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  1. Bismarck1983

    Karma points just makes me sad

    Well thanks for the advice, I was just disappointed in the whole karma system and had to let out some steam lol, let me distract you for a brief moment from the busyness of life. this picture is a few weeks old but let me share something with everyone. Ripley, my bird found a roll of toilet paper...and completely destroyed it after i caught her she just laughed at me and started to toss it onto the floor.
  2. During the ranked battle....it makes me sad as wargaming brings out the most toxic people ever. I started off with a good...decent karma points being a happy go lucky, giving +1 to people that can kill me due to a lucky or skilled shot...well During a ranked battle each time i say "dang thats a good shot -1.... i carry the team only to die saying "thats a wonderfull shot you got me" -1 Hey guys lets have a good game -1 seems the karma system just isnt worth while when you can be punished for having an Up and positive attitude , this just makes me sad. Well guys i hope you can all relate, i hate to be the barer of bad news or complain what so ever. Wish you all the best. ^.^ see you around! and good games!!!! Best regards Bismarck1983
  3. Bismarck1983

    Hope everyone is haveing a great day!

    Well things changed since my PTSD flashback from afghan. dont get me wrong, large groups still bother me as do people but talking to my docs and va groups something feels lifted.
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Bismarck, i dont know if you seen me in battles before and i have noticed a bunch of toxic chat in games. I recently found a whole new outlook on life recently and its been a huge plus for me. In the games i join and play in i noticed after telling an enemy that sank me "good job!" "Hey man you did great" "What a great shot you really butchered me, congrats!" It has made a few people feel uneasy, even got response's from some people "Your overwhelming positiveness is disturbing and you make me feel uncomfortable" "You are too happy for this game" "get bent" lol One person even told me after i said "Wow what an awesome shot, ya got me. +1 for being a worthy adversary" someone said they reported me 4 times for..karma trading? lol Who would have thought just being genuinely nice would cause so much discomfort. But its all good because i mean well. I just figured i would share this and hope everyone has a great day and wonderful battles ahead of them! See you all around! Best regards Bismarck1983
  5. Bismarck1983

    Morse code or am i wrong?

    IN the Designer's table, look out the right, you will see a window that is blinking, out of the 4 or 5 windows that is the only one, at first i thought it was nothing but i kept looking and noticed and wondering it is mores code and if so..why does it keep saying "C" Dash, dot dash, dot Just wondering.
  6. Just going to leave this here....tee hee..