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  1. I would say neither and go for damage control, but if you insist on those two, steering.
  2. OseanTanker

    ST, changes to test ships.

    North Carolina is not a South Dakota class like the Alabama and Massachusettes
  3. OseanTanker

    ST, 203 mm SAP shells

    I mean, they will still nuke DDs. I believe most people agreed that 10% was too small but 33% is too much.
  4. Waiter, there is fur in my taco
  5. OseanTanker

    PT: Research Bureau

    And any and all interest I had just went out the window. 4-5 times for a single ship? WG, I have a life outside of this game.
  6. Go figure... The one ship I want is going to be the one resource I don't have.... Well... I guess I also want the Somers, but not nearly as much as I want the Friesland. The Benham grind is really wearing me out since I refuse to give in and buy my way out of the grind. The burnout is getting real for me.
  7. OseanTanker

    Get Your Orange Out

    I really really want this ship
  8. OseanTanker

    Has anyone kept the Nurnberg

    I kept mine and have a perma camo on it.
  9. OseanTanker

    DD to AP or HE

    Many cruisers have fallen to rapid fire citadels from my USN 5" shells.
  10. Thanks for joining the fight Mouse!
  11. I like the MM changes to prevent people from constantly getting bottom tiered. However, the Naval Training Center has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. WG, for the love of all that is good, DO NOT DO THIS! Veteran, highly skilled players are already better, they don't need their ships to be better as well. And this is coming from a CBT player who this is most likely aimed at.
  12. OseanTanker

    ST: Priority Air Defense Sector

    Is this a translation error or does taking MFCAA INCREASE the time between being able to reinforce sectors.
  13. I am almost to the last brutal 6 million credit grind. Whoever thought this was a good idea need a dunce hat.
  14. OseanTanker

    No Benham for me....

    Man that sucks... Best of luck to ya man
  15. OseanTanker

    USS Hill

    It was before