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    So I decided to try out the CV. Here was my experience.

    Thank you! I think the biggest problem I am convinced about is that leveling from Tier 8 to Tier 10 was just way too easy and too fast. I never had a surface ship I was able to level in two months let alone two days. CV playstyle really allows for racking up XP. I did have the credits on hand to buy everything though. For anyone who hasn't tried the CV in a critical fashion, I (sort of begrudgingly) recommend you do only to learn about how it all works. Sidenote: I do remember the old days of really good CV players really ruining the experience with multidrops and the like. That bad taste still persists even after the CV rework... but I just remember it was not as common to encounter that kind of situation. It was normal to never see a CV back then. I don't know... there are pros and cons to both old and new CV play. I guess what is frustrating is that a CV can really dictate what I can do as a surface ship: where I can go, what I can do, when I'm forced to use repair party or smoke. And they can continue to do so with impunity. Sticking with your teammates is pretty much the surefire solution of staying alive from a CV focus but then it feels like I'm having to sail with one propeller tied behind my stern. Its just something I need to learn to deal with.
  2. mr_flappypants

    So I decided to try out the CV. Here was my experience.

    So far I would say that I had more fun in the Lexington than I am in the Midway. The gameplay was less stressful more groovy. Sidenote: I was unaware that a Lexington was an OP CV. It just happened to be the one that I had. Some of these ships you point out play similarly to lots of others ships I've played while riding up the tiers. However, none of these ships are similar to playing a CV. Pre CV rework the CV playstyle was just a bit beyond my comfort level though I respected those that could do it well. I always told myself I'd practice it enough at lower tiers to become proficient. Post CV rework, the CV playstyle was way too comfortable to get into.
  3. Final thoughts at the bottom. Preface I've been playing WOWS since Alpha Beta? (Forum says beta but I have an alpha patch.. whatever it doesn't matter). I never got into CVs as I prefer surface ships. My experience in a CV was less than 30 battles in 5 years in the old US tech line up to the Independence (hard to know the exact number since it seems like stats were wiped from removed CV ships? Not sure). Despite the lack of precision, CV battles represent a fraction of a percent of all the battles I've played. CV Rework When the CV rework hit, I dropped out of WOWS while kinks were being worked out. As someone who evolved into enjoying DD play a bit more than everything else, the CV rework really put a damper on my enjoyment in the game. Post-CV Rework Two days ago I was sitting around with a bad sinus infection and was bored. I decided to try out the CV line when I noticed a ton of ships on sale. I FXP'd the Lexington (I currently had the Ranger after the CV Rework dealio) and all modules and took it for a spin. Now, I am very inexperienced in CV play. However, in the span of about two days and 47 battles, I had most of the XP needed to unlock the Midway. I managed a 60% W/R in the Lexington (compare that to 51% overall) doing only average damage according to some of these stat sites you see around online. Full disclosure #1: I think I FXP'd the last 10K to get the Midway just because I was bored Full disclosure #2: I used XP and Commander XP flags to speed up the process. Reflection I branched into the CV line not only because I was bored, but because I wanted to further my understanding of how they worked. As a surface ship main, dealing with aircraft has always been a pain since the Post-CV rework. I'm glad I've played it a bit. The knowledge I've gained has helped me learn a little bit on how to best counter the CV play. Here are some thoughts: Playing the CV was easy. I never felt stressed, burdened by the grind, or irritated if I lost a battle. My "Battles Survived" stat is just shy of 33% on average overall. My CV play in the last two days had me at 73%. While I am nowhere near an expert CV player, I felt it was easy to get into and in many situations, it felt like my contributions were non-trivial to the success of the team. If you understand the very basics of squadron management, survivability was never really an issue for most late game scenarios. There were maybe a couple where I had a nail-biting experience fending off the enemy team in the late game. That was pretty fun I guess. The only time I got a bit frustrated was when I finally got in my Midway and met some more skilled CV players who kept dropping fighters in front of me at every turn. Okay the other time I got a bit frustrated was when you'd get that one red team that always managed to stay grouped up. AA in this situation is devastating. Being able to immediately traverse a map at the beginning of a match is spectacular and kills the boredom of steaming my way up to a cap zone. Not having to worry about being seen or attacked for half a battle is also absolutely lovely. Going from Tier 8 Lexington to Tier 10 Midway was too easy and too fast. I can't remember the last time a surface ship in those tiers allowed me to advance so quickly! Some feel bads: I felt bad for the guy that didn't stay with the group. There's always one to go after. I felt bad for all the players who literally had to stick together like a blob when there were 2 CVs per team (heck even just 1 per team). That just isn't fun and really hamstrings the roles of the various ships. I felt bad for the BBs who simply couldn't put up a fight. I felt bad for the DDs (not you Grozovoi or Kitakaze) who could only escape being detected by ducking into smoke. It was even worse when I could move on to some other target and come back with a fresh set of rocket planes right as their smoke was about to expire. I felt bad for the CAs (not you Worcester, Minotaur, Salem... and sometimes Zao) who just couldn't avoid being dive bombed. Final Thoughts I can see how people can enjoy this type of gameplay. I really do... but it really puts a damper on most of the rest of us non-CV players. The CV play could be great for a different game but, in my honest opinion, it just doesn't jive with surface ship play very well at all.