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  1. If I was to design a navy for Canada, my country, I would name the capital ships after mythological creatures. such as HMCS Centaur, HMCS Dragon, HMCS Wyvern, HMCS Medusa, and as for the pride of the fleet, a canada associated mythological creature, HMCS Windigo. Canada's naming practice for capital ships was never truely developed, the current names that I am aware of are for some Queen Elizebeth class super dreadnaughts that Canada had intended in ordering, but the funding was never placed and thus the ships never got ordered or laid, but the ships were named none-the-less, as HMCS Ontario, HMCS Huron, and HMCS Arcadia.
  2. Do you know anyone or any tutorials on isolating shared texture files? There are big shared pieces, such as Iowa and Montanna share the same main turret models/textures, but there is also all the small tiny details, such as anchors, windows (windows are the main thing I want to isolate) and other misc items which are located in world_of_warships/res_mods/x.x.x/content/gameplay/common/ which I think might be the most difficult to isolate? If you are uncertain by what I mean by isolate, to use my previous example, lets say I wanted the skins of the Iowa and Montanna main turrets to be different from one another, how would I go about doing that? As I have been able to find, there is a method involving something called PNFMods? I haven't been able to find anything in english on that matter, but it seems the most promising to being what I need, but I need very in depth tutorial on that, or any other method you may be aware of, please let me know!
  3. Anyone know of anyone who I could seek help from atleast?
  4. Hello! I am in need of learning how to, if possible, how to isolate textures that multiple ships share. I am vaugely aware of some form of "pnf"? mod of sorts that does this, but I cannot seem to find anything reliable on that subject. I need this for my modpack (not publicly availiable yet) to seperate some textures. My modpack modifies the skins of all ships in the game, right down to the misc items folder. Now the biggest gripe and thorn I have had to contend with is the "common" folder, located in world_of_warships/res_mods/ This folder contains items that are shared in between nations generally, such as anchors, propellers, and glass. It would be a HUGE help if anyone knew how to make it so I can skin the same item 2 different ways for 2 different ships that share said item. Even if you could merely tell me someone who might know that would be greatly appreciated, I have been working on my modpack since closed beta. Example picture of my modpack in general, a skin I just completed:
  5. thxz fam.
  6. semi-related question to thread, how does one mod the match maker window background?
  7. I found a tutorial myself, just came back to this thread to comment that fact, lol As for making shiny-ness, I have never had much success creating that aside from making chrome (And I may be removing all the chrome due to the shared pieces between nations that share the files) which causes problems due to the fact that i want chrome on ships of one nation, but not another.
  8. I'd really like to know how to make modifications to the loading screen. I am working on a huge modpack that modifies the skin's to all ships in the game in every single detail. I am also trying to modify UI elements that depict ships, such as the loading screen. Currently I am merely working on the .png images used on mission backgrounds. Example: Original: My Modification: And the basis to this wallpaper, the skin in my modpack that is featured in this mission background wallpaper: And thus, i wish to give such treatment to the artwork featured in the loading images aswell for my modpack. If you can show me how, or in the least link me to where I can read up how to do it step by step, I would highly appreciate it.
  9. As I understand it, its only been temperarily removed why WG works on fixing the game mode to make it more popular. And the files for the guns are still there, so i see not the slightest reason why the forts themselves would be removed.
  10. As per the title suggest, I need help modding forts. My modpack that I am working on has every single ship in the game, for the most part, I'd like to also skin the forts. I have located the skins for the gun enplacements, which are located in the same folders for the main guns of the fort's respective nation. I have yet to be able to locate the skins for the fort itself, the base, buildings, etc. Everything that is considered part of the fort that dis-appears and appears when spotted. (Same with surveillance stations)
  11. Yea I still get this bug.
  12. This bug is that Torpedo tube textures will not un-load when going from ship to ship in the tech tree. They remain perpetually loaded, regardless of how many ships you go through previewing, which of course is alot of wasted memory. This bug has persisted since about patch 0.5.13ish, perhaps longer. A similar bug occurred long ago during the CBT except it was AA gun textures then, I reported it then and it was fixed by the next patch, so I hope that such swift action would occur again this time around. I didn't report the bug until now because I figured that WG would notice this bug and fix it by now, but after hit and it still was not fixed I figured that WG has somehow completely missed this bug and no one else has reported it. I do hope this get fixed in the near future, having to re-start the client for texture modding on torpedo tubes everytime I make a change is annoying.
  13. Apologies for the late delay, I got everything working now. I have all turrets, secondaries, hulls, misc items, rangefinders, boats, aircraft with glow effects working in my modpack! Example 1 - Yamato: Example 2 - Iowa: Example 3 - Yubari Torpedo turrets aswell as some of her boats: Example 4 - Midway's Aircraft window's glowing:
  14. My modpack is including every single ship in the game. in the case of turrets, what i want to glow are view finders, range finders, or whatever other windows/slits are on them. Same case for secondaries. My modpack is very high detail
  15. Anyone help??