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  1. Makes as much sense as the engineering wizards that provide the heals, right?
  2. So, ship given ahistorical stats in order to give it a gimmick and reason for people to play it. Is that supposed to be news? You get emotional about that because, what?
  3. "The update happens August 30; preparation begins at 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET until 06:00 PT/ 09:00 ET" Is that correct? If that is supposed to be Pacific Time / Eastern Time, then it would be 03:00 ET / 06:00 PT, as Eastern is 3 hours earlier than Pacific, not the other way around.
  4. So the servers are down?

    If you client did not update, try the Detect & Repair feature. That got mine downloading
  5. So the servers are down?

    Broke. My client did not update over night, and can't connect to servers now, even though past published patch time.
  6. "I either have a really good game in it (for me anyways...), or I don't have the opportunity to get in range before I get multi-targeted and deleted. Alot seems to have to do with what map we're playing on, what kind of cover I can find and how well my team supports me until I can get into range of my HE spewing pop-guns." +1 If you want a ship that is consistent for purposes of training captain, and/or making credits, look elsewhere. Also if you hate being deleted, abandoned by your team, or sitting out most of the battle doing nothing, look elsewhere. Not because those things will happen ALL the time, but they will happen often enough that if you can't laugh it off easily, you will learn to hate the ship. If you want a ship that can generate laughs from OP destruction once ina while, you might actually like playing it. IMO - YMMV- etc.
  7. Skill Based MM

    I suspect a skill MM would be faulty. Remember who would be programming it. Better to have the tools that will improve team game play for those that want it.
  8. I finally figured it out. I accidentally used Free XP to reset a captain skills instead of gold, which was a mistake. The UI for this is terrible. The icon for Elite Captain XP is so tiny, I did not know what it was, and thought it was credits (because of the silver color next to the gold coins on the drop down option). This is terrible UI where it takes my Free Ship XP without confirmation! If you have 100,000 SHIP Free XP and 5,000 Captain Elite XP, it shows you in the UI that you have 105,000 Captain Elite XP to spend! UGH! I know NOW there is a detailed explanation for this on the patch notes, but really, I skipped that part before as I knew I had no captains high enough to have Captain Elite XP.
  9. Same problem here. wthhappened?
  10. FYI - would like to see spot in wiki for AA rating, not just the type and # of guns. Straight copy and paste of rating from game is what I am looking for. You add the space, I will be happy to put the values in ;-)