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  1. Shipmaster_Crook

    HP formula applied to modern warships

    The Zipang, the mythological japanese battleship of 500,000 tons, would have an HP value of 601,500 HP. If lets say we assume 500,000 tons is empty load. Lets give it a full load, and give it modernizations aswell. We could say that would increase tonnage to lets say... 570,000 tons? That would give it a HP pool of 684,100 HP.
  2. Shipmaster_Crook

    HP formula applied to modern warships

    Anyone got the HP formula for auxiliary ships? In game we have such ships such as the Cimaron, SS Red Oak Victory, Medway Queen, St. Clair, etc.
  3. Shipmaster_Crook

    HP formula applied to modern warships

    If WG ever does an anime collab with Zipang, they cold create a scenario battle involving the fictional ship JDS Mirai. She supposedly weighs in at full load 9,998 tons. Which would give her an in-game HP pool of around 48,400. (If you are unfamiliar with this anime/manga, the JDS Mirai, a japanese destroyer, while on escort duties in modern day japan is suddenly transported through time to WW2, landing right in the middle of the imperial japanese fleet)
  4. Shipmaster_Crook

    Texture Historical Inaccuracy - Musashi

    Update: This turns out to not be an error. The Musashi we have in-game is not what she looked like on launch, but rather, how she appeared after her 1st refit. Her first ever refit closed these portholes, had her keel repainted, and 12x 25mm guns added, devided between 4 mountings, fore and aft of her winged 155mm turrets. The Musashi in-game has these added AA guns, thus making her accurate to that refit.
  5. Shipmaster_Crook

    [ALL] ModStation

    Okay, I have a major issue with this program, and that is it is absolutely no good for people who have and use their own custom mods, because your program agressively tries to delete everything that the user may have installed already. It is a good thing I backed up all my mods and the related photoshop files (in total a massive 80 GB) because your program deleted all of my files. What I want is your program to be able to link the original mod creator's pages, so that I have the option to manually install programs. I know how to handle installing mods, so I know how to deal with managing mods manually, and to not touch my files at all. Takes me an hour of file transferring just to restore my own files after this program deletes mine. I understand the need to make the program friendly for those who don't know how to manually manage mods, but in doing so it is completely and utterly un-friendly to those who do manually install mods or prefer it to keep anything custom made safe. Please tell me there is a list to the mods you are supporting with links to their individual download links so that I can manage the mods myself, there are mods I want but i cannot access as i cannot find them anywhere outside of your program, and i cannot use them as your program does not offer a means for it to not touch my stuff.
  6. Shipmaster_Crook

    WRONG TEXTURES - Mix Ups and Missing textures.

    Its MY modpack that I create. And I am trying to correct what are clearly mistakes. There are plenty of texture changes I would want/request, but thats not what I am asking for, I am asking for corrections which are undeniably errors on Wargaming's part. Errors which are easy to miss, and easy to fix. I am not talking about a bug that is somehow caused by my modpack. I verified that my modpack is not at issue. It is Wargaming's error, so yes, this makes it their problem. Go ahead and look at the Musashi, inspect the 13.2mm gun mount on the pagoda, and you will get a close up of the director which has no texture on it at all. In the very least that is a rather major hiccup that WG has blundered. I am pointing it out so they can fix it.
  7. Shipmaster_Crook

    WRONG TEXTURES - Mix Ups and Missing textures.

    Also, slightly relevent, I reported this monthes ago, but their is a texture unloading bug. The textures for Torpedo tubes will not unload when going from ship to ship in port.
  8. I have noticed textures for miscillanious small items on ships which are incorrectly pathed or just outright missing. Its very easy to miss these as their vanilla colour schemes are similar, but with my modpack that creates distinct colour schemes for ships of different nations, I have noticed errors that have slipped through the cracks in developement. Musashi - There is a Rangefinder on the center of the main pagoda front that is just out right missing its texture entirely. It's colour is some sort of default dark gray, but it has no texture on it whatsoever. The same rangefinder on the Yamato is textured just fine, its texture being called "JF029_Rangefinder_1_5m_Yamato_a", Additionally, the "HSF Musashi's" director is just fine, its only the "vanilla" musashi that has this error. Fix this oversight ASAP. (I have confirmed with friends, they have the same error in their client) Alsace - Radar on the stern of the Alsace has the wrong texture. There is a french and british version of this Radar array, the french one should be using the one in the "France" content folder "FRS028_RDF_Type_281_stern_a.dds", but it instead has the "BRS038_Radar_Type_79_a.dds" texture from the "UK" content folder, which is used on British cruisers T5-T10. The texture is near identical, but its clear it was intended for them to use separate textures, and I would really love to get it swapped correctly Immediately/ASAP. Roma - Roma has a "misc" item with a similar swap up mistake as the above Alsace. There is a boat near the Forward most turret on the Roma that has the wrong texture. It should have the "IM520_Plate_3m_a.dds" texture from the Italy content folder, but it is instead using the texture "FM522_Plate_3m_a.dds" from the France content folder. I am certain these 2 boats share the same model, and use different textures to define nationality, but by mistake the wrong textures was put on. With my modpack this sticks out like a sore thumb sadly. The same boats are used on the Duca Degli Abruzzi, and they do not have this error, proving this is un-intentional. Please fix these ASAP.
  9. Shipmaster_Crook

    Texture Historical Inaccuracy - Musashi

    Even I can fix this inaccuracy myself rather easily, so it cannot be hard to do for you guys at wargaming.
  10. Shipmaster_Crook

    Texture Historical Inaccuracy - Musashi

    Hello! I thought this deviation is worthy enough to make a thread about it to report it, in the hope in can be fixed. As far as it appears, Musashi is supposed to represent herself, as she looked, when commissioned. Her armaments fit that description perfectly, so I have no problem with her balance or stats. But there is a visual distinction that I feel is currently incorrectly displayed in her texture. Dealing with her windows on her hull. Musashi was commissioned on August 5th in 1942, which is how she looks in game today. Musashi's 1st refit occurred in June of 1942, where 12 unshielded AA mounts were added for and aft of her winged 15.5 cm turrets, not represented in game, meaning she should not have any refits that happened during or after this date to look authentic in-game based on her currently equipped armaments in-game. However, her Windows near the waterline were not sealed until July 1st, of 1943, where in Kure dock 4 she underwent repainting of her bottum, and all windows within 16ft of the waterline under full load were sealed. Thus, this is a discrepancy that I believe should be fixed, and can easily be fixed. Please fix this ASAP. Citation: https://books.google.ca/books?id=cGUuDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA129&dq=Musashi+July+1943+Porthole&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjOz9vFxqLcAhWiiOAKHbQ3DgQQ6AEIKTAA#v=onepage&q=Musashi July 1943 Porthole&f=false http://www.combinedfleet.com/musashi.htm How she looks right now (Ignore my custom skins on her turrets, they are shared with my skin for my Yamato) (All these windows should be open)
  11. Shipmaster_Crook

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    Do you know of any good extended tech tree mods? since seeker got banned I cannot get the mod from him anymore.