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  1. Well.... I mean, I get that they need to balance out larger subscription bases (like Jingles), but... dang Jingles having such a large following really hurts him a lot. Just did the math comparing his Haida video to Notser's Haida video. Jingles: 116,663 views, 5,700 likes, and 1,344 comments. Divide that by his 598,097 subscribers and he has a score of 0.206. Notser: 10,049 views, 464 likes, and 101 comments. Divide that by his 50,939 subscribers and he has a score of 0.208. And that is with Jingles' video being three days older. Despite Jingles' video having larger values by a factor of at least ten in each category, technically Notser wins (if you go three decimal places) with that video. Jingles is definitely being hurt by the portion of his subscription base that doesn't watch his WoWS content. Will be interesting to see how this contest plays out. I mean, I follow a good chunk of the CCs on YouTube, but Jingles is definitely my favorite. He has the hat already!
  2. I have a 4k screen but have been playing with 1920x1080 for the past month without any issues. However, today when I went to get on for clan wars, the game would just instantly minimize. Clanmate told me to delete my preferences.xml file. That let me get back into the game but since WoWS lacks 4k support my UI was all messed up. Now I cannot find a usable resolution in the game that doesn't push me to desktop. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
  3. I think my favorite part of this review was the "Jingles paddling" on the side of Shima's trap food shack.
  4. Ramming Flag?

    Recently in clan wars we had a Khab go for a ram against a Gearing. Should have obliterated both of them and secured us the win. Except the Gearing had the ramming flag... They ended up winning because of it as the Gearing lived.
  5. [KWA] KnightWolf Armada Recruitment Thread

    OseanTanker Tier X: Montana Worchester Tier IX: Fletcher Buffalo Neptune
  6. Any ETA on support for 4K screens?

    Ah... well thanks.... kinda stinks that I am effectively blocked out of playing unless I use my older computer...
  7. Any ETA on support for 4K screens?

    So I just got a new laptop and went to install WoWS yesterday. Quickly remembered that WoWS doesn't support 4K screens as the UI is absolutely tiny. Is there any ETA on when the UI will be fixed for those of us with 4K screens? As it stands right now I cannot really play WoWS, which kinda sucks as I do enjoy that game.
  8. The best superpower (shippost)

    Thanks for the laughs Lert! Though page 6 hurt my brain.
  9. Login Issues after Update

    Thanks! Though depending on how long my orthodontist appointment takes. It might now even be worth leaving for my one college class this week that is later today.
  10. Login Issues after Update

    YEY! UPDATING! Right as I have to leave for a week....
  11. Login Issues after Update

    I am not running any mods by the way
  12. Login Issues after Update

    I believe most of the people here are using the new launcher
  13. Login Issues after Update

    I am not even getting that. It still thinks that is the latest patch
  14. Login Issues after Update

    Same issue. Which really sucks for me since I have to leave in an hour for a week. Was hoping to at least play a round or two.
  15. 6:09 am

    My launcher isn't even updating....