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  1. Allrighty! I finished my own camo for the contest. I call it the "Azure of Obsidian" camoflage pattern, what y'all think?
  2. QUESTION: Can I forgo the templates entirely and make a skin mod in-game? Normandie is part of the client now, and I can mod her skin to my content. She can be viewed in-client using an extended tech tree mod. May I do this, and submit screencaps and/or the modified skin files in a .zip?
  3. I was able to get it to accept a texture from outside the Pnfmods folder, the whole step you mentioned for fixing glass which doesn't get extracted issue. I simply put the glass texture into the UK cruiser texture folder alongside my standard UK cruiser textures, for the perth skin, and it then recognized it correctly, despite the wierd location that the extracted .mfm folder specifies. Anyways, I will experiment around, see if I can figure out anything on how this process physically works, only after that will i be able to figure out how this process is choosing files.
  4. Okay, this is great, it has allowed me to seperate shared directors, guns, and radar, but its not seperating misc. Within a nation, this is only extracting from the folders: >Aircraft >Catapult >Director >Finder >Gun >Radar >Ship It is skipping: >misc >Projectile Now I understand that many people do not bother with editting misc and projectile items, but I do. (Misc is especially important to me, not so much projectile) Prime Example, 2 ships which Share ALOT of parts is the Leander and the Perth. In my modpack, Leander is Brown/Gold, (as are the rest of the british ships in my pack) But the Australian ships I am wanting to give them their own Black/Green colour scheme. Using your tutorial to seperate the main guns, aa, torpedoes, everything I could, I came up with this. Leander: (Brown and Gold on all Parts) Perth: (Green Black on everything, but all the gold/brown parts are items which were not extracted) How do I go about and changing the extraction process, if possible, to extract the misc parts? Additionally, Can I get it to extract just textures and texture related items, and not the models? My modpack is massive, nearly containing all the ships in the game, so as it sits right now its over 2 gigs, with just textures. so if I can cut on file size with using this ModSDK method by ignoring the models entirely, and not massively bloat my modpack by using this method, is that possible?
  5. Have you made the english version of the tutorial yet? I've been waiting for it. Alot of the pan asian "misc" bits are sharing the magnify/gloss channels, and some are sharing their alpha's too, especially the DD's which are originally british.
  6. I would imagine that a continuation the the Akizuki DD tech tree would lead into the IJN's 2 designs for AA cruisers. Supposed "japanese atlanta" of sorts. The T9 variant has no pics to it, just that it was going to have the same armament as the Akizuki, 4x2-100mm guns. No torpedoes mentioned, but it would have spotting aircraft. That combined with smoke and relevant buffs to the Type 98 guns could work if WG classes it as a DD. The other variant of the project was a true "japanese atlanta", still using the Akizuki's type 98 100mm twin guns, but now possessing 12 turrets. Easily could be balanced as a T10, either as a cruiser or an insane DD with no torps.
  7. I was referring more specifically to bits and pieces, not the ship hulls themselves. Boats, winches, range finders, hatches, aa guns, all bits and pieces which I customize to different colour schemes for different nations in my modpack. EDIT: Also, Alabama is not North Carolina's sister, She is South Dakota Class.
  8. Look forward to it, especially since I find it very likely that the new pan-asian DD tech tree is going to share alot of its textures with USN, RN, IJN, and USSR ships. Being able to seperate their colour schemes would be extremely difficult without PNF mods.
  9. Is there anything in the matter of a tutorial for the PNF mods yet? I am in need of that mod to be able to put different colour schemes on parts that multiple ships use, such as the what happens most notably with "misc" items. As far as I am aware, the PNF mods can do such separations, though I am uncertain if it can create such separations for items in the "common" folder like the textures for glass, as I would like to be able to have custom window glass colours for ships of different nations.
  10. Thanks man! Now, question, is this new camouflages format going to likely require to be updated every single patch? or can we hope it will at least work semi-permanently?
  11. Hey there Guys, I am making a modpack that depends on shaders modding to work right. The guy who I use to get shaders from no longer makes them. I need shaders to work on ships, weapons, aircraft, directors, and misc items on ships, with the shaders breaking this patch, I need either an indepth tutorial on how to make shader mods, or a source where I can download shader mods someone has made. Can anyone here help? (And if you are uncertain to what I refer to, I am referring to a shaders mod that changes the purpose of the blue channel in the magnify/gloss texture, "_mg.dds" texture layer, from indicating camo location to glow locations)
  12. If you could name a ship...

    If I was to design a navy for Canada, my country, I would name the capital ships after mythological creatures. such as HMCS Centaur, HMCS Dragon, HMCS Wyvern, HMCS Medusa, and as for the pride of the fleet, a canada associated mythological creature, HMCS Windigo. Canada's naming practice for capital ships was never truely developed, the current names that I am aware of are for some Queen Elizebeth class super dreadnaughts that Canada had intended in ordering, but the funding was never placed and thus the ships never got ordered or laid, but the ships were named none-the-less, as HMCS Ontario, HMCS Huron, and HMCS Arcadia.
  13. List of modding tutorials

    Do you know anyone or any tutorials on isolating shared texture files? There are big shared pieces, such as Iowa and Montanna share the same main turret models/textures, but there is also all the small tiny details, such as anchors, windows (windows are the main thing I want to isolate) and other misc items which are located in world_of_warships/res_mods/x.x.x/content/gameplay/common/ which I think might be the most difficult to isolate? If you are uncertain by what I mean by isolate, to use my previous example, lets say I wanted the skins of the Iowa and Montanna main turrets to be different from one another, how would I go about doing that? As I have been able to find, there is a method involving something called PNFMods? I haven't been able to find anything in english on that matter, but it seems the most promising to being what I need, but I need very in depth tutorial on that, or any other method you may be aware of, please let me know!
  14. Some advanced skinning help?

    Anyone know of anyone who I could seek help from atleast?
  15. Some advanced skinning help?

    Hello! I am in need of learning how to, if possible, how to isolate textures that multiple ships share. I am vaugely aware of some form of "pnf"? mod of sorts that does this, but I cannot seem to find anything reliable on that subject. I need this for my modpack (not publicly availiable yet) to seperate some textures. My modpack modifies the skins of all ships in the game, right down to the misc items folder. Now the biggest gripe and thorn I have had to contend with is the "common" folder, located in world_of_warships/res_mods/ This folder contains items that are shared in between nations generally, such as anchors, propellers, and glass. It would be a HUGE help if anyone knew how to make it so I can skin the same item 2 different ways for 2 different ships that share said item. Even if you could merely tell me someone who might know that would be greatly appreciated, I have been working on my modpack since closed beta. Example picture of my modpack in general, a skin I just completed: