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  1. OseanTanker

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    I know you say it is not the best ship for competitive play, but I have been kicking butt with her in ranked. Great review as always LWM! Keep up the awesome work!
  2. OseanTanker

    We should Sail USN Ships today to honor fallen Hero

    Air Force One is going to fly over my college here pretty soon and tomorrow is going to be crazy with his burial (I go to Texas A&M where is library is)
  3. OseanTanker

    Music to comfort during a drought in randoms

    My go to song.
  4. OseanTanker

    Dev Blog; No more AP for secondaries

    Can the USN 5" 38s finally get some love? The fact that their RoF is half of what it should be is insulting... It doesn't have to be Massachusetts fast, but just faster than it currently is. Still, happy to see this change come. AP on secondaries was extremely situational.
  5. OseanTanker

    PSA for penetration changes on PTS

    The problem is that we sometimes get zero damage penetration ribbons. The way they are fixing this is to make it so those shots do 10% damage instead of fixing the ribbons themselves. Also, there is a long list of cruisers affected by this change as well, not just BBs.
  6. OseanTanker

    when that emergency blow goes bad

    I do believe that is a lack of situational awareness XD Given how maneuverable the subs are, ya should have easily been able to turn out of the way before the blow. Still, thanks for sharing!
  7. OseanTanker

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    Well, I was planning on picking up the Massachusetts, but if this change goes through I can forget that. WG better drop this or else it will do some serious damage to the game. Rather than fixing the ribbons, you are going to nerf the hell out of a large number of ships.
  8. Not going to lie, was expecting a typical Lert Shitpost, got science instead. I am not disappointment.
  9. Missouri (and technically Arizona RIP). Hope to visit the Texas some time this year.
  10. OseanTanker

    Jervis — British Tier VII destroyer.

    I really want to love this ship, but the range of the torpedoes makes it impossible. I have lost track of the amount of times my torpedoes are about to slam a ship for a Dev Strike and they run out of range.
  11. I had this problem this week when I used some coal to finish the French collection. I restarted my game and it fixed the problem.
  12. OseanTanker

    Royal Navy Brit DD

    Some of the missions require a tier 7 or 8 DD.
  13. OseanTanker

    Caption the profile image above you.

    My childhood
  14. OseanTanker

    Caption the profile image above you.

    *nom nom nom nom nom*