will be sunk. Not sure i see a reason to take away the ability from the torps unable to be shot from a far depths (sense depth charges can hit you from that depth), to the sonar ping emitted out of the water like a massive bubble'r or fog machine, and before you hit me up with the "but thats not realistic they couldnt fire torps from that much depth" its a game lol and i am just talking from both sides of the fence since i love/hate subs myself and play and fight them As a battleship once i am pinged twice i know where the sub is and will ask for support from a DD or CV while i continue to depth charge the spot allwhile zig zagging and returning fire to other BBs, As a sub i tend to search for the lone BB that does his own thing without escort, depth charges currently are a terror to subs at the moment without the buff of 800 meter damage and improved damage, i have seen players and been a sub player and depth charged with no escape. Battleships can make a few mistakes here and there and take some damage for their mistakes same with CAs and a few DDs, a sub making any type of mistake is a death run. once spotted they will be hunted down without remorse unless they run deep and send off sonar pings every now and then to confuse the enemy. IN a sub sometimes you can get a decent score of 30-60K damage, sometimes my top score was 198,000 damage in a tier 10 sub but only because i hunted down 3 battleships and they had no escort besides more battleships. Other times i tried to hunt down a BB with escorts and unable to score a single hit before hunted down by sonar and destroyed by scouting CVs and DD hunters Seems to me that subs are forcing people to work togather and communicate with each other for support and try to work as a team in fear of being singled out by a real threat of a skilled cap in a deadly sub, just my two cents. Best Regards Bismarck1983 Master and commander of Bismarcks Dastardly Space Marines P.S yea we are warhammer nerds =P
  6. hey Guys Bismarck1983 here, wanting to say hello to everyone. i stream on twitch as Twitch.tv./bismarck83 i love the game, i been playing this since the start and love the game. i have been streaming this game more and more as i have ..i noticed some players acting weird..so i made a meme about it. enjoy =D its from a few i met =D
  7. Bismarck1983

    Karma points just makes me sad

    Well thanks for the advice, I was just disappointed in the whole karma system and had to let out some steam lol, let me distract you for a brief moment from the busyness of life. this picture is a few weeks old but let me share something with everyone. Ripley, my bird found a roll of toilet paper...and completely destroyed it after i caught her she just laughed at me and started to toss it onto the floor.
  8. During the ranked battle....it makes me sad as wargaming brings out the most toxic people ever. I started off with a good...decent karma points being a happy go lucky, giving +1 to people that can kill me due to a lucky or skilled shot...well During a ranked battle each time i say "dang thats a good shot -1.... i carry the team only to die saying "thats a wonderfull shot you got me" -1 Hey guys lets have a good game -1 seems the karma system just isnt worth while when you can be punished for having an Up and positive attitude , this just makes me sad. Well guys i hope you can all relate, i hate to be the barer of bad news or complain what so ever. Wish you all the best. ^.^ see you around! and good games!!!! Best regards Bismarck1983
  9. Bismarck1983

    Hope everyone is haveing a great day!

    Well things changed since my PTSD flashback from afghan. dont get me wrong, large groups still bother me as do people but talking to my docs and va groups something feels lifted.
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Bismarck, i dont know if you seen me in battles before and i have noticed a bunch of toxic chat in games. I recently found a whole new outlook on life recently and its been a huge plus for me. In the games i join and play in i noticed after telling an enemy that sank me "good job!" "Hey man you did great" "What a great shot you really butchered me, congrats!" It has made a few people feel uneasy, even got response's from some people "Your overwhelming positiveness is disturbing and you make me feel uncomfortable" "You are too happy for this game" "get bent" lol One person even told me after i said "Wow what an awesome shot, ya got me. +1 for being a worthy adversary" someone said they reported me 4 times for..karma trading? lol Who would have thought just being genuinely nice would cause so much discomfort. But its all good because i mean well. I just figured i would share this and hope everyone has a great day and wonderful battles ahead of them! See you all around! Best regards Bismarck1983
  11. Bismarck1983

    Morse code or am i wrong?

    IN the Designer's table, look out the right, you will see a window that is blinking, out of the 4 or 5 windows that is the only one, at first i thought it was nothing but i kept looking and noticed and wondering it is mores code and if so..why does it keep saying "C" Dash, dot dash, dot Just wondering.
  12. Just going to leave this here....tee hee..