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  1. InvoluntarySoul

    What is it with this game?

    You certainly got the time part down, with over 350 games per month, that is a lot of time invested. I wish I had your level of dedication to this game. Imagine if you just spend a little money you will be dark purple in no time
  2. InvoluntarySoul

    Commentary on CO-OP versus PVP Players

    Whatever you are smoking, I want it
  3. InvoluntarySoul

    Which santa boxes you should pick

    unless you have most of the premiums, chances are even if you do get a ship, you'll get a ship you will never play
  4. InvoluntarySoul

    Coop Flake players. (Poll)

    lol who do you think you are? some kind of gate keeper for coop? no one needs your permission or welcome
  5. InvoluntarySoul

    Coop Flake players. (Poll)

    it is coop, who cares
  6. InvoluntarySoul

    How soon everyone forgets.

    who is LWM and why should I care?
  7. InvoluntarySoul

    Massachusetts worth 9,050 Doubloons?

    Strong ship however the Mass B has higher expected damage compared to Mass, purple PR requires 100k+ where the regular Mass only need about 85k+. perhaps after this years sale, number will come down abit
  8. InvoluntarySoul

    WR is Meaningless

    were you in position to support your DD?
  9. InvoluntarySoul

    HOw to Win ....

    actually when the Asians started to login, i get much less blowouts
  10. InvoluntarySoul

    How the #$&% does anybody have a 65% win rate?

    do not worry about WR, worry about PR instead, it is something you have more control over, it also help you from getting tilted over losing streaks. As your PR increases, WR will naturally follow suit
  11. InvoluntarySoul

    Career stat

    Stats are used to determine a player's understanding of the game, wows is not a twitch shooter, it is mostly about positing, reading mini map, and knowledge of ship's strength and weaknesses. It is hard to have a discussion with a person about game mechanics who fails to understand even the basics of the game
  12. InvoluntarySoul

    WOWS Numbers question-What is 'good' PR?

    That's because Brindisi is very OP, the expected damage on NA is currently 64k, to get 2000 PR you need 100k+ avg damage. Compared to Buffalo where the expected damage is only 45k
  13. InvoluntarySoul

    Twilight Hunt made unplayable

    just get a lobster in your team, his damage reduction makes the whole team invincible
  14. InvoluntarySoul

    5 blowouts in a row, can wg balance the teams?

    there is a never ending rabbit hole when you try to balance MM based on skill, a 60% DD is much more influential than say a 60% BB, it is just not feasible with the tiny player base wows has
  15. InvoluntarySoul

    CV servicing : Aircraft

    it is by design to force premium time, high tier ships are more fun, faster, higher dpm, more accurate, etc