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  1. OseanTanker

    ST 0.9.10, Key Battle

    I really only play WoWS with friends these days. If there isn't a way to div with a friend from the start, then I am going to be really disappointed
  2. OseanTanker

    Dear WarGaming

    Dear WG, As a player who hasn't been playing much lately due to HE spam,carriers and has had their clan die, I just wanted to say that that this 3v3 ranked sprint was the most fun I have ever had in the game. My friend and I were laughing our asses off even on the games we lost. I can only hope that modes like this will become more common as the two of us were genuinely having fun for the first time in a long while. So WG, please, learn from this. This sprint has got to be one of the most loved, popular events you've done since the 1v1 sprint and the space torp beat event. Sincerely, A player who has had some faith restored in the game
  3. Picture of one of my characters that I had commissioned https://www.deviantart.com/infinitedge2u/art/Commission-Daniel-Storm-Savarin-667517154
  4. OseanTanker

    DD vs CV Change to be tested from Dev Blog

    I guess WG wants DDs to have no counterplay against CVs because this will make it so that any DD with AA range greater than its air detection range will ever turn on its AA.
  5. DDs will be even more irrelevant as there is no DD with anything that could be called "good" AA at tier 6. Calling it now, Ryujo will be taken pretty much exclusively. Guessing Perth will make a heavy showing.
  6. OseanTanker

    How do I renew my Russian Bias?

    Send more dissidents to Gulag!
  7. OseanTanker

    AA is broken...?

    IIRC, its because AA guns have a "reload" and start off the game unloaded and won't load until planes are in their range, delaying the first burst of fire. Its really stupid and I honestly don't know why it hasn't been fixed.
  8. HE spam, particularly from the IJN gunboats and Smolensk. Both were horrible additions to the game that promote passive play and punish pushing into them. Then CVs. Old CVs were strong and the skill gap punishing, but at least AA felt like it did something. Now when it is late game and the CV starts going after you, your death is inevitable... AA mounts are destroyed and you're already on low HP...
  9. Its a graphical bug. Despite looking like that, its still where you are aiming (IIRC)
  10. OseanTanker

    HE for UK Light Cruisers

    Please no, HE spam is already pushing me to hardly playing the game. Even more would just make me quit outright.
  11. From what I have heard, this is pretty accurate
  12. OseanTanker

    April Fools Day :(

    To the people blaming COVID, most work for an event would have been completed before it hit. And if they didn't finish it and had to pull it, they could have said so.
  13. I would say neither and go for damage control, but if you insist on those two, steering.
  14. OseanTanker

    ST, changes to test ships.

    North Carolina is not a South Dakota class like the Alabama and Massachusettes
  15. OseanTanker

    Småland: ¿Worth it?

    General consensus from what I have seen is that she is a nice ship, but not worth 2mil FXP.